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  • Great to have you watching CNN 10 again.

    歡迎再次收看 CNN 10。

  • I'm Carl Azus with an objective look at events happening worldwide.

    我是 Carl Azus,客觀地報道全球發生的事件。

  • We're bringing you up to speed right now on the U.S. Senate's impeachment trial of Former President Donald Trump.

    我們現在就帶你瞭解美國參議院對前總統 Donald Trump 的彈劾審判的最新情況。

  • First, it's over.


  • On Saturday, the former leader was found not guilty of the charge of incitement of insurrection.


  • The House of Representatives brought that charge after a riot occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

    美國國會大廈在 1 月 6 日發生暴動後,眾議院提出了這一指控,

  • Then President Trump had spoken to supporters at a massive rally earlier that day; his accusers said his words encouraged some of the people there to violently protest at the Capitol Building afterward.


  • His defenders said he only encouraged a peaceful protest and wasn't responsible for the riot.


  • After the House impeaches or formerly charges a president with a crime, the Senate decides whether to convict or acquit the leader.


  • That chamber's proceedings wrapped up quickly late last week, ahead of the Valentine's and Presidents Day holidays.


  • 57 senators voted to find former President Trump guilty of the House charge that included all 50 of the Senate's Democrats, plus seven Republicans.

    57 名參議員投票認定前總統特川普在眾議院的指控中有罪,其中包括參議院所有 50 名民主黨人士,加上 7 名共和黨人士。

  • 43 senators, all Republicans, voted to find Former President Trump not guilty.

    均為共和黨的 43 名參議員投票認定前總統川普無罪。

  • For a leader to be convicted, the Constitution says that two-thirds of the Senate, or 67 members, must find the president guilty.

    憲法規定,要讓一名領導人定罪,參議院三分之二或 67 名議員必須認定總統有罪。

  • The final count was ten votes short of that, so Former President Trump was acquitted.

    最後的統計結果還差 10 票,所以前總統川普被無罪釋放。

  • One of the Republican senators who voted against him said that Former President Trump was responsible for inciting the violence of the capital and that the charge rose to the level of quote, "high crimes and misdemeanors."


  • That's the phrase the Constitution uses as a reason to impeach a president.


  • Former President Trump's attorney says his client was vindicated, and that quote, "the political witch hunt that the Democrats had thrown at him was defeated."


  • President Trump is the first American leader to be impeached twice by the House and acquitted twice by the Senate.


  • He and the Trump organization are still the subjects of various legal investigations outside the federal government.


  • As one American political storm comes to an end, an American winter storm is icily raking its way across the country.


  • Here's CNN 10 contributor Tyler Molden.

    接下來是 CNN 10 的撰稿人 Tyler Molden。

  • We have this Arctic air plunging down across the plains, and if it's not below freezing, below zero where you live, it's certainly feels like it's below zero.


  • We have wind chill warnings in effect from Canada all the way to Texas.


  • For the first time in history, Houston, Texas is under a wind chill warning.


  • Temperatures are about 50 degrees below average for your Monday.

    周一的氣溫比平均低 50 度左右,

  • That's gonna last right on into Tuesday.


  • And are we gonna see records broken?


  • Yes, absolutely.


  • Over the next 48 hours, we have the potential of seeing 250 cold record temperatures or cold-temperature records, rather.

    在未來 48 小時內,我們有可能看到 250 個低溫記錄,

  • We also have the snow, too, and the ice as well - You can see that here.


  • In fact, down in southeast Texas, we're dealing with not just thunder snow, but thunder ice in Houston, Texas, and this is gonna be moving to the Northeast.


  • And that is the reason why we have winter storm warnings from the Southern Plains all the way to New England.


  • As this low-pressure system ejects to the Northeast, it's gonna bring heavy snow.


  • It's gonna bring that cold air with it, and it's also gonna bring the threat for ice.


  • And it's really the ice that is gonna be problematic for us over the next few days.


