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  • - In Chicago, everyone is familiar with Second City.

  • But what you may not know, is that tucked away somewhere inside this place is 1959 Kitchen and Bar.

  • So if you can find it, Greggory, this one's for you my friend.

  • 1959, that was a good year.

  • - Was a great year.

  • That's the year The Second City opened up.

  • - Please don't take this the wrong way, because I want us to be friends.

  • Most people outside of Chicago and inside of Chicago know Second City.

  • Not many people, I bet, would say, "Oh, 1959 Kitchen."

  • You guys are a hidden gem.

  • - It's literally kind of hidden, something you have to discover.

  • - Kinda one of those, if you know about it, you know where it is.

  • - It's the kinda thing that's clearly under the radar.

  • - You're thinking you're coming for a show and you'll be like, "Oh, wait a minute, lemme stop "and get something to drink, "or lemme get something to eat."

  • - [Elliott] What can we enjoy the improvised nature of food that it brings?

  • - We are gonna have my favorite item on the menu, the burger.

  • - Doubledecker, so there's two patties on it.

  • The cheese is always melted.

  • - It has a double patty, which I really like, and they're kind of thinner.

  • - Pickles and the sauce.

  • - Chopped up onions on it too, and the buns are nicely toasted.

  • It's like the perfect burger you can imagine.

  • - Can you heckle the waitstaff?

  • - No.

  • - (beep) Am I gonna cook with you?

  • - You're gonna cook with Lauren.

  • - My taste buds are tingling at the thought of it, so I'm gonna get in back, see Lauren, cook a burger, so I'm gonna get in back, see Lauren, cook a burger, why don't you grab some drinks?

  • - Sounds good.

  • - Tim's passed me off to Lauren, say hi.

  • - Hi.

  • - [Elliott] You should be in every audience here, you've a great laugh.

  • - I'm in the kitchen and then I run into the theater and then I laugh for a little bit and then I come back and I make the food.

  • - You tell me off camera how much you're making per hour here in the audience laughing at terrible comedians, and I'll pay you double to come and laugh with me on shoots.

  • - Oh (beep). - How's that sound?

  • While Lauren contemplates my job offer, we throw down our double patties.

  • - You wanna get the seasoned side down first.

  • This is going well.

  • With our buns nice and toasted, we melt our cheese,

  • drop our fries, and it's time to load her up.

  • - [Lauren] We're gonna put down our aioli.

  • - Hang on, aren't you gonna hold this?

  • - I'm gonna hold this. - I'll do that.

  • - [Lauren] Then you wanna put your onions, pickles on the bottom, we've got three gloves in total.

  • - That sounds like a comedy act from Second City: three gloves.

  • (crickets chirping)

  • That's the first time you haven't laughed.

  • - [Lauren] That was rough.

  • - I actually should probably have told you that I'm eating with Tim.

  • There's two of us.

  • So you may wanna get another order in and think about my job offer.

  • - [Lauren] Okay (laughs).

  • - Oh my god, it is really good; juicy.

  • - Oh man, what's the juiciest thing you could imagine?

  • - So juicy, and it's like just what you want in a burger.

  • - Cheesy, juicy, delicious.

  • - The bread is soft on the top and the bottom is super crisp, and every bite is good.

  • - I've got good news and bad news.

  • Bad news is you may lose an employee in the not-too-distant future.

  • (laughs)

  • I may be hiring Lauren as my personal laughing assistant.

  • Good news is I have the burgers for you.

  • Clink that.

  • Brioche bun, love it.

  • The aioli is a delicate balance on top of it.

  • It's just that perfectly fine blend of meat.

  • And the fries.

  • (beep) you guys.

  • I wanna know why you think you guys are Chicago's Best hidden gem.

  • - We are a great little hidden spot.

  • Find the red doors, make your way in.

  • It's a fun crowd, it's a great space, great food.

  • - Greggory, of course this place counts.

  • It's a true hidden gem.

(big band music)


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Chicago's Best Burger: 1959 Kitchen & Bar

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