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  • street space.


  • And this is the mayor's covid pop up cycling and walking schemes that he pushed through during the pandemic when nobody was watching and the high court recently ruled that the mayor of London acted unlawfully with his latest road scheme, called street space, Mrs.


  • Justice Lang ruled that Sadiq Khan took advantage of the pandemic unquote to push through quote radical changes unquote and after a case was brought by two taxi organizations, including the L T D.

    郎法官裁定,薩迪克-汗利用流行病不報價推動報價激進的變化不報價,並在包括L T D在內的兩個計程車組織提起訴訟後。

  • A, the head of which Steve McNamara was on my show five or six months ago and we were talking about the struggles of the L T.

    A,其中的負責人史蒂夫-麥克納馬拉五六個月前在我的節目中,我們談到了L T的鬥爭。

  • D.


  • A and his 18,000 members.


  • And again, I am a big fan of taxi drivers because they're entrepreneurs.


  • They invest three years of their life learning the knowledge so they know what the streets are.


  • They invest 60 £70,000 sometimes in the latest electric taxi cab drivers, and yet the mayor goes out of his way to sabotage their businesses.


  • Often times, and I take a taxi home every single night, and I just want to shout out um, esa from Somalia, who I was talking to the other night, when I went home, we were talking about the same issue and he said, Brian, you're gonna win He said, What is the mayor done in five years?


  • Name one thing.


  • And neither of us could name a single thing.


  • And he said, I'm so frustrated because handicapped people, they can't They have no means of transportation right now on Bishop's Gate because of this street space scheme.


  • And he said, Sadiq Khan doesn't recognize the taxi drivers are actually part of TfL in a necessary part of transport in London.


  • I think that's ridiculous.


  • I think it's disrespectful to the hundreds of years old taxi driver, driver industry, and I think it's disrespectful to entrepreneurs in general.


  • And it just goes to show you how the mayor operates.


  • And so I'm so, so happy that the high court ruled in the favor of so many people that were against this and again.

    所以我非常,非常高興, 高等法院的裁決有利於這麼多的人, 反對這一點,並再次。

  • Uh, they called the scheme quote an ill thought out response, and they called it unfair.


  • And the reality is that the mayor should apologize for pushing these plans through as a temporary measure.


  • Quote unquote That way, he avoided the typical level of public scrutiny and consultation.

    引用未引用 這樣一來,他就避免了典型的公眾監督和諮詢水準。

  • And like I said before, handicapped citizens have no other options than to use black taxis in these areas, and they are banned from these areas.


  • This is thoughtless and senseless to our handicaps, its citizens.


  • And I believe that the mayor should compensate taxi drivers whose business has been badly hit by the lockdown and these schemes.


  • But of course, in the meantime, the mayor has announced that he will appeal the decision and wait for this.


  • The decision currently remains in place because it was brought in as a temporary measure.


  • So while the appeal is being heard, these schemes which have been deemed unlawful, are still in place because the mayor put them through through these temporary uh means, which means it didn't have to go through the usual due diligence.


  • So again, uh, I think this judgment has left many questions unanswered about the knock on effects for schemes across the capital, including LTs and low traffic networks.


  • And again, the current mayor avoids discussions and consultations at all stages.


street space.



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STREETSPACE SCHEME?: 現任市長如何違法地實施這一計劃 - Brian Rose (STREETSPACE SCHEME ?: How The Current Mayor Acted Unlawfully To Put Through This Scheme - Brian Rose)

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