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  • Anise Orman, Kevin Negandhi with more on the breaking news about Tiger Woods.


  • And just moments ago, authorities said there was no immediate evidence that he was impaired in the car crash that seriously injured both of his legs earlier this morning in Los Angeles.


  • At a news conference, which ended moments ago, the police chief and the fire chief of L.


  • A County they didn't answer follow up questions on how they knew that he wasn't impaired or how fast he was driving.


  • They did, however, say that whether fog, nothing like that was a factor in this crash.


  • Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the fire chief, Daryl Osby, said that Woods was conscious He is able to communicate with authorities when they arrived to pry him from this SUV that they're looking at, which has since been removed from the scene on a flatbed truck.

    警長亞歷克斯-維拉努瓦,消防隊長達里爾-奧斯比說,伍茲意識 他能夠與當局溝通,當他們到達時,從他們正在看的這輛SUV中撬開他,此後,這輛SUV已被平板車從現場移走。

  • You see that tree that has been sheared there?


  • They confirmed that the car hit the median.


  • It rolled about 700 ft, and that indeed there was so much power there that the car actually shared a tree, but that the interior off the car, as bad as it looks on the outside, the interior was intact.


  • He was wearing a seat belt, which they said saved his life.


  • Here is what we know.


  • Tiger Woods involved in the single car rollover accident.


  • The call came in at 7:12 a.m. Pacific time in Ranchos Palace, Verdi's California.


  • It did come in from a neighbor who reportedly had heard the crash and called, uh, the L.


  • A.


  • County Sheriff's Office also said that the vehicle, as you can see this, is obvious.


  • It did sustained major damage, but again, not to the interior of the car.


  • And his agent, Mark Steinberg, has released a statement saying he's sustained multiple leg injuries that he underwent surgery this afternoon.


  • One of the other very insightful things we heard is that he was able to be taken as Ramona Shelburne joins us now outside of Harbor U C L A medical center.

    我們聽到的另一個非常有見地的事情是,他能夠被帶走,因為Ramona Shelburne現在在Harbor U C L A醫療中心外加入我們。

  • He was able to be taken to their, which really was the most appropriate hospital given his injuries because his life was not believed to be in danger.


  • Ramona, they didn't have to take him to the nearest hospital.


  • So can you expound on that?


  • Why he is where he is.


  • Yeah, well, this is a trauma center, okay, and there's a couple of local hospitals nearby.

    是啊,這是一個創傷中心,好吧,有一對夫婦 當地醫院附近。

  • But when you have a serious trauma, they take you here because this they're equipped to deal with the kind of injuries.


  • The Tiger Woods was sustained.


  • You know, as of about 30 40 minutes ago, when I had checked, he was still in surgery.

    你知道,大約30 40分鐘前,當我檢查時,他還在手術中。

  • Um, I get need to get another update on whether you're still in surgery, but there's there's some question of whether he will stay here.

    嗯,我需要得到另一個更新 關於你是否還在手術, 但有一些問題 他是否會留在這裡。

  • I will be moved to another hospital.


  • That's in Westwood later on.


  • But, you know, right now, I I was listening to that press conferences.

    但是,你知道,現在,我... ...我在聽新聞發佈會。

  • Justus.


  • Well, as you were hand, and I thought, you know, that it was just a really compelling live live on the scene, um, comments from that, the first responder to the set where he essentially said, you know, to the scene where he said, You know, I try to keep Mr Woods calm and said it be more appropriate for L a fire department to remove you from the vehicle than me.


  • Um, he was alert.


  • He was talking.


  • He was in shock.


  • I mean, that was just that fits all the descriptions of, you know when people are first in car accidents.

    我的意思是,這只是適合所有的描述, 你知道,當人們是第一次在車禍。

  • Um, I was talking about patient who had just walked out of the hospital, had a procedure here earlier this morning.

    嗯,我說的是病人 誰剛剛走出醫院, 有一個程序在這裡 今天上午早些時候。

  • And he said all the TVs inside that hospital are tuned into the local news coverage.


  • All the doctors, all the patients, all the staff, they know who's in this hospital today.


  • Andi, what's going on inside these walls that are right behind me?


