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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azus, and you're in for ten minutes of news and features from around the world.

    嗨,我是 Carl Azus,你現在收聽的是 10 分鐘的全球新聞和專題。

  • We're always thankful to have you watching.


  • We return to Myanmar today, an Asian country also known as Burma.


  • A military coup took place there a month ago, and protests have been welling up ever since.


  • A Burmese military commander has said troops have been using minimal force when confronting protesters.


  • But on Sunday, during demonstrations across the country, troops used tear gas, stun grenades, and according to the United Nations, live ammunition against protesters.


  • And the UN Human Rights Office says that left at least 18 people dead and dozens of others injured across Myanmar.

    聯合國的人權辦公室表示,這造成緬甸各地至少 18 人死亡、數十人受傷。

  • When the coup began, the military said it had removed and replaced the nation's civilian leader and 24 members of her government.

    當政變開始時,軍方說它已經撤換了國家的文職領導人和其政府的 24 名成員。

  • That leader is Aung San Suu Kyi, and the military brought a new charge against her on Monday.


  • It accuses Suu Kyi of breaking the law by publishing information that may cause fear or alarm.


  • Suu Kyi's political party won big in national elections last November, but the military says the vote was fraudulent,

    翁山蘇姬的政黨在去年 11 月的全國大選中大獲全勝,但軍方說選舉有舞弊行為,

  • and though it's promised to hold new elections to bring in quote "true and disciplined democracy",


  • the military has declared a year-long national emergency for the time being, and it has not yet set a date for more elections to take place.


  • So the protests, some of which have been violent, continue.


  • While activists have asked other countries to get involved in stopping the military takeover, tensions between demonstrators and government forces have also been flaring in Hong Kong.


  • This is a special administrative region of China.


  • People there enjoy more freedoms than residents in Mainland China, but the communist country says it is ultimately in control of Hong Kong.


  • China imposed a national security law last year that says people who try to secede, subvert the government, or cooperate with other countries against it could spend their lives in prison.


  • 47 activists were recently arrested under that law and accused of trying to subvert Hong Kong's government by organizing an unofficial election.

    最近,47 名活動人士因該法被捕,並被指控試圖通過組織非官方選舉來顛覆香港政府。

  • But a lawyer for the defendant says the charges are a challenge to Hong Kong's fair electoral system and that they were brought without enough evidence.


  • The arrest of 47 pro-democracy politicians here in Hong Kong is sparking fresh outrage and fresh protests;

    47 名支持民主的政客在香港被捕,引發了新的憤怒和新的抗議。

  • In fact, this is the largest group of demonstrators that I have seen assemble since Beijing imposed its national security law in this city last summer.


  • And all of these people who are out here are facing prosecution on a couple of different fronts.


  • One, they're violating COVID restrictions on crowd size, and two, some of them are chanting slogans and holding up banners.


  • The police out here have warned, could put them in violation of the national security law and threatened them with arrest and prosecution themselves.


  • Just like the dozens of pro-democracy lawmakers in the West Highland courthouse behind me.


  • Now you can see a large group of police officers out here.


  • They have been warning protesters, but things have remained peaceful out here.


  • The protesters and the police have been coexisting standing side by side.


  • A few insults hurled here and there.


  • But things really subdued, certainly nothing like what we saw here at the height of the protest movement back in the summer of 2019.

    但真的很平和,當然不像我們在 2019 年夏天抗議運動高峰時在這裡看到的那樣。

  • But it is extraordinary in this time with fear about the national security law and restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic to see a crowd that stretches around the block,

    但這一次的情況非同尋常,因為擔心國家安全法和 COVID-19 疫情的限制,看到人群在街區周圍延伸,

  • a crowd that was growing until Hong Kong police cordoned off this area to try to choke off the crowds and prevent more people from coming here warning everybody that if they don't leave, they could face arrest.


  • Will Ripley, CNN, Hong Kong.

    CNN 的 Will Ripley 在香港進行報導。

  • 10-Second Trivia.

