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  • Once again you find yourself sitting  in front of the campfire with friends.  


  • You told yourself that after the sleepless nights  from your last encounter with urban legends,  


  • you would be sure to steer clear of any more scary  stories. Everything is going according to plan,  


  • you've been roasting marshmallows and eating  s'mores all night long without a scary story  


  • in sight. Then suddenly the person next to  you does the unthinkable. “Let's tell some  


  • more urban legends!” they exclaim. You try  to interject, but another friend breaks in,  


  • And let's make them even scarier  than last time! I'll start.”


  • Last time we talked about Bloody Mary,” says your  friend. “But have you all heard of the Candyman?”  


  • The Candyman legend goes back all the way to  the 1800's. A black man was haneously killed for  


  • impregnating his white lover. Years later a group  of kids was playing around an abandoned building.  


  • It was run down, with graffiti all over the wallsand decaying garbage in the hallways. The kids  


  • made their way into one of the apartments; all  the windows had been covered with newspaper so  


  • it was almost completely dark. The kids went  into the bathroom and looked at the mirror.


  • Bet you won't say his name five times,”  says one of the children. “Don't do it,”  


  • says another. But the third child looks  directly into the mirror and says,  


  • Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, CandymanCandyman…” On the fifth saying of the name,  


  • the undead corpse of the black man who was  murdered in the 1800's comes crashing out  


  • of the mirror. He has a hook for a hand and  bees swarming around him. The kids all run,  


  • but the one who said his name is snatched  by the hook and murdered by the Candyman.


  • Oh man, you think. Now I won't be able to look  into a mirror for a while. “That was pretty good,”  


  • one of your friends says. “But listen  to how terrifying this urban legend is.”


  • This is the legend of the Bunny Man. His name  might sound cute at first, but the legend is  


  • anything but. There once was an escaped mental  patient who roamed the woods. He broke out of  


  • an asylum, but was never caught by the police. All  the authorities could turn up were the corpses of  


  • brutally murdered bunny rabbits. They knew it must  be the escaped patient, but he kept eluding them.  


  • He was given the nameBunny Manfor his affinity  for killing the furry creatures in terrible ways.

    因為他喜歡用可怕的方式殺死毛茸茸的生物,所以被賦予了 "兔子人 "的名字。

  • Eventually the Bunny Man started  getting even more gruesome. People  


  • would walk through the forest on nature  hikes and come across an old bridge.  


  • Hanging from the bridge were the mutilated  bodies of bunnies. A group of kids was curious,  


  • and wanted to see the bunnies that  were strung up under the bridge;  


  • so late one night they snuck out into the woodsThey came across the bridge, and sure enough,  

    有一天深夜,他們偷偷溜進了樹林。 他們來到橋對面,果然。

  • there were bunnies hanging under it. Howeverwhen they looked on top of the bridge they saw  


  • a man in a white suit, wearing bunny ears on top  of his head. The children shrieked in terror.


  • The next night a search party was sent  out to try and locate the children who  


  • had never returned home. The party came to the  bridge where the bunnies were normally hanging,  


  • except this time it wasn't just rabbits

    除了這次不只是兔子... ...

  • That's awful!” you cry. “We're in the woodsand we definitely crossed under some bridges to  


  • get here.” Your friends laugh because they  think you're joking, but you're not. “I've  


  • got a good one!” declares another member of  your group. “This one's called The Beijing  


  • Ghost Bus. After you hear it, you probably won't  want to ride public transportation for a while.”


  • It is late one dark and stormy night.  A bus driver is making his rounds.  

    在一個風雨交加的黑夜,天色已晚。 一位公車司機正在巡視。

  • Around midnight the bus driver spots three men  flagging him down. He is hesitant to pick them  


  • up because they are not at a bus stop, but he  figures that since the weather is so terrible,  


  • he'll give them a break. The three men enter the  bus without a word and head to the back. The bus  


  • driver notices they are dressed in clothing  that looks like it's from a hundred years ago.  


