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  • under an hour by train from the major cities of Osaka and Kyoto, not a prefecture, was where the early Empress of Japan established their capitals and can be considered to be where Japanese civilization began.


  • The prefecture contains many of Japan's oldest tombs, shrines and temples, a swell as a number of sacred mountains and their accompanying towns.


  • My name is Raina on staff writer for Japan guide dot com, and in this video will be going on an overnight trip to a sacred mountain.


  • Getting a look at a couple of fish is unique to the prefecture and visiting a historic and quaint merchant town.


  • So follow along as we go in an overnight trip to Mount Yoshino and the traditional town of Emiko Day one, our trip begins at the King did Osaka Abba Nobody station.

    那麼跟著我們一起去吉野山和傳統小鎮惠美子過夜吧 第一天,我們的行程從京做大阪阿波無人站開始。

  • We will board the Blue Symphony Limited Express train, which will take us to Yoshino station.


  • From there, we take the rope way up to the bus stop to take the bus to the start off our walk in the middle of the mountain.


  • We'll have lunch in the park along the way before getting to the town center on Mount Yoshino there will visit the shrine as well as learn more about the local specialties before ending the day at our accommodation for the night.


  • Operated by Kintetsu Railway, the Blue Symphony Limited Express train provides a comfortable ride between central Osaka and Mount Yoshino E.

    由近鐵營運的 "藍色交響樂 "特快列車,可以舒適地往返於大阪市中心和吉野山E之間。

  • In addition to enjoying the countryside scenery, passengers can also indulge in local food and drink on board the Blue Symphony and I ordered a tasting flight of Yoshino sake to kickstart my trip.

    除了欣賞鄉村風景,乘客還可以在 "藍色交響曲 "號上盡情品嚐當地的美食和飲料,我點了一杯吉野酒,開啟了我的旅程。

  • Mount Yoshino Alyoshin Oyama is one of the best places in Japan to see cherry blossoms in spring.


  • It is also a sacred mountain and an important center off mountain worship.


  • A number of walking trails criss cross the mountain and a popularly used during the cherry blossoms and autumn colors seasons by visitors to see the flora up close.


  • Upon arrival at Yoshino station, I pick up a sushi bento for lunch later before taking the bus to the start off my walk on the mountain This'll walk is relatively easy, taking about two hours at a leisurely pace and could be done by anyone with an average fitness level.

    抵達吉野站後,我先買了一份壽司便當作為午餐,然後再乘車去開始我的山路步行。 這條步行路線比較簡單,大約需要兩個小時,速度很輕鬆,一般體質的人都可以完成。

  • I walk from the bus stop down towards the Gorobei tire ruins where we'll stop for a break and lunch.


  • This relatively large park area office nice views off the small valley below, and it's a popular spot for visitors to take a breather and enjoy the surrounding scenery.


  • For lunch, I'll be having a casino houses, she Bento.


  • Nara is a landlocked prefecture, and before the invention of refrigerators and cooling appliances, fresh fish like salmon and mackerel from the coastal regions were typically cured in salt and then transported in Latin.


  • In the mountainous region of Southern Narrow where Yoshino is located, it was common to use persimmon leaves to wrap these protein rich, preserved fish together with vinegar rice to further prolong their shelf life.


  • Each piece of sushi is about one or two bites and eating.


  • Kakenya has a She's a simple as opening the leaf and eating the sushi in sight.


  • Please don't eat the leaf.


  • You can if you want to, but it might leave a bad taste.


  • LACMA's okay after lunch, it is time to continue my walk down through the town that stretches along the mountain slope.


  • This town is where Kimpo Zingy, one of the most important temples in the mountain worship.


  • Religion is located as well as other affiliated temples, and it developed over the centuries.


  • Catering to the pilgrims and tourists who visited I Visit Yoshimi is a shrine which has a celebrated view and an interesting past.

    為了滿足朝聖者和遊客的需求,"I Visit Yoshimi "是一座擁有著名景觀和有趣歷史的神社。

  • Yoshimi is a Shrine was originally a highly regarded temple abode for the priests off Kim Poussin Ji Temple.


  • It was converted to a shrine during the major period when Buddhism and Shinto was separated as a temple.


  • It accommodated several prominent historical figures over the century.


  • Three Most important are Minamata Use Internet, who sheltered there in the 12th century after fleeing from his brother, Emperor Go Diego, who used the temple as his palace for sometime during the 14th century, when Japan had to rivaling imperial courts.


  • And Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who hosted large scale cherry blossom viewing parties there in the 16th century.


  • Today, Yoshimi is a shrine is one of the sites in Yoshino that have bean designated UNESCO World Heritage.


