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  • At the end of the day, everybody got hit really badly.


  • I mean, if you look at even the ones that thought that they were doing so great, like Germany and the U.


  • K and the U.


  • As it turns out, everybody had a problem.


  • However big.


  • However, that does not explain how a rich and sophisticated country can have the most percentage of deaths and there will be the hardest hit country in the world that I believe should not have happened.


  • I try to analyze what the the most compelling reason why we've done worse than we should have done, and I don't know if this is true, but it feels this way to me as the public health person that if ever you did not want toe have an outbreak of any sort in a certain condition, it would be in a condition where there was intense divisiveness in society, which is what we have.

    我試圖分析什麼是最令人信服的原因 為什麼我們做得比我們應該做的更糟糕, 我不知道這是否是真的, 但它覺得這種方式對我來說,作為公共衛生的人,

  • There's red states and blue states that you know are almost, um, hostile to each other in some respects because of political differences.


  • I think that's the worst possible ingredients to be able to address a now outbreak oven infection that even under the best of circumstances would be a formidable challenge on then the mixed signals that we were getting from the White House.


  • I mean, you can't deny that where you have the medical people saying, Please it here to these guidelines and then you have the president saying, Liberate Virginia, liberate Michigan.


  • That's not helpful, you know, I have Ah, oh, yeah, On abiding faith, I thought in the American spirit.

    這是沒有幫助的,你知道,我有 啊,哦,是的,在持久的信仰,我想在美國精神。

  • But when the American spirit is so divided that really that really made me sad because it, um, it it in other ways when you have divisions and it's in a political issue that doesn't have to do with life and death, you can say, Well, you know, he's got his opinion.


  • They have their opinion.


  • Who cares?


  • You know, more taxes, less taxes more There's that.


  • But when it has to do with the lives of people and now we have a situation where we've reached, um ah, landmark that is stunning and its magnitude.


  • This is the worst thing that's happened to this country with regard to the health of the nation in over 100 years.


  • You know, when people 2030 40 50 maybe even 100 years from now, I'm gonna be talking about this about that horrible year of 2020 and maybe into 2021 you know?


  • I mean, that's that's the point.


At the end of the day, everybody got hit really badly.



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Fauci博士說,政治分歧導致了50萬的死亡。 (Political divide contributed to 500K deaths, says Dr. Fauci)

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