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  • Boris Johnson has unveiled his so called roadmap for the gradual lifting off the lock down in England, a process that starts on March.


  • The eighth, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own separate arrangements in England.


  • If all conditions are met, the restrictions will all disappear by the 21st of June.


  • The prime minister said there could be no such thing as a covert free future, but the end of the restrictions waas finally in sight.


  • So from the eighth of March, all Children in England will go back to school.


  • On further education, colleges will open residents and care homes will be allowed one regular visitor that can be outdoor meetings in a park.


  • For example, between two individuals from the 29th of March, up to six people or to households will be able to meet outdoors, including in private.


  • Gardens on some outdoor sport will be allowed from April the 12th.


  • That's at the earliest.


  • Shops, gyms and hairdressers will be allowed to open, plus outdoor hospitality venues such as pub gardens on theme parks on then no earlier than the 17th of May.


  • Cafes, pubs and restaurants will be able to open fully on restrictions on outdoor meetings for groups of up to 30 people will then be lifted on on the 21st of June at the earliest.


  • Again, all remaining restrictions will come to an end.


  • We'll have all the detail on ending the lock down in England, including the possibility off introducing vaccine passports at home and abroad.


  • But we start with our political editor, Laura Ginsburg.


  • Instructions from Downing Street's have for months made life a vague reflection of what it used to be going out.


  • Replace was staying in high streets, closed for business, classrooms for millions, makeshift ones at home.


  • Tens of thing Kitchen table will soon stop being the school desk to six year old Aiden and his mom and dad won't have to juggle their jobs with times tables.

    幾十件事 廚房餐桌很快就不再是六歲的艾登的課桌了,他的爸爸媽媽也不用再拿著課時表混日子了。

  • And he can wear his new uniforms at last.


  • Your lovely new trousers, which have not had the opportunity to wear it, would be really good for him to go back.


  • What do you reckon?


  • Yeah, yeah, I actually wanted to be a teacher.


  • Thank God I didn't pick that profession because I don't think I'd be any good out.


  • Getting Children back to school was the prime minister's priority, but a fast return to freedom.


  • This is not with every day that goes by.


  • This program of vaccination is creating a shield around the entire population, which means that we're now traveling on a one way road to freedom.


  • Whenever we ease the lock down, whether it's today or in six or nine months, we've got to be realistic and accept that there will be mawr infections, more hospitalizations and therefore, sadly, more deaths.


  • Justus.


  • There are every year with flu on thanks to the vaccinations that there is light ahead, leading us to a spring on the summer, which I think will be seasons of hope and from which we will not go back.


  • There will be some rules in place for another four months.


  • When do you really hope to be able to say to the public it's over, Laura, This isn't the end today, but it's very clearly a roadmap that takes us to the end and takes us on a one way journey.


  • We will be guided by the data and by the progress that we make, and that's why it is important also to be to be cautious.


  • They're being muted supports when, after weeks he presented the plan to when peace, we have to tread very carefully.


  • So I'm glad the prime minister spoke today of caution of this being irreversible, of assessing the data on following the evidence.


  • Those are the right guiding principles and I have to say it's a welcome change.


  • But some conservatives want to know if the most vulnerable have been vaccinated, why not go faster?


  • For what reason?


  • Once they've been vaccinated and protected from coverted by the end of April at the latest are is there any need for restrictions to continue?


  • We believe that the protection is very substantial, but there'll be a large minority who will not have sufficient protection in six weeks.


  • It'll be easier to meet friends and family outdoors, accompanied by pints or food served outside from the middle of April.


  • Shops will open their doors than to, but rules of one kind or another will be with us until at least June.


  • There's nothing hard and fast about going back to the office or abroad, or even traveling between the four corners of the country.


  • Clearly, we will make our own judgments about the particular order on the particular timing off that because the data is no identical in each of the four nations, today's plans in the beginning on many businesses worry they might not make it to the end.


  • The famous Hippodrome casino has been forced to close for 200 days out of the last year.


  • The boss has made 250 people redundant to try toe Hang on, but won't be able to open for at least another two months.


  • By balance, sheet is now in tatters with a lot of debt on, we've been spending a lot of time with our staff trying to help them with this sort of emotional challenges of not knowing when they could go back to work, Not knowing if there's work to go back to.

    通過平衡,表現在是在四分五裂 與大量的債務上,我們已經花了很多時間與我們的員工 試圖幫助他們與這種情緒的挑戰 不知道什麼時候他們可以回去工作, 不知道是否有工作回去。

  • All of the stuff that's being done in the name of Covert has a consequence in Acosta's well on its business owners like us that are suffering for several months, the many costs of coronavirus continued to mount, but the world will start soon to look more like the one we knew.


  • Now, Downing Street hopes that they've been able to get the balance just about right here between that desire to get things back to normal, but still the very real risks from the disease itself.


  • But Boris Johnson did get a bit of a hard time from some of his MPs tonight when he had a meeting with them, some of them really frustrated about the pace of this going as they see it too slowly, given all the progress that there's Bean with the vaccine.


  • So we're saying to tonight there's still some really big gaps over what might be next.


  • No fixed date on when people will be told to go back to the office rather than stay working at home.


  • Nothing clear about how foreign travel might look by the time of sovereign summer holidays on also, the government, considering the issue of whether or not we'll all have to prove we've had a vaccine before going abroad or before, perhaps even doing various activities here at home, the controversial concept of a vaccine passport that is something that the government is going to be reviewing.


  • That said, there is ah lot of deep hit detail that we didn't have this morning.


  • Ah, lot of dates now in the diary.


  • But whether in England or decisions to be taken in the next days and weeks in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to there are still huge things to consider for politicians in the weeks ahead.


  • On that ways that affect millions of us so profoundly Laura Many thanks again Lori Ginsburg, with her thoughts there at Westminster.


Boris Johnson has unveiled his so called roadmap for the gradual lifting off the lock down in England, a process that starts on March.



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