    10 秒問答。

  • A Norwegian whaler named Carl A. Larsen became famous for doing what?

    一位名叫 Carl A. Larsen 的挪威捕鯨者因做了什麼而成名?

  • Designing icebreakers, refining oil into fuel, navigating the Pacific, or exploring Antarctica.


  • The Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica is named for captain Karl Larson, who sailed to it in 1893.

    南極洲的拉森冰架是以在 1893 年航行到此地的船長 Karl Larson 命名的。

  • British researchers say an iceberg the size of New York City just broke off Antarctica.


  • And despite the size of the new iceberg, they say they're not surprised by this.


  • The British Antarctic survey has been monitoring it for years.


  • Over that period of time, massive cracks have formed in the Brunt Ice Shelf, which is almost 500 feet thick.

    在這段時間裡,在厚達 500 英尺的布倫特冰架上形成了巨大的裂縫。

  • One of these chasms, these cracks started moving toward another one back in November, and since January they've been growing by about a kilometer a day.

    其中一條裂縫在 11 月的時候就開始向另一條裂縫移動,且從 1 月份開始,它們每天都在以一公里的速度增長。

  • The BAS says the crack got wider on Friday, and that essentially freed the massive iceberg from the rest of the shelf.

    BAS 表示,裂縫在週五變得更寬,這基本上使龐大的冰山從冰架的其餘部分中釋放了出來。

  • This happens regularly in this part of the world.


  • Scientists say it's due to a natural process called calving, when chunks of ice break away from glaciers or ice shelves.


  • They say it's not related to other recent calving events and that it's not related to climate change.


  • What they don't know is what the iceberg is gonna to do next.


  • They believe it could move away from the Brunt Ice Shelf or possibly run aground and stay close by.


  • In the notably warmer waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, a 21-year-old British woman just spent more than a month at sea.

    在北大西洋明顯溫暖的水域附近,一名 21 歲的英國女子剛剛在海上呆了一個多月。

  • She wasn't adrift, she was rowing, and she hadn't even been doing that very long before she decided to embark on a 3000-mile rowing trip all alone.

    她不是漂流,她是在划船,且在決定開始獨自一人的 3000 英里划船之旅之前,她甚至沒有很久的划船經驗。

  • According to her website, which is called "Rudderly Mad," 21-year-old Jasmine Harrison is a part time swimming teacher and bartender.

    根據她稱作「Rudderly Mad」的網站,21 歲的 Jasmine Harrison 是一名兼職的游泳老師及調酒師。

  • She's also the holder of a new Guinness World Record.


  • [Jasmine Harrison is the youngest woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. ]

    [Jasmine Harrison 是獨自划船跨越大西洋的最年輕女性。 ]

  • [She sailed from Spain to Antigua in 70 days, three hours, 48 minutes, finishing on February 20. ]

    [她在 70 天又 3 小時 48 分鐘內從西班牙航行到安提瓜,並於 2 月 20 日結束。]

  • [She set a new world record for the youngest female to row solo across any ocean.]


  • [Despite her incredible feat, the 21-year-old says she hadn't picked up an oar until 2019. ]

    [儘管她的壯舉令人難以置信,但這位 21歲的年輕人表示,直到 2019 年她才開始碰槳。]

  • I've never rowed in my life, but I wanted to do for it and thought I'm going to do that one day. And I rowed again when I got my boat in July, and I spent a long time thinking about it.


  • You weigh up all the risks.


  • I'm not, like, just so spontaneous like that.


  • If there's something big and I know it's going to change my life, you think about it a little bit, I'm not a complete, like, free spirit, off you go.


  • [Once the journey was under way, Harrison quickly experienced the beauty of nature.]

    [旅程開始後,Harrison 很快就體驗了自然之美。]

  • I saw all sorts, saw lots of different fish, I just get excited about anything.


  • I see fish, "Oh, my gosh, wow, it's the best thing ever."


  • Saw Whales. Saw lots of dolphin, I took a picture and just in that one snap, I had 40 dolphins in one picture, but it is insane.

