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  • hey guys hope you're all doing awesome sofigured since i have the second channel that's  


  • in general not about japan i would use it so i can  let you guys get to know a little bit more about  


  • me so i asked on twitter if there's anything sorry  about the noise in the background that's tomorrow  


  • being a little bastard um i asked you guys on  twitter if there's anything that you wanted  


  • to ask me so i've got lots of questions  from you thank you so much for replying  


  • to me uh yeah let's get started okay number one  what food that is not available in japan do you  

    對我的 回复。 讓我們開始吧,好吧,第一,日本沒有什麼食物,您

  • miss the most um gosh probably breakfast  cereal i really miss breakfast cereal um  

    最想念早餐穀物 嗎, 我真的很想念早餐穀物

  • not like any kind in particular but ifcould choose i would probably choose special  


  • cakes that was always my favorite just really  simple um yes breakfast cereal what do you miss  

    蛋糕我最喜歡的只是非常簡單的嗯是早餐麥片 維多利亞最

  • most about victoria excluding friends and  family um hmm what do i miss most about victoria  

    想念的是什麼,不 包括朋友和家人嗯嗯,關於維多利亞我最想念的是什麼?

  • that's a good question probably oh i know the bike  path we have a really really nice bike path called  


  • the galloping goose trail in victoria and it's  just awesome i love bike riding and it's cool  

    道路在維多利亞州 稱為 疾馳的鵝步道,這太棒了,我喜歡騎自行車,而且很酷

  • to not have like cars in your way i hate riding  bikes on the road so yeah i miss that really nice  


  • bike path i don't really have anything like that  around where i live in japan so that's too bad  


  • what three countries in the world would you most  want to visit um hungary the netherlands and oh  


  • god i gotta choose a third one i've never really  thought of a third one i really just want to visit  


  • those two because i am my family is from there um  a third country oh gosh i think i would like to  


  • visit sweden because i have friends there sandra  i miss you i like this one do you have your toilet  


  • paper hang inward or outward when you have it on  the roller thingy um definitely outward because in  

    向內或向外懸掛 嗎? 當您將其放在滾筒上時,肯定是向外,因為在

  • japan they have these um toilet paper holders  that look like this they're made out of metal  


  • and then you have your toilet paper here and it  hangs like this and then you can like cut it off  


  • so if you put it inward it wouldn't cut properly  so yes definitely outward and people that put it  


  • inward like frustrate the hell out of me maro  come here come here you want to be in the video


  • mango says hi as you choose on my finger say  hi such a friendly cat what did you dream to  

    芒果打招呼,就像你選擇我的手指時說的那樣,打招呼貓 你10歲的時候 夢想 成為

  • be when you were 10 years old oh i really wanted  to be a secretary ooh so that sounded exciting  

    什麼樣的 哦,我真的很想成為秘書哦,這聽起來很令人興奮,

  • um it's because my mom used to be a secretary and  i used to go with her to work sometimes and she'd  


  • let me type on her typewriter like not a computer  like an old typewriter and it was so much fun so i  


  • always wanted to be a secretary if you weren't in  japan what would you be doing um god that's a good  

    一直想當秘書,如果你不在日本,你會怎麼做呢,天哪,這是 我有時想到 的一個好

  • question sometimes i think about that and i like  honestly i have no idea but i'd probably be doing  


  • something similar to what i was doing beforecame to japan which was touring japanese students  

    一些類似於我來日本之前 所做的 事情,那是

  • around my city and teaching them english andalso worked at a japanese grocery store so it's  

    在我的城市 巡迴日本學生 並教他們英語,我也曾在一家日本雜貨店工作過,所以它

  • like not really that different i would still be  working with japanese people probably just because  

    就像 不是真的那麼不同我仍然會與日本人的工作可能只是因為

  • being able to speak japanese is like my biggest  skill and i really enjoyed doing that so  


  • yeah i would probably still be doing that how  did you and mimei meet uh we met on youtube  

    是的,我很可能仍然這樣做,你和mimei如何滿足呃,我們 在評論中

  • in the comments um god when was the first time  we met i can't even remember i think it was  

    遇到了YouTube上的 UM神時這是我們第一次見面,我什至不記得我當時是

  • when we filmed the recycle store video is that  the first time me may correct me if i'm wrong  


  • um but yeah she was super sweet her channel was  always way bigger than mine and she was so nice  

    但是,是的,她太棒了,她的頻道總是很大比我的 要好,當我剛開始博客時

  • to me when i was first starting out vlogging and  i was so excited to meet her and yeah she's just  