  • Some hopeful news concerning coronavirus in America: the number of new daily cases continues to decrease.


  • This chart tracks the number of positive tests recorded in the U.S. since last March and the total number of deaths since then in which COVID-19 was blamed as a factor.

    這張圖追蹤了自去年 3 月以來美國記錄的陽性測試數量,以及自那時以來因 COVID-19 造成的死亡總數,

  • Since early January, the numbers have steadily dropped, and officials say it's not just because of vaccinations as only about four percent of the population has received both vaccine doses.

    自 1 月初以來,數字穩定下降,且官員們說,這不僅僅是因為接種疫苗,因為只有大約百分之四的人口已經接種了兩種疫苗,

  • Two major reasons they say new cases are declining:


  • One, people are reportedly doing a better job of wearing masks and keeping their distance from one another.


  • And two, doctors think there've been so many infections in some places that people have developed natural immunities to the virus.


  • New variants or mutations of COVID-19 could still cause new infections, and it's still unknown where and how the virus originated.

    COVID-19 的新變體或突變體仍可能導致新的感染,並且仍不清楚該病毒的起源和來源。

  • The leader of the WHO mission to China, investigating the origins of the coronavirus, has told CNN the virus was likely much wider spread in China in December 2019 than was thought.

    調查冠狀病毒起源的 WHO 考察團團長告訴 CNN,該病毒於 2019 年 12 月在中國的傳播範圍很可能比想象的要廣得多。

  • Peter Ben M. Barak revealed the 174 positive cases found that first December - likely severe cases - meant there could actually have been an estimated 1000 plus total cases in and around the city of Wuhan that month.

    Peter Ben M. Barak 透露,在第一個 12 月中發現的 174 例陽性病例很可能是重症病例,這意味著當月武漢市及周邊地區實際可能有估計 1000 多例以上的總病例。

  • The virus was circulating widely in Wuhan in December, which I think is a, is a new, is a new finding and the 100 (inaudible) confirmed and 74 clinically diagnosed.

    該病毒於 12 月在武漢廣泛傳播,我認為這是一個新發現,並已確認 100 例(聽不清)並進行了 74 例臨床診斷。

  • -About 174 would suggest 1000 or so plus even. -Yeah, um, probably, um, really likely, yeah, because that again, that would fit with all the other parameters that we have a looked at.

    -大約 174 例意味著有 1000 甚至以上的案例。-沒錯,有可能,真的很有可能,因為這符合所有我們調查過的範圍。

  • The team also established that in that first December, there were as many as 13 slight variations of the virus from samples of all or bits of its genetic code circulating in and around Wuhan, where this seafood market is thought to have played a role.

    研究小組還確定,在第一個 12 月裡,在武漢及其周邊地區流傳的全部或部分病毒中的遺傳密碼樣本中,有多達 13 種微小的變異,且歸因於該地的海鮮市場。

  • We have 13 strains covering, uh, covering, uh, individuals, uh, in December.

    在 12 月有 13 種類型的個案,

  • Some of them are from the markets or into the market.


  • Some of them are nothing to the market, though this is something we found as part of, uh, our mission.


  • That many variations so early on could suggest the virus had been circulating for some time, some analysts told CNN.

    一些分析師告訴 CNN,這麼早的多種變異可能表明該病毒已經傳播了一段時間了。

  • Although precise timing is still unclear, their work heavily scrutinized, tense in frustrating conditions.


  • Ten Second Trivia!

    10 秒問答!

  • From what country did Iceland achieve its independence in 1944.

    1944 年,冰島從哪個國家獲得獨立?

  • Greenland, Norway, Germany, or Denmark?


  • In 1944, Iceland achieved its independence from Denmark while that country was occupied by Germany.

    1944 年,冰島在丹麥被德國佔領時從該國獲得了獨立,

  • Tourism is a major industry in Iceland.


  • It's one of the main reasons why its economy was charting steady growth before the coronavirus pandemic spread around the world last year.


