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  • How to Read EyesHow to Read Body Language

  • Body language makes up for more than 60% of what we communicate.

  • Understanding body language can be life changing for you.

  • This course will help you learn all about the basics of body language reading.

  • There would be several episodes in this course dealing with each body part in detail.

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  • EYES

  • Eyes are the window to the soul.

  • So what cues are given by the eyes?

  • Whenever you are in company of others, check if they make direct eye contact or avoid it.

  • When your company refrained from seeing straight into your eyes, you may presume they're lacking enthusiasm or something else, like a trash can might have drawn their attention.

  • Or in the worst case, they may not be telling the truth.

  • Particularly if their gaze avert or shift sideways.

  • However, when you observe that your company tend to keep their gaze alone, you may assume two things:

  • either they feel restless or they agree to your suggestion or submit to your persona.

  • If someone widens their pupils, then this may indicate their approval.

  • How so?

  • As they attempt to pay more attention and try to get engaged with the conversation,

  • their pupils will inevitably enlarged to let more of what they like to enter their eyes.

  • Under certain circumstances, this might be visible to you.

  • But to suppose it right away, you may need a little training.

  • You may also notice that someone's eyes blink more than usual.

  • This is when you need to understand that they are in a struggle to keep calm.

  • Something you say that bothers them or stressful situations can cause the rapid blinking of eyes.

  • To some extent, the intense blinking of eyes along with the occasional touching of lips and eyes can also indicate that they are not being honest with you.

  • Glancing at something can suggest a desire for that thing.

  • For example, if someone glances at the door, this may indicate the desire to leave.

  • Likewise, glancing at someone may express the desire to talk to him or her.

  • When it comes to eye behavior, it is also suggested that looking upwards and to the right during a conversation indicates a lie has been told,

  • while looking upwards into the left indicates the person is telling the truth.

  • The reason for this is that people look up and into the right when using their imagination to think of a story,

  • and look up to the left when they're recalling an actual memory.

  • In coming episodes, we would be looking at reading more of body language.

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How to Read EyesHow to Read Body Language


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How to Read Eyes - How to Read Body Language

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