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  • welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10.

    歡迎觀看Mojo, 今天我們倒計時 我們的選擇為前10名。

  • Craziest music, love triangles.


  • You all had the same size.


  • We usedto kind of Nick each others clothes a lot.


  • No matter what it takes.


  • We're gonna keep Fleetwood Mac together, and our breaking up is not going to break up.


  • To spend for this list will be ranking noteworthy romantic relationships in the music industry that involved three or more people will be using the term love triangle loosely to include a variety of Messi intra and inter band relationships.


  • What's your favorite bit of music drama sound off in the comments?


  • Number 10.


  • David Crosby, Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash.


  • I apologize for all of us musicians.


  • We do hog the girls full disclosure.


  • We're going to be discussing a lot of classic rock relationships for this list, with many of our entries here being firmly ensconced within that period of free love and sexual freedom.


  • E case in point.


  • The relatively easy going affairs folk icon Joni Mitchell had with CNS why members David Crosby and Graham Nash Mitchell met Crosby not long after the latter left the formative psychedelic rockers the birds, and the pair were an item briefly prior to the formation of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

    民謠偶像Joni Mitchell與CNS的關係相對輕鬆,為什麼成員David Crosby和Graham Nash Mitchell在Crosby離開迷幻搖滾樂隊the birds不久後就認識了Crosby,兩人在Crosby, Stills and Nash成立之前曾短暫地成為一個項目。

  • No, don't give yourself.


  • Mitchell would date Crosby's band mate Graham Nash for a significantly longer period of time, with both pending songs about each other and the time they spent living under the same roof.


  • Not a lot of jealousy between the guys.


  • It seems if you're gonna be in a relationship with somebody, you cannot lie to them.


  • You blew the trust number nine Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and Billy Corgan, who said the nineties were all about feeling alienated and disaffected.


  • Let's bring Want to the love that bloomed in the grunge scene between whole songwriter Courtney Love and Nirvana's Kurt Cobain has been well documented, but perhaps less known is Loves Boyfriend.

    讓我們把Want帶到整首歌曲作者Courtney Love和Nirvana的Kurt Cobain之間在grunge場景中綻放的愛情已經有了很好的記錄,但也許鮮為人知的是Loves Boyfriend。

  • Prior to hooking up with the future musical icon, Love had actually been dating Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan for a time.

    在與這位未來的音樂偶像勾搭上之前,Love其實曾經和Smashing Pumpkins的前鋒Billy Corgan約會過一段時間。

  • Yes, some sources even say Kourtney met Kurt for the first time after a pumpkin show, but the details of their first meeting are fuzzy.


  • Look at my mhm.


  • Corgan reportedly didn't take to being dumped very well, however, and even allegedly turned down some high profile touring opportunities in order to lick his emotional wounds and avoid the new happy Couple Number eight, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane.

    不過,據說Corgan對被甩並不感冒,甚至據說為了舔舐自己的感情傷口,避開新歡八號情侶Grace Slick和Jefferson Airplane,拒絕了一些高規格的巡演機會。

  • Some bands fight, others make love.


  • Jefferson Airplane did both their co lead singers, Marty Balin and Grace Slick never quite got along with the former, once declaring quote Whoever Slept With Grace had the power in the band Chasing Your Rabbits on E.

    傑斐遜飛機做了他們的兩位聯合主唱,馬蒂-巴林和格蕾絲-斯利克從來沒有和前者完全相處過,曾經宣稱報價誰和格蕾絲睡在一起誰就有力量,在E上的Chasing Your Rabbits樂隊。

  • No Grace, for her part, embraced the open sexual politics of the 19 sixties with a vengeance and had relationships with the band's drummer, Spencer Dryden, and bassist Jack Cassidy.

    No Grace則狠狠地擁抱了1960年代的開放性政治,並與樂隊的鼓手Spencer Dryden和貝斯手Jack Cassidy發生了關係。

  • Eventually, Slick would have a child with airplane guitarist Paul Kantner, China, and go on to work with various X band members with offshoot projects like Starship and Jefferson Starship, All the while remaining a counterculture icon and fashion plate number seven.

    最終,Slick會與飛機吉他手Paul Kantner生下一個孩子,中國,並繼續與X樂隊的不同成員合作,推出星際飛船和傑弗遜星際飛船等分支項目,同時仍然是反文化偶像和時尚七號牌。

  • Joey Ramone, Linda Danielle and Johnny Ramone.


  • We're going to keep the aggro going for our next entry, this time turning to a punk rock meeting of the Hearts and Fists Fist tonight.


  • Merry Christmas, I don't wanna Fight Tonight.


  • A fight was what allegedly broke out between Ramones members Joey and Johnny after the former's girlfriend, Linda Danielle left him for Johnny.


  • There was definite bad blood between the Ramones members, although Johnny and Danielle did go on to get married and stay that way until his death in 2000 and four.


  • Joey, for his part, reportedly lost the fight.


  • But when the war, as the spat ended up fueling his lyrics toe one of the Ramones best songs, The Cake took My baby away.


  • Number six.


  • Todd Rundgren, Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler, classic rockers and Playboy playmates air to great things that go great together.

    Todd Rundgren、Bebe Buell和Steven Tyler,經典的搖滾樂手和花花公子的玩伴們一起向偉大的事情進發。

  • Or perhaps not so great if you're worried about paternity issues.


  • I've been involved in music from a very early age.


  • It's an addiction.


  • Some people like drugs.


  • I'm a vinyl junkie.


  • Bebe Buell spent much of her romantic life in the company of musicians, most notably with Prague and Psych pioneered Todd Rundgren Way.