  • The winter nights are long in this European country, but that and its position in the North Atlantic can give visitors a spectacular view of the northern lights.


  • They're often visible from September through March.

    從 9 月到 3 月經常可以看得到。

  • There are some travel restrictions in place there, from COVID testing to a mandatory quarantine.


  • But we can take you on a virtual trip to Iceland right now.


  • Here's CNN 10 contributor.

    接下來是 CNN 10 撰稿人 Chris James。

  • Hey, Carl. as you know, I live in New York City, and because of the city's bright lights, very often it's hard for me to look up in the sky at night and see stars.


  • But for today's virtual field trip, I want to take you to a location where the sky is lit up with incredible colors at night, not by artificial sources like here in New York, but instead by Mother Nature herself.


  • Welcome to the country of Iceland.


  • This is one of the best places on planet Earth to check out the aurora borealis, better known to most people as the northern lights.


  • I don't think there are many other natural spectacles in the world that can match up to the magnificence of the northern lights.


  • Seeing this up close and personal has been called quote "a pinnacle life experience" for the people who are lucky enough to check it out.


  • And right now we are in the window of peak viewing time for people to see the northern lights in Iceland, which runs from the months of October to March.

    而現在我們正處於人們觀賞北極光的高峰期,時間為 10 月到 3 月。

  • There are actually forecasts online that predict the best visibility for the lights on the Icelandic national weather website.


  • When the forecast is strong, all you have to do is drive or take a bus, to a dark area and look up.


  • The phenomenon is caused by solar winds, which push electronic particles to collide with molecules of atmospheric gasses that cause an emission of bright light.


  • Green, blue, and even red colors can be seen.


  • One of the best spots to check out this natural light show is that the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon on the southeast coast of Iceland, about 250 kilometers from Reykjavik.

    觀看自然光源的最佳景點之一是冰島東南海岸的傑古沙龍冰河湖,距雷克雅維克約 250 公里。

  • The iceberg filled lagoon manages to reflect the lights in an incredibly beautiful way.


  • Look at this, making for the perfect spot to sit back and watch this breathtaking force of nature.


  • If you happen to go, make sure you check out the forecast.


  • The lights are brightest on a clear and cold night.


  • 10 Out Of 10.


  • Is it possible to spend 5 million dollars caring for a dog?

    花 500 萬照顧一隻狗可能嗎?

  • One woman is about to find out.


  • This is Lulu.

    這是 Lulu。

  • She's an eight-year-old border collie whose owner recently died.


  • He left a family friend in charge of the dog, and his will set aside a sum of 5 million dollars to help care for Lulu

    他把狗留給了一個朋友負責,他的遺囑中撥出了一筆 500 萬美元來幫助照顧 Lulu。

  • The animal's new caretaker says she doesn't really know what to make of all this, but that she's willing to try to spend the money for Lulu.

    這個動物的新照護人說,她真的不知道該如何看待這一切,但她願意嘗試為 Lulu 花這筆錢。

  • Well, the money has gone to the dog, and we don't know what Lulu is gonna do when she gets her paws on all that.

    錢已經給了狗,我們不知道 Lulu 拿到錢後會做什麼,

  • Maybe her dreams border on "colloraing" her own sheep to herd.


  • Maybe she's ready to trade the rough life to embark on something new.


  • One thing you can make no bones about.


  • That inheritance has just made Lulu a Slumdog Millionaire.

    這筆遺產剛剛讓 Lulu 成為貧民百萬富翁。

  • Stadium High school, we see you watching in Tacoma, Washington, and we thank you for subscribing to our YouTube channel.

    Stadium 高中,我們看到你在華盛頓州塔科馬市觀看,感謝你們訂閱我們的 YouTube 頻道。

  • That's one of at least ten things we love about you.


  • I'm Carl Azus for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的 Carl Azus。

Great to have you watching CNN 10 again.

歡迎再次收看 CNN 10。

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