    ,她 對我 很好 ,我很高興見到她,是的,她是

  • the sweetest person ever so thank you mimei for  being awesome can you play any instruments yes i  


  • well i could i used to be able to play piano and  saxophone i played piano for probably like seven  

    可以,我可以曾經能夠彈鋼琴和薩克斯管,我彈鋼琴大概有七年的 時間,或者我很小的時候就開始

  • years or something i started when i was really  young and saxophone i started in junior high  

    彈鋼琴,薩克斯 管是我從初中開始的, 直到高中 時才

  • school and i played it all through high school  and i was in a jazz band and we'd like travel  

    彈奏,當時我在一支爵士樂隊中,我們想 在PL周圍 旅行

  • around places and do competitions and that's why  i went to cuba and one of the questions is asking  

    參加ace和做比賽,這就是為什麼我去古巴,問題之一是問 我關於古巴

  • me about cuba so i got to get to that one next  but yeah so alto sax baritone socks and piano  

    的問題, 所以我接下來要去那兒,但是是的,所以中音薩克斯男中音襪子和鋼琴

  • oh here it is how was your trip to havana i would  like to know about what you think of my city and  


  • the places you visited okay honestly i have no  idea where we visited i was just with my high  

    去過的地方的 看法, 老實說,我不知道我們去過的地方,我只是在

  • school and we were in a bus and they were like  taking us around everywhere i don't know where  

    讀高中的時候,我們在公交車上,他們就像帶我們到處逛逛,我不在 我 知道

  • i went but we stayed in this awesome resort  hotel right on the beach and it was just so  

    我去 哪裡 了,但是我們住在這家很棒的度假酒店,就在海灘上,它是如此

  • beautiful and i really liked how i don't knowjust really liked how the city looked i don't know  


  • if you guys have ever seen pictures of cuba let  me put some random pictures from google up here  


  • but it's just really colorful the houses are  colorful the cars are really old and awesome  


  • the people were super friendly there were lots of  people like selling handmade goods on the street  


  • and playing instruments and yeah it was just  a really cool atmosphere everyone like dancing  

    和演奏樂器是的,那真的很酷每個人都喜歡 晚上 跳舞的氣氛

  • at night time we would get together and  have like dance parties outside our hotel  


  • and yeah it was great i i really like cuba  and i would love to go back and visit again  


  • favorite beauty guru on youtube right now  i'm in love with glem and gore you guys  

    YouTube上最喜歡的美女大師,我愛上了我 如果您沒看過她的頻道,可能要

  • have to check her out if you haven't seen  her channel before i just found it probably  

    面對一個尷尬和血腥的傢伙 ,直到我大概 一個月前

  • maybe a little over a month ago but her channel is  growing like crazy since i subscribed to her like  

    才發現它, 但是她的頻道卻變得瘋狂起來,因為我訂閱了她,就像

  • i can't believe how fast she's growing well  actually i can because she's super cool super  


  • gorgeous talented funny really sweet girl  you have to check out her channel what is  


  • your favorite type of movie sci-fi fantasy etc  uh horror definitely horror actually i like only  

    您最喜歡的科幻電影類型是 什麼 ,恐怖片,恐怖片,實際上我只喜歡

  • watch horror movies um sometimes i like to watchgood drama or something like that but in general i  


  • only have like cravings to watch horror movies and  i've basically watched them all so i'm always like  


  • out of movies to watch so if you guys can  recommend me some like genuinely scary horror  


  • movies i would be so happy i already know you love  pancakes but i want to know what is your top three  


  • most disliked foods um most dislike  foods i really don't like raw tomatoes um  

    最不喜歡的 三種 食物 是什麼? 最討厭的食物是什麼,我真的不喜歡生西紅柿,

  • i don't really like meat i don't like big chunks  of meat it just grosses me out cilantro i cannot  

    我不喜歡吃肉我不喜歡吃大塊的肉,這只 會讓我很討厭

  • eat cilantro at all i cannot stand it do you  have any fears or phobias um i hate planes i  

    香菜,我根本不能 吃香菜,我受不了了嗎?您是否有任何恐懼或恐懼症?我討厭飛機,我

  • hate flying in planes like i every time i get  on a plane i think i'm gonna die so when i get  


  • off i'm always like i feel like i have a second  chance at life so i think it's kind of like good  


  • because i always like kind of reevaluate my life  every time i take a plane um and i hate spiders  


