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  • good morning guys i am up super early this morning  because i'm about to hop on a bullet train down  


  • to tokyo i'm going to meet up with chris we were  invited by our mutual friend alex he's an american  


  • guy who owns a real estate company down in  tokyo and he has invited us to go on tours  

    擁有房地產 的美國人 東京的一家公司,他邀請我們去參觀

  • of some insane luxury apartments in tokyo anddon't know what you guys picture when you hear  

    東京的一些瘋狂的豪華公寓,當您聽到 豪華公寓

  • luxury apartment but the place that i'm going  to be doing a tour of costs 13 grand us dollars  

    時,我不知道你們的印象, 但是我要去遊覽的地方 每月 13美元的

  • per month to rent how insane is that i can't  even fathom what this place is gonna look like  

    租金,讓我什至無法理解這個地方的樣子,這簡直 太

  • i've been in japan about 15 years now probably  the max i've paid for an apartment is about 800  

    瘋狂了。我去 日本大約已有15年了,現在我可能花的最高房租是800

  • or so u.s so 13 grand i have no idea but i'm  really looking forward to it i hope you guys  


  • are too let's hop on a shinkansen  and meet up with chris and alex


  • so this is alex the owner of i home real estate  and what do you have for us today well i have a  

    所以亞歷克斯是我家庭房地產的所有者,您呢?今天對我們 有好處,我手裡

  • dog in my hand this is scotty hi scotty oh hello  and i actually have two amazing apartments for  

    有一隻 狗,這很好,很高興哦,您好,我實際上有兩個很棒的公寓對於 你們的 nts,

  • you guys you're never going to believe these  places where are we going first well first  


  • off we're going to be going over to amontesando  and check out a nice place over there all right  


  • after that we'll be going over to a very high  end part of shinjuku wonderful all right we've  


  • arrived at the apartment building it looks really  nice from the outside so let's go in and see what  


  • it looks like i'm impressed already it's a  nice door it's very nice if you take a look  


  • here here is the entrance oh my god yeah this is  just the entrance you come in over here this is  


  • the what is this walk-in closet all of your shoes  you could have like 500 pairs of shoes easily yes  


  • this is specifically for umbrellas so you can  hang them off of here and they even include  


  • a little drip pan so it goes right down there  to make sure you don't get anything wet so it  


  • shouldn't be it's already 20 times better than  my apartment honestly just just the gang gun and  


  • this little bit of hallway is probably the  size of my living room what is this place  


  • all right where are we going oh my god yeah yeah  then we'll get to that later get to that later now  

    好,我們要 走到 哪裡,哦,天啊,是的,那我們 先到

  • come on over here this is this is the kids room  yes there obviously was a kid in here and uh it is  

    那個,再到那個,以後 再過來,這是孩子們的房間,是的,顯然這裡有一個孩子,嗯,

  • plenty plenty of you know closet space in here yep  this is just for the kids remember that yeah and  


  • they got their own uh balcony over there as well  no way yeah look at that it's quite crazy that's a  

    他們在那邊有自己的陽台,也沒辦法,對,這是一個非常 不錯的陽台

  • nice balcony and it goes all the way down there it  goes all the way down to the other rooms as well  

    ,真是太瘋狂了。 沿著那條路一直到其他房間,

  • so again first of four bedrooms here is the second  largest bedroom again it's just a normal bedroom  


  • but you got the idea same kind of deal i like all  the greenery it's very nice yeah so this is a very  

    但是你得到了同樣的想法,我喜歡所有的綠色植物,這非常很好,是的,這是 東京的

  • green part of tokyo you have a lot of it's an old  part of tokyo a lot of uh nice trees and stuff  

    一個非常 綠色的部分,您有很多東西是東京的老地方,很多好樹和

  • windy roads hard to drive in a little bit but  uh it's still beautiful right this is the third  


  • bedroom right what are there so many bedrooms i'm  not sure if it sounds like this one you don't get  


  • the balcony on so uh this is i guess this is  good for the kid that you don't like too much  

    帶陽台的所以我想這對孩子來說是個好東西, 實際上 你不喜歡

  • actually i'm sorry five bedrooms i forgot  about this one sorry about that but they  


  • call this the maids bedroom yeah it is a man's  bedroom because it's the smallest bedroom and  


  • it's closest to the kitchen but of course  the me gets their own nice closets as well  


  • so yeah you finally get to the  master bedroom oh my god this is big  


  • this is the master bedroom and give me a second  i'll look up exactly what the size is for this one  


  • okay so the size for this one is 20 joe so  that would be 20 that's 20 tatami mats yes  

    好嗎,所以 這個房間 的大小是20喬,所以應該是20,即20張榻榻米,是的,

  • if you are unfamiliar with that measurement  system many rooms in japan are measured by  


  • how many tatami mats would fit in the room exactly  so one zatami mat is 1.82 square meters which  

    房間內將要放置多少張榻榻米墊 來衡量的, 因此一張zatami墊為1.82平方米,

  • comes out to 36 square meters 36. that's almost  the size of my entire apartment and they have  


  • their own bathroom yep you have your own answers  look at that yes it's called double vanities  


  • nice toilet and all that and you actually have  more closet space in here than most apartments  


  • entire apartments yes look at the bath this is  always my favorite part yeah it's nice it's very  


  • spacious yes what it doesn't have is a tv like  my bath it does not have a tv you're absolutely  