  • The men are very pale, but the bus driver just  assumes the men are actors from some show.


  • The other passengers on the bus slowly  disembark at the next few stops until  


  • only a handful of people remain. The three oddly  dressed men are standing in the back of the bus.  


  • Someone pulls the cord to signal they  will be getting off at the next station.  


  • The driver pulls up, and the bus hisses to  a stop. The man who pulled the cord hurries  


  • off the bus. Once on the sidewalk he turns  around with a frightened look on his face.  


  • Those men in the back of the bus are  floating above the floor,” he says.


  • The bus driver gives him an odd look and  closes the door in the crazy man's face.  


  • The bus drives off with only the driver  and three floating passengers in it.  


  • That was the last time anyone ever  saw the bus or the bus driver.


  • Ghosts on a bus!” you shout. What will  they think of next, serpents on a jet?  


  • Everyone laughs and you shake your  head. “I think that's enough scary  


  • stories for tonight,” you say. But one of  your friends stands up. “Wait! I am about  


  • to tell you the most eerie urban legend of  alland it involves a vintage video game.”

    告訴你最詭異的城市傳奇... 它涉及到一個老式電子遊戲。"

  • Back in the 80's people would flock to arcades  to get their fill of coin operated video games.  


  • One game in particular was addictive, but had  an ominous side to it. The game was called  


  • Polybius. Whenever someone would drop a coin  into the game, and begin playing, they would  


  • feel disoriented. But this feeling eventually  passed, and the person would continue on.


  • They would become addicted; always thinking about  Polybius, always wanting to go another round on  


  • the video game. Sometimes men in all black suits  would come in and open up the Polybius cabinet,  


  • as if they were extracting some kind of  information from it. Then they would close  


  • the cabinet up and let the line of eager  players back at the game. Then something  


  • even more strange began to happen. The people  who played the game started to get amnesia.  


  • They couldn't remember who they were, or where  they were from, only that they wanted to play  


  • Polybius. This odd behavior would culminate  in the unexplained death of the player.


  • When this happened the Polybius video  game would disappear, but only for a time.  


  • Eventually the all black cabinet  would reappear in another arcade,  


  • somewhere far away where the legend of the  Polybius video game had not yet been heard.


  • Well thanks a lot, now I'm afraid  to play my own video games,”  


  • you say as the fire flickers and cast shadows  onto the forest trees around you. One of your  


  • friends rubs his hands together. “You've all  heard of the genie in the magic lamp right?  


  • But do you know the urban legend of the jinnwhich is what the genie is based off of?” You look  


  • at your friend. “You're not going to ruin Aladdin  for me are you?” you ask. Your friend just smiles.


  • Deep in the Arabian desert a man has lost his wayHe runs out of water, and is severely dehydrated.  

    在阿拉伯沙漠深處,一個人迷失了方向。 他沒有水了,嚴重脫水。

  • The man collapses from exhaustion and falls  face first into the sand. He manages to pick  


  • his head up to look around. In front of him stands  a beautiful woman. She holds a jug full of water.  


  • The man scrambles to his feet and takes the water  from her. He drinks until he almost throws up.


  • How can I ever repay you?” asks the man. The  woman removes her face covering to reveal a mouth  


  • full of serrated teeth. She contorts her body, and  changes from a beautiful woman into a terrifying  


  • monster, with horns coming out of its head and  smoke filling the space around it. The man screams  


  • and pleads for mercy. The jinn opens its gaping  maw and consumes the man whole. Then it transforms  

    並懇求憐憫。晉打開它的裂口大口 和消耗的人整個。然後,它轉變

  • back into the beautiful woman, and waits for  the next unsuspecting victim to cross its path.


  • You shudder at the thought of the friendly genie  from the Disney films being a man eating monster.  


  • Don't be such a scaredy cat,' one of your other  


  • friends says. “Besides if you think that  was bad, wait until you hear this one.”