  • like i would never kill them but i am so terrified  of them if i have a spider in my house i can't  


  • go to sleep until i catch it and put it outside  luckily i have a cat now so he can do that for me  

    直到我抓到它並幸運地把它放到外面之前我 無法

  • um luckily he just finds bugs and plays with them  he doesn't kill them so i always know when there's  


  • a bug in the room and then i can go capture it  put it outside would you rather eat maple syrup  


  • every day or never eat it again actually i do not  like real maple syrup i only like cheap crap like  

    廁所中 是否 有bug m然後我可以去捕捉它放在外面,你是寧願

  • jebima or like cake syrup they call it in japan  so never eat it again i would be fine with that  

    天天 吃楓糖漿, 還是從不再吃呢?實際上,我不喜歡真正的楓糖漿,我只喜歡便宜的廢話,比如

  • favorite video game animal crossing or final  fantasy eight or nine or ten no eight or nine  

    jebima或蛋糕糖漿,他們在日本稱之為“ 永遠不要吃”。 再吃一次,我會 喜歡

  • those were good favorite american youtuber kalellove her she's so cute and she's fun to listen to  

    那個 最喜歡的視頻遊戲《動物穿越》或《最終幻想》,八,九,十,十,八,九,

  • i really like her personality favorite breed  of cat do you like fat cats or skinny cats  


  • um i don't have a preference as for weight  with my cats but my favorite breed of cat  

    我很喜歡 聽 她的個性我最喜歡的貓是肥貓還是瘦貓, 嗯,我對貓的體重沒有偏好,但是我最喜歡的貓

  • is american okay i have three that i really like  american short hair uh scottish fold and russian  

    是美國 貓, 我有三個,我真的很喜歡美國短髮,蘇格蘭折耳 貓 和俄羅斯 貓

  • blue those are my three all-time favorites and my  cat back in canada is an american short hair motto  


  • yay oh there he goes ah i tried mano mara's a  scottish fold but um honestly i like any kinds  

    噢,他走了啊,我嘗試過瑪諾瑪拉(Mano mara)是蘇格蘭折耳 貓, 但老實說,我喜歡任何種類

  • of cats i usually don't i'm not really into  long-haired cats but mario's a long hair but  

    的貓,我通常不喜歡我不是真的喜歡長毛貓,而是馬 我 長發,但

  • i for some reason i really like these uh silver  tabby long hairs i think they look really pretty  


  • celebrity crushes um there aren't too  many celebrities that i'm really into  

    吸引 名人,我沒有太多的名人,我真的很喜歡

  • g-dragon is my ultimate favorite asano  is really cool and a really cool guy  


  • um honestly those are the only two that i'm really  interested in at all what kind of computer camera  

    嗯,老實說,那是我真正感興趣的僅有的兩個, 您使用 哪種計算機攝像頭

  • and other equipment you use for making your  videos i have a macbook from like 2012 it's  


  • getting kind of old now but it's great i love it  and i use a sony alpha 5 next i think it's called  

    ,現在已經 有些 陳舊了,但是太好了,我喜歡它,然後我使用了索尼Alpha 5,我認為這是

  • for my camera and what other equipment do i use  i have two lights here that i bought recently  

    我的相機所需要的,我使用的是其他什麼設備,我在這裡最近買了兩盞燈 ,這些 燈

  • and these are nice just from amazon cheap  like 100 bucks or something for two of them  


  • no 200 bucks i think they're 100 each  and i use final cut pro for editing  

    沒有200塊錢,我認為他們每個100塊,我使用Final Cut Pro進行編輯

  • that's about it what do you like to do in your  spare time besides youtube any hobbies drawing  

    ,就是這樣,除了youtube上的任何愛好繪畫 寫作

  • writing etc i used to have lots of hobbies  like when i used to have time in canada  

    之外,您還喜歡在業餘時間做什麼, 我曾經有很多愛好,例如何時我以前在加拿大有時間,

  • um but here i don't really have hobbies i guess my  hobby is playing with maro looks whenever i have  

    但是在這裡我真的沒有興趣,我想我的業餘愛好是在有 閒暇時間 和馬魯

  • free time i'm playing with him because he's  a psycho and he likes to play constantly um  

    一起玩,因為他是一個心理醫生, 如果我有時間 ,他喜歡不斷地玩,

  • if i did have time i would be playing video games  again because i really missed that and i really  


  • like drawing as well on the computer and i guess  that's about it yeah i'm probably studying i like  

