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  • Capitol police officers are being investigated for their actions during the January 6 riot at the Capitol, according to a Police Department statement released Friday.


  • While six have been suspended without pay, five people, including a Capitol police officer, died in the violence when throngs of former President Donald Trump supporters attacked the capital, overpowering security forces to law enforcement officers later committed suicide.


  • Investigators have been looking into the response by the Capitol police officers and whether any of the officers may have aided the rioters.


  • Just days after the attack, it was disclosed that two officers have been suspended, according to Democratic representative Tim Ryan.


  • One had taken a selfie with the protester while another war a trump supporting hat, and was directing protesters around the building, Ryan told reporters.


  • It was unclear whether the two were among the 35 now being investigated or whether they were trying to quell the crowd by establishing personal contact with rioters.


  • The protesters stormed Capitol Hill shortly after Trump addressed the crowd near the White House.


  • Justus lawmakers were preparing to formally certified Joe Biden's election victory.


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  • S House of Representatives panel has scheduled a hearing on February 25th to look into the Capitol security failures.


  • Acting police chief Yoga Nonda Pittman and acting how Sergeant at arms Timothy Blodgett are scheduled to testify.

    代理警察局長Yoga Nonda Pittman和代理軍士長Timothy Blodgett將出庭作證。

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B2 中高級 中文 國會 調查 警察 抗議 特朗普 代理

國會警方調查1月6日騷亂中的35名警察。 (Capitol Police investigating 35 officers in Jan. 6 riot)

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