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  • breaking news coming out of the state of California just after 7:12 a.m. Pacific 10 12 Eastern time.


  • Tiger Woods, 15 time major championship golfer, was involved in a serious car accident, a one car accident and, according to the L.


  • A County Sheriff's Department, it was a roll over accident in which Tiger Woods and used the jaws of life to extract him from the car.


  • Here's what we know right now.


  • His agent, Mark Steinberg, just put out a statement moments ago saying that Tiger confirming that he wasn't a single car accident this morning in California, where he suffered multiple leg injuries.


  • He is currently in surgery, and we thank you for privacy and support that again coming from his agent, Mark Steinberg, who released a statement.


  • As you take a look now at the crash footage there from California now, it happened in the Ranchos Palos Firdous neighborhood to give you an idea of where that is at.

    你現在看看加州的車禍錄像,它發生在Ranchos Palos Firdous附近,讓你瞭解那裡的情況。

  • In California, it's about 31 miles south of Los Angeles, about 14 miles west of Long Beach.


  • Tiger most recently was in the L A area at Riviera for the Genesis Open, of which he is the host of the tournament.


  • This coming from the L.


  • A County sheriff's a statement confirming what had happened with Tiger Woods on February 23rd, 2000 and one and approximately 7:12 a.m. L.


  • A County Sheriff's department responded to a single car rollover traffic collision on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Ranchers Palace versus the vehicle was traveling north, bound on Hawthorne Boulevard and Black Horse Road, where it crashed.

    縣治安部門迴應了一起單車翻車的交通事故,該事故發生在Rolling Hills Estates與Ranchers Palace交界處與車輛向北行駛,在Hawthorne Boulevard與Black Horse Road交界處發生碰撞。

  • The vehicle sustained major damage.


  • The driver, a sole occupant, was identified.


  • His PGA golfer, Eldrick Tiger Woods.

    他的PGA高爾夫球手,Eldrick Tiger Woods。

  • Mr.


  • Woods was extracted from the rack with the jaws of life by the Los Angeles County firefighters and paramedics and then transported to a local hospital by ambulance for his injuries.


  • The traffic investigation is still being conducted by investigators from L.


  • A s D.

    A s D.

  • Amina Station.


breaking news coming out of the state of California just after 7:12 a.m. Pacific 10 12 Eastern time.



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泰格-伍茲在單車事故中腿部多處受傷|SportsCenter (Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in single-car crash | SportsCenter)

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