    喜歡在計算機上畫圖, 所以我想大概 就是這樣,是的,我可能正在學習,我喜歡

  • studying languages so i would probably be working  on my korean which i should be doing but i'm not  


  • are you still learning html or other web  development language um no i studied html  


  • in high school and i was doing it a bit for my  other job that i was doing before but i quit  

    在高中 學習過html ,我為我以前做過的其他工作做了一些工作,但我辭職了

  • there so i'm no longer working on that i really  like it though that would be cool to study again  


  • do you sometimes miss canada no like i don't  miss canada at all i miss the people and my pet  


  • chanel and the food but i don't really miss like  the place at all if that makes sense i don't know  


  • i feel more comfortable in japan so i'm never  like uh i wish i was back in canada but i i do  


  • miss the people and my pets a lot what are three  of your guiltiest pleasures uh guilty pleasures  

    我 確實非常 想念人們和我的寵物,您最有罪惡的三種樂趣

  • what are my guilty pleasures eating pancakes um  watching america's next top model and collecting  

    是什麼?內的愉悅感是吃煎餅的最內的 愉悅感 ,是看著美國的下一個頂級模特,收集

  • stuffed animals does that count i have a stuffed  animal obsession oh let me show you my new one  

    毛絨動物,那算我有毛絨動物 嗎? 痴迷哦,讓我告訴我我的新

  • i think his name is gelatoni he's a disney  character i'm not into disney at all but they  


  • have a couple cute cat characters so he is one of  them okay i'm gonna go to facebook because i think  


  • there were a couple questions on there i don't  really like facebook very much so i appreciate  


  • it when you guys like tweet me and stuff becausedon't have time to reply to all of my social media  

    當你們喜歡發推特和我的東西時 ,我非常感激 ,因為我沒有時間回复我所有的社交媒體,

  • and i usually focus on twitter so if you ever  want to chat with me come to my twitter what  


  • made you want to pick up the camera and start  making videos uh well my university wanted me  

    讓您想拿起相機並開始製作視頻?嗯, 當我在日本寫博客時,

  • to start a blog while i was in japan a written  blog and i really suck at writing so i figured  

    我的大學希望我 開一個博客,我真的很喜歡寫了這麼我想

  • that making spoken videos would be a lot easier  for me so that's what got me into it and what  

    , 做口語視頻對我來說要容易

  • kept me into it was i found that it was a really  great place to practice my japanese and once i  

    得多,所以讓我著迷的 地方是讓我 著迷的 地方,因為我發現這是練習日語的絕佳場所,一旦我

  • stopped vlogging in japanese i really started to  enjoy sharing japan with english speakers so yeah  


  • it's just been really fun but yeah it started  out because my university wanted me to start a  


  • blog about my experience living in japan because  i was part of an exchange through my university  

    關於我在日本的生活 的 博客,因為 如果你只剩下一種食​​物的話,

  • if you had to eat only one food for the rest of  your life what would it be um one of my favorite  

    我是我通過大學交流的一部分 在您的一生中,我最喜歡

  • foods to eat is pancakes but i definitely  wouldn't want to eat only pancakes for the  

    吃的食物 之一 是煎餅,但是我絕對不想在

  • rest of my life because i don't feel very healthy  after i eat though i would probably want to eat  

    餘生中 只吃煎餅, 因為儘管吃完後我可能不會很健康,吃

  • can it be like two ingredients um i would  probably want to eat like pan fried tofu  

    它可以像兩種成分嗯我可能會想喜歡吃 西蘭花

  • with broccoli and garlic three ingredients  garlic you need some garlic in there  

    煎豆腐 ,大蒜三種成分蒜你需要有一些大蒜

  • uh cause those are like my favorite  things ever i love garlic and tofu and  


  • broccoli yeah i would easily gladly eat that  for the rest of my life all right guys well i  


  • think that's it i hope you got to know me  a little better and i'll probably do more  

    想那是我希望您對我有所了解 ,如果您願意的話 ,我可能會做更多

  • of these q a videos if you like them feel free  to leave any more questions that you have down  

    這樣的質量檢查視頻,如果您願意的話,請留下更多問題如果您 拍攝

  • below and then i'll use them for another video  if i film one and yeah thanks for watching bye

    了 下面的影片,然後我將它們用於另一段視頻,如果我拍攝了一部影片,是的,感謝您收看再見

hey guys hope you're all doing awesome sofigured since i have the second channel that's  



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