  • That's something else, uh, that we confirmed.


  • And obviously you're there in Los Angeles and know the area.


  • Well, Ramona, was that where this accident happened?

    蕾蒙娜 是在那裡發生的事故嗎?

  • And they said that he was indeed going north bound on Hawthorne Boulevard, north of Palace Various Drive, and he hit the media and he was coming from Terranea, which is Ah, resort there.


  • And he was on his way to Rolling Hills Country Club for a golf shoot with actually Drew Brees and Justin Herbert.


  • I'm sure you heard that report earlier from Shelley Smith give us a sense, though, of what they were saying about the slopes and curves in that area, and that it that it is a very dangerous area that's known to have accidents.

    我相信你聽到的報告 早些時候從雪莉-史密斯 給我們的感覺,雖然, 他們說什麼 關於斜坡和曲線在該地區, 它是一個非常危險的區域 這是已知的事故。

  • Yeah, you know, I've talked to a lot of locals who live right there.


  • I've actually driven by that area myself, and it's It's not.


  • It's not a freeway, right?


  • But people drive it like it is, Um, and you're going really fast, and there's curves in the in the media.


  • And if you see the footage there, it's not like a It's not like a wall.

    如果你看到那裡的鏡頭,它不像一個 它不像一堵牆。

  • It's just like a raised curb, so you might not even see it if you're going fast and you you don't know the area if you're not familiar with it.


  • Um, and I think everyone who's every all the locals I've talked to said, Yeah, that's where people have accidents right there, Um and so if if you're not as familiar, if this is how this is, what can happen.

    嗯,我想每個人誰是每一個 所有的當地人,我已經談過了,說, 是啊,這就是人們有意外 就在那裡,嗯,所以如果如果你不熟悉, 如果這是如何這是,會發生什麼。

  • And obviously he was going at a pretty high rate of speed down that hill, which contributed to this accident which contributed to him.


  • Uh, you know, it's 700 ft from where, from where he hit when we first struck the median.

    呃,你知道,這是700英尺的地方, 從他打的地方,當我們第一次擊中了中間線。

  • Um and so I think that's that's really what we're you know, we're trying to piece together what happened here.

    嗯,所以我認為這是 這是真的,我們是你知道, 我們試圖拼湊這裡發生了什麼。

  • I talked to somebody who was on set with him yesterday.


  • Uh, with you saw the videos of him and Dwyane Wade.


  • And we've We've seen that, Um, obviously, this is pretty early in the morning and he was going to the set again from Terranea for this golf Digest suit on and And then I suppose he was gonna leave after that?


  • Yeah, yeah, golf TV.


  • Still waiting for his condition.


  • Emerged after the surgery.


  • Yeah, golf, TV shoot.


  • He was kind of teaching something that had been in the works for a long time and scheduled, obviously, on the back end of the Genesis Uh, invitational, Uh, the tournament, which was held to benefit his charity over the weekend.

    他是那種教學的東西 已經在工程很長一段時間 並安排,很明顯, 在創世紀的後端 呃,邀請賽,呃,比賽,這是舉行 以利於他的慈善機構在週末。

  • So, Ramona, um, listen, you reported approximately a half hour ago, so now it's 3.

    所以,雷蒙娜,嗯,聽著,你報告 大約一個半小時前, 所以現在是3。

  • 42 l a time.


  • This accident happened fairly early in the morning.


  • And you you recently reported that he was in surgery.

    而你... ...你最近報告說他在做手術。

  • So I'm looking forward to your reporting.


  • I'm sure it's really, really tough to get any kind of information out of there, as they made it very clear that Mark Steinberg and his representatives really don't want anything released on his condition right now.


  • But I'm sure a soon as you know more about the surgery itself, you let us know and we appreciate your reporting on this.

    但我相信,只要你知道更多關於手術本身, 你讓我們知道,我們感謝你的報道。

  • Well, I mean, the way it's described, you gotta hand it.


  • I mean, the way is described is really just very seriously leg injuries.


  • And they take their time with that, right?


  • Those surgeries could take a long time.


  • Thio, make sure you get it right.


Anise Orman, Kevin Negandhi with more on the breaking news about Tiger Woods.



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