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  • Hello everyone!

  • Welcome to Idiom 100, where we learn 100 commonly used idioms by native English speakers.

  • All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you,

  • but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

  • Is everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Hello everyone!

  • Today's idiom is: give you a lift.

  • Give you a lift.

  • Alright, so let's imagine this idiom.

  • So, lift means to pick up.

  • So, if you give someone a lift, are you picking them up, lifting them?

  • Well, we can imagine this in our head as we listen to the examples, okay?

  • The first example:

  • Can I give you a lift to the airport this weekend?

  • Thank you, but I already bought tickets for the Narita express, so it's okay!

  • Ah, okay, so he offered to take him to the airport, but he didn't need a ride.

  • He was going to take the train, okay?

  • Let's listen to the second example.

  • Hey, can you give me a lift to the train station?

  • Sure, it's on the way!

  • Alright, so he asked for a ride to the train station.

  • Okay, so to 'give a lift' means to give a ride, usually in a car, maybe on a motor cycle, okay?

  • So give a lift means give someone a ride and usually it's a short distance or in the direction you're already going.

  • So, it's very casual, not a big offer, not going to be a 2 hour ride, maybe 20 minutes or 10 minutes.

  • Okay, so it's a very casual way to ask for a ride.

  • Okay, so let's try using 'give you a lift' next time you want to offer or ask for a short ride from your friend.

  • Can you give me a lift to the grocery store?

  • Alright, so let's try to use this again soon.

  • See you later! Bye!

Hello everyone!


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