  • Everyone has nightmares about something under  the bed. But The Body Under the Bed legend is  


  • said to be true. It goes like this. One night  a couple is on vacation. They are having the  


  • time of their life and fall asleep afterlong day of fun activities. In the middle  


  • of the night they are awoken by a horrible  smell. It reeks as if something, or someone,  

    夜裡,他們被一股可怕的氣味驚醒。好像有什麼東西或什麼人在散發著惡臭。 It reeks as if something, or someone,

  • has died in the room. They try to sleep  through it, but can't get past the smell.


  • The couple calls down to the lobby  and informs the concierge of the odor.  


  • The hotel staff come up to the room and  check everywhere for the source of the smell,  


  • but they can't find it. The hotel is  completely booked, so they do a quick  


  • cleaning of the room and spray air freshenerThe smell seems to have subsided for now.

    房間的清潔和噴灑空氣清新劑。 目前氣味似乎已經消退了。

  • The next day the hotel crew takes apart the  room looking for the source of the smell.  


  • They clean under the bed and all around  the hotel room. The smell still lingers.  


  • The hotel crew takes the mattress off of  the bed and unzips the mattress cover.  


  • They slide the cover off to unveildead body within the mattress cover.  


  • The couple had been sleeping on top  of the dead body the entire night.


  • That's gross,” says everyone around  the campfire. “Oh I'm not done yet,  


  • says the storyteller. Things are  about to get so much grosser.”


  • This one is called The Licked Hand. One  night a young girl awakens to the sound  


  • of dripping water. It is the first time her  parents have left her all alone at night,  


  • while they enjoy a weekend away. Howeverthe girl has her faithful dog to protect her.


  • The night is cloudy. The wind howls. From the  bathroom down the hall the little girl hears  


  • a dripping noise. It sounds like the sink hasn't  been turned off all the way. She cautiously gets  


  • out of bed and makes her way to the bathroom  with the dog by her side. She enters and is  


  • startled by something moving. She slams her  hand against the light switch on the wall,  


  • and when the light comes on, she laughs at  herself. It was only her reflection in the mirror.


  • The girl checks the faucet, but it's not drippingShe shrugs, turns off the light, and heads back to  

    女孩檢查了一下水龍頭,但沒有滴水。 她聳了聳肩,關了燈,然後回到了

  • her room. The girl climbs into bed and tries  to fall back asleep, but the dripping sound  


  • continues. She curls up under the covers and  slowly drifts off. The girl is awakened later  


  • that night by a nightmare. She reaches down to pet  her faithful dog who licks her hand reassuringly.  


  • The dripping sound seems to have gotten louderThe girl squeezes her eyes shut and wills the sun  

    滴水聲似乎更響了。 女孩緊閉雙眼,意志陽光。

  • to rise. Eventually, due to the intermittent licks  of her trustworthy dog, she falls back asleep.


  • In the morning the girl wakes up and decides  to do a more thorough sweep of the house.  


  • She steps out of bed and notices her dog  isn't there anymore. She calls for him,  


  • but the dog doesn't come. The girl walks down  the hall to the bathroom. The door is shut.  


  • She turns the handle and slowly opens it. When  she turns on the light she screeches in horror.  


  • In the bathtub lies the remains of her mutilated  dog. It has been slaughtered during the night.  


  • On the bathroom wall, written in bloodare the words: “humans can lick hands too.”


  • What is wrong with you people?” you shout.  “I'm never going to be able to sleep again.”  

    "你們這些人是怎麼了?"你喊道。 "我再也睡不著了。"

  • Everyone laughs and reassures you that  they are just urban legends, and none of  


  • it is real. But you can't help but feel that  all urban legends originated from somewhere.  


  • You know that behind every  legend, there is a hint of truth.


  • Now check outScary Urban Legends That  Will Keep You Up At Night.” Or watch  

    現在看看 "讓你夜不能寐的恐怖都市傳說"。或觀看

  • Terrifying Urban Legends  That Turned Out To Be Real.”


Once again you find yourself sitting  in front of the campfire with friends.  



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