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  • Well there was a time when

  • I fell through on a bunch of articles

  • It was a really rough month for me

  • a bunch of things just happened one thing on top of another

  • My dog passed away and my boyfriend broke up with me

  • right around the same time, and during that same period

  • my parents were going through a divorce. My sister took that really hard, even harder than I did

  • and was having major breakdowns over it, and as i was trying to be

  • supportive

  • of her and trying to be supportive as much as I could of my parents, trying to deal with the

  • relationship stuff and mourning my dog, and

  • it was just really hard to deal with it

  • was sort of one of those like completely overwhelming

  • periods in my life. So, I lost track of a couple

  • of deadlines when it happened. And you know

  • ife happens sometimes, it was just a terrible, terrible month

Well there was a time when


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求職面試技巧。失敗的期望(不良反應 (Job Interview Tips: Failed Expectations (Bad Response))

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