    看了鯨魚,看了很多海豚,我在拍照的瞬間聚集了 40 隻海豚,很瘋狂。

  • I even had a little crab on my boat as well, which is, I didn't expect to see that right in the middle of the sea.


  • It's ridiculous.


  • It's just, It's just so cool, you're proper there with nature, because you're literally less than a foot away from the sea all the time.


  • I especially like the fish.


  • So I had pilot fish under my boat, which, um, methodologically, they'd follow me and lead me to my destination.


  • And so, like every morning, I sort of put my hand in the water and swim to my hand.


  • I'm like, "Morning. We're going to take me today backwards again."


  • [However, the race wasn't all smooth sailing... there were some frightening moments.]

    [然而,航行並非一帆風順… 仍有一些令人恐懼的時刻。]

  • Scariest was maybe my capsize.


  • There's actually nothing you can do about that.


  • Um, and that was more scary afterwards.


  • I though, "Oh, my gosh, What if I can't row anymore?


  • I'm not gonna be able to make it the last two days."


  • But then I was like, a big boat came really close to me.


  • And that was more scary.


  • That was in my control.


  • I had to do something to get out of that situation.


  • Actually, I've got to use my radio, I've maybe got to use, like to use the equipment, maybe use flares, actually, then row, steer, do this, do that contact using technology, find out which direction, bearings, all sorts.


  • I'm thinking I wish my hands would stop shaking so I can actually do something.


  • Um and then think "okay, right, why did that happen?"

    然後心想:「為什麼會出現這種情況? 」

  • That was my biggest thing was "Why did that happen?"


  • [After reaching the finish line, the Yorkshirewoman became an overnight sensation in the UK.]


  • [Despite all of the fanfare, Harrison says she doesn't know what's next for her.]

    [儘管號角齊鳴,Harrison 說她不知道接下來會發生什麼。]

  • It's so amazing.


  • Um, I don't think you can, because I literally saw my certificate from Ocean Rowing Stats earlier.


  • And, like, Guinness World Record.


  • And I'm like that, I feel like if I try to top that right now, I've not even finished this yet.


  • I'm still talking to people like that.


  • It would just be devalue the entire thing if I tried to top it now.


  • Calm down, don't let things go to my head and, you know, just keep going.


  • Just do what I was gonna do.


  • According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Germany dropped more than 7000 explosives on the southwestern English city of Exeter during World War 2... One of them just blew up.

    據英國廣播公司報導,在第二次世界大戰期間,德國向英國西南部埃克塞特市投放的 7000 多枚爆炸物的其中一顆爆炸了。

  • No one was hurt.


  • This was a controlled explosion carried out by police last weekend, a day after the 80-year-old device was discovered by builders.

    在這個有 80 年歷史的炸彈被建商發現的一天後,警方在上週末進行一次控制性爆炸。

  • Officials evacuated thousands of people from the area before setting the bomb off.


  • It reportedly left a crater as big as a double decker bus and caused significant damage to some buildings nearby.


  • We thank you for giving us your CNN "tension" today.

    感謝你們今天給我們 CNN 的「張力」。

  • It is our CNN "intention" to CNN 10 to more news and puns tomorrow because a show without those would be "punthinkable,"

    我們 CNN「打算」在 CNN 10 推出更多新聞和雙關語,因為沒有這些的節目將是「不能想像」、

  • "punacceptable," "punfunny," "punpopular," and "punlike" us.


  • You guys are a model audience, especially at places like Model Laboratory, High school.


  • It's located in Richmond, Kentucky, and their request for a mention on our show was located at

    它位於肯塔基州的里士滿,他們在 Youtube 頻道請求我們在節目提及他們。

  • I'm Carl Azus.

    我是 Carl Azus。

Hi, I'm Carl Azus, and you're in for ten minutes of news and features from around the world.

嗨,我是 Carl Azus,你現在收聽的是 10 分鐘的全球新聞和專題。

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