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  • A rotation out of Tech shares into cyclical stocks drove the NASDAQ lower.


  • But the Dow higher Wednesday.


  • Big name tech stocks like Apple and in video wait on the NASDAQ and S and P 500 as did concerns over inflation.

    蘋果和在視頻等大牌科技股在納斯達克和S和P 500的等待,因為對通脹的擔憂。

  • Summit Place Financial Advisers President Liz Miller says investors are adjusting their portfolios as a lighten up on tech.

    Summit Place Financial Advisers總裁Liz Miller表示,投資者正在調整自己的投資組合,因為對科技的輕視。

  • I think the slight negative tilt we're seeing is just that there were a lot of gains last year and investors are just digesting new information and the year end result information to reposition for the rest of 2021.


  • The NASDAQ closed down more than a half percent and the S and P 500 ended just below the break even line.

    納斯達克指數收盤時跌幅超過半數,S和P 500指數收盤時剛好跌破盈虧線。

  • But the Dow added a little over a quarter percent.


  • The blue chip index got a lift from Verizon and Chevron.


  • Shares of the telecom and oil giants rose after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway disclosed it had taken major stakes in both companies.


  • Wells Fargo shares jumped 5% a report said the Fed accepted the banks proposal to overhaul its risk management and governance.


  • The bank has been trying to recover from a sales scandal that emerged in 2016 Shopify shares slid more than 3%.


  • The Canadian e commerce giant that benefited from the online shopping surge last year hinted that revenue growth would slow in 2021 as people returned to stores.


A rotation out of Tech shares into cyclical stocks drove the NASDAQ lower.



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納斯達克指數收盤下跌,科技股下滑 (Nasdaq ends lower as tech slides)

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