    Bebe Buell的浪漫生活大部分時間都是在音樂人的陪伴下度過的,其中最著名的是布拉格和Psych的先驅Todd Rundgren Way。

  • However, Buell was also involved with other famous musicians such as David Bowie, Jimmy Page and Steven Tyler.


  • Send a man.


  • It was during a brief fling with Tyler when her daughter live was born.


  • But early on, Buell and Rundgren actually raised the girl is their own due to Tyler's continuing battles with substance abuse.


  • It wasn't until years later, when the truth finally surfaced and Liv Rundgren became the Liv Tyler we know and love today.


  • Number five.


  • Brian Jones, Anita Palin, Berg and Keith Richards.


  • The Rolling Stones are no strangers to love triangles such as the one between Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful and Keith Richards, but we're going to be discussing a different one for our next century.


  • E don't worry.


  • Good old Keith is still involved.


  • Onley.


  • This time it's with Stones founder Brian Jones and actress model Anita Palin.


  • Berg, Brian and Anita were a hot ticket for a time, but Jones is escalating.


  • Drug dependency and increasingly erratic behavior pushed Palin Berg into the arms of Richards.


  • The pair had three Children together and remain friends, but ultimately parted ways as a romantic couple.


  • You all have the same size.


  • We usedto kind of Nick each others clothes a lot.


  • Number four.


  • The Mamas and the Papas.


  • The Mamas and the Papas were a vocal group of beautiful and talented people with a lot of drama.


  • Thiers, the split of married couple John and Michelle Phillips and the latter subsequent affair with band mate Denny Doherty.


  • There's Mama CASS is unrequited love for dirty.


  • And then there's also the new Mamas and the Papas.


  • A lineup, a variant of the group that John Phillips put together with his daughter, McKenzie.


  • Reports of in Propriety have dogged the singer for years.


  • It's the sort of convoluted mess that could have only been birthed in the late sixties and seventies.


  • Number three.


  • Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Can't we all just get Along?

    湯米-李、帕梅拉-安德森和基德-洛克 我們就不能和睦相處嗎?

  • If you're asking this question to Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, then the answer is definitely no rock.


  • And Anderson had the same sort of hot and heavy marriage the former Baywatch actress had with Tommy Lee, although the coupling did result in two Children.


  • Lee and Anderson reportedly kept seeing each other on and off after splitting up, and this did not go over well when she had Rock divorced in 2000 and six, Thiebaud would've boss, singer and Motley Crue drummer came to blows at the VMAs a year later in a display that felt more like a schoolyard spat than anything resembling rock n roll debauchery.

    據報道,李和安德森在分手後一直在見面,這並不順利,當她在2000年與洛克離婚時,六,Thiebaud會有老闆,歌手和Motley Crue鼓手在一年後的VMAs上發生了衝突,在一次展示中,感覺更像是一個校園的爭吵,而不是任何類似搖滾樂的放蕩。

  • Number two.


  • Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood.


  • No matter what it takes, we're going to keep Fleetwood Mac together and our breaking up is not gonna break up to spend.


  • It's one of the most high profile splits in classic rock history, a true tale of romantic entanglement and drama Bleeding out onto the stage.


  • Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were romantically linked folk rock duo prior to joining the ranks of British blues legends Fleetwood Mac in 1975.

    Lindsey Buckingham和Stevie Nicks在1975年加入英國藍調傳奇樂隊Fleetwood Mac的行列之前,是一對浪漫的民謠搖滾組合。

  • The band already featured another married couple in the form of John and Christine McVie.

    樂隊中已經有了另一對已婚夫婦John和Christine McVie。

  • But it wasn't long before both that couple and Buckingham Nicks went their separate ways.


  • Theun During the tour cycle for the band's classic album Rumors, Knicks began an affair with the married Mick Fleetwood, adding more fuel to the fire of Max Stranger than fiction, Story of love, loss and music Because, really, the band meant everything, and the band was way more important than each separate persons problems.

    Theun在樂隊經典專輯《流言》的巡演週期中,尼克斯與已婚的米克-弗利特伍德開始了一段戀情,為《Max Stranger》的火爆增添了更多的火藥味,比小說中的愛情、失落和音樂的故事,因為,真的,樂隊意味著一切,樂隊比每一個獨立的人的問題更重要。

  • Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Josh Hami, Brody Doll and Tim Armstrong.


  • Punk rock couple splits doll heads for the Stone Age Theo Poison between Richie Kassian and Ricky Rocket.


  • Note to self when joining a new band, Don't sleep with your drummer's girlfriend.


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  • What's up?


  • You know, sexy Devon.


  • It's on my lips.


  • Number one.


  • George Harrison, Patti Boyd and Eric Clapton.


  • It's one of the most famous classic rock songs of all time, a lovelorn owed to the wife of a good friend.


  • It and Leila was written by guitar legend Eric Clapton while he was playing with Derek and the Dominos.

    It and Leila是由吉他傳奇人物Eric Clapton在與Derek和Dominos樂隊一起演出時寫的。

  • A plea to Patti Boyd, then wife of another musical icon, George Harrison.


  • I'm singing way.


  • Truth be told, the Beatles guitarist and his wife were going through a rough patch, and the song was a perfect way for Clapton to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.


  • He really wanted me to come away with him, although it was most insistent that I was still married to George, so it was really difficult.


  • Layla did its job, and Clapton would also be inspired by Boyd for the track.


  • Wonderful Tonight, although the couple would eventually divorced by the late eighties E the oh, do you agree with our picks?


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welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10.

歡迎觀看Mojo, 今天我們倒計時 我們的選擇為前10名。


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