  • Inside, visitors can see the oldest show in style architecture, a zealous several other treasures relating to the three important figures who stayed there.


  • This view behind me over here is the legendary Thomas, which means 1000 trees in one look now.


  • In spring, the cherry trees that grow on the mountainside turned the entire area pink, and it's beautiful from the shine.


  • I continue down the town things time passing mawr restaurants and souvenir shops.


  • One of the items that catches my eyes is the cozy ingredient that seems to be available at almost all food shops.


  • The ingredient is used to produce a variety of products, and I was curious to see what it was all about.


  • I had to knock.


  • I shampooed Oh ah, local cruise's specialist, and we're demonstration of preparing.


  • The ingredients can sometimes be seen from the shop window.


  • Kazu is Japanese era route, which grows in abundance.


  • In Japan, the starchy root is pounded mixed with water, and the mixture then dried, resulting in the fine white powder known as Hongkou Zoo.


  • It is said that 1 kg of kousa route only yields 100 g of han kousa powder.


  • Things fine.


  • White powder can then be combined again with water to create a gelatinous mixture, which is then used to make a variety of products like cousin noodles, inclusive sweets well simply mixed with sugar and water to make a viscous drink that is good for health.


  • This is like perfect food to eat when you're sick.


  • Mm.


  • My walk through the town ends when I arrived at my accommodation for the night.


  • The only things left to do today are to relax and have dinner before going to bed.


  • Just about to have dinner back in my accommodation.


  • And we have a wide variety of seasonal vegetables.


  • A swell a sesame tofu made with kazoo and cousin noodles in the hot pot.


  • Can't wait to start with humus.


  • Day two.


  • We take the rope way down the mountain to Yoshino Station from where we'll take the train to Yamato Yogi Station, transferring ones that Kasahara Jingu Maya Station.


  • It's about a 10 minute walk from the train station to the town of Image.


  • Oh, there will explore the former merchant town visit a Sokha Bury and the oldest residents in the town before heading home Z.


  • After breakfast, I take one of Japan's oldest rope ways, which started operations almost a century ago.


  • Back down to Yoshino Station at the foot of the mountain to catch the train to my next destination in My Joe has his roots first as a temple town, then flourished as a merchant town, and many of its inhabitants grew to be wealthy.


  • The historic preserved town contains a mix of residences in a number of historic and cultural properties, and the oldest one dates back to the mid 17th century.


  • Some of the buildings have been converted into community spaces and businesses, while some can only be viewed from the outside.


  • A small number can be entered for a fee as one walks through the narrow streets of image.


  • Oh, it is not difficult to be transported back to the past as old preserved buildings add to the historic atmosphere.


  • I start my exploration of mijo at the Kauai residents.


  • In sake brewery.


  • You can tell this is the sake brewery by the seat of balls that hang outside the house.


  • Now I'm gonna go inside and take a look and let's go.


  • The beautifully preserved, two story main building is from the mid 18th century.


  • An old sake.


  • Brewing tools are displayed in the residents, the brewery still remains in operation and visitors can buy soccer here.


  • Continuing my tour of in my job, I walked down one of the main street to the Imani she residents, which is the oldest preserved building in my job.


  • Constructed in 16 50 this large residents allows visitors to see the interior off the wealthy Imani she family who acted as the town's administrators.


  • Mm, yeah, mhm.


  • The Emanation family used to be the city's administrators, and I'm standing in their family home right now.


  • This huge space that you can see around me was used as a courtroom, a prison in a police station.


  • Let the snakes and I go to a restaurant house in a converted shophouse, a few doors down shophouses traditionally decorated and offers a nice, relaxed atmosphere for a meal or a break.


  • I order one of the lunch sets that has soba and casino has, is she?


  • After lunch, I check out the rest of the town, strolling down the narrow streets and enjoying the atmosphere of being in a quaint town before making my way back to Yamato Yagi station.


  • Slowly, mhm on.


  • That was our overnight trip to Yoshiyama in the traditional town of in my job.


  • Thanks for joining me E Hope.


  • This video has bean enjoyable and perhaps even inspire some ideas should you decide to plan an overnight trip in Japan for more information about this trip, or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now or head over to Japan.


  • Guy dot com Comprehensive up to date Travel guide for Stand from Japan Thanks for watching.

    蓋伊點點網 綜合最新的站從日本旅遊指南 感謝您的觀看。

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  • Happy Travels.


under an hour by train from the major cities of Osaka and Kyoto, not a prefecture, was where the early Empress of Japan established their capitals and can be considered to be where Japanese civilization began.



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