    寬敞,是的,沒有電視,就像我的浴缸一樣。沒有電視,您 對此 是絕對

  • right about that that is something that your  apartment has on this one i'm not sure one of  


  • the things that has on this but this is still  probably that's probably about it i didn't tell  

    的東西 之一, 但這可能仍然是關於此的,我沒有告訴

  • you what is this this is the walk-in closet  this is my closet this is a room this is the  


  • walk-in closet for the master bedroom oh my god  i would kill for this and i have actually seen  

    主臥室 的 步入式衣櫥。哦,天哪,我會為此殺了,我實際上已經

  • bedrooms in japan that are of similar size  oh my my first apartment was probably about  

    在日本 見過 類似大小的臥室哦,我的第一間公寓大概

  • that was the size of my kitchen and living room  so sounds about right yeah if we head over here  


  • there's one thing i want to show you a couple  things actually so i show you the master bath this  


  • is the other bath this is you know for the other  people again a double sink yes you have the double  


  • vanity sink over there you come through here  and you have the full size bath okay very nice  


  • if you live in a place like this where you have  five bedrooms you're gonna need one you're gonna  


  • need a lot of towels yes but what do you do with  all those towels once you've used them that's a  

    需要一個 很不錯的 很多毛巾是的,但是一旦使用完,您將如何使用所有這些毛巾呢?這是一個

  • very good question that's a good question you  come over here don't worry you have an entire  


  • room to do your laundry exactly you have your  laundry room right in here what yes with uh  

    房間都可以洗衣服,而您卻可以洗衣服是的, 這是 什麼,是的,

  • these are proper washing machines yeah these  are proper washers do they dry the clothes yes  


  • they do no way yes i do if you're unaware most  apartments in japan have a washing machine but  

    嗎, 是的, 他們沒有辦法,是的,如果您不知道日本的大多數公寓有洗衣機,但

  • not a dryer so to see a proper machine like this  that also has a dryer setting i'm so jealous  

    沒有烘乾機, 我該怎麼辦? 看到像這樣的合適機器,也有烘乾機設置,我很嫉妒

  • and they have two of them and that was only the  bedrooms we've only seen the bedrooms so far yeah  


  • just the bedrooms and the bathrooms now here's the  other thing so in japan uh most places only have  


  • one bathroom for the entire house and that's not  even just for apartments that's for full houses  


  • as well yeah they might have multiple toilets  but when it comes to having multiple bathrooms  


  • that is unheard of this place you just saw the  first two bathrooms there's some more there's no  

    這個地方聞所未聞的 多個浴室時 ,您只是看到前兩個浴室,還有更多,沒有

  • more full baths no but but there is a guest toilet  no way yeah so so three toilets exactly so three  


  • toys so this is what they call a two bedroom and  another not site bedrooms a two point five two  


  • five bathrooms now you come through  here and this is like a banquet home  


  • this is the living room and dining room and  if you make your way over there you will see  


  • the kitchen look at the fridge yes now by the way  wow the living room and dining room not including  


  • the kitchen this is just about 100 squaresbelieve it look at it so this all closes by  

    廚房)僅約100平方相信它能看到它,所以一切都會 順便

  • the way oh that's cool yeah because why would you  want to see your kitchen wow that's really cool  

    關閉 哦,是的,因為您為什麼要看到您的廚房哇,那真的很酷,

  • this shows you 100 square meters actually  looks like in tokyo what would you fill it with  


  • this would be the dining area right here so you'd  have a big table they already have the light  


  • fixtures set up so you can do you know a big table  over here and then a kids table over here and you  


  • come over here this is where the living room area  would be but the kind of people that would rent  


  • this place wouldn't just use it for you know their  tv remember that kind of stuff you're looking at  


  • people usually high up in their own companies  and also diplomats and diplomats tend to have  


  • a lot of receptions to their houses so they need  a place like this 100 square meters they need 100  


  • square meters and this is a very nice room yeah  let's open that up again is that an oven an oven


  • wow a real oven how many aircons are in  the house that's how many you need eight  


  • yeah you need eight aircon because the living  room and dining room has multiple ac units this  


  • is called a built-in ac it's not central heating  this is individually controllable that's very good  


  • so you have one here and you have one over here as  well what's this so that is a dishwasher actually  


  • this is also a full-size dishwasher you can fit  all your stuff in there honestly if you have any  

    這也是全尺寸的洗碗機,如果您有任何 類型的洗碗機,您都可以

  • type of dishwasher you're probably pretty well  off but they're usually just like a dinky little  

    誠實地將所有物品放入其中 ,但是它們通常像dinky小

  • countertop dishwasher that's maybe this size so  to have a full dish washing machine it's just  


  • amazing i've never seen one in a japanese  house most of you probably have one in your  


  • home but this is like wow this is luxury can  you imagine having this much space to cook  

    在家中 都擁有一台, 但這就像哇,這是奢侈品嗎,您能想像得到

  • in my house i have about this much yeah  

    我家有 這麼大空間做飯

  • so yeah this comes out to 1.35 million  yen 1.35 so about 13 and a half grand yeah  

    , 所以 我有這麼多錢, 所以是135萬日元1.35,所以大約是13個半半

  • us dollars how many properties are you managing  or renting out that would be this scale like this  


  • price is it common or is this one of the more top  end of this is on the higher end of the places  

    價格是普遍的,還是這個較高端的價格之一,在 我所租房的 高端位置

  • that i rent but um i mean i have places that are  a bit actually quite a bit more than this as well  


  • the one chris yes chris has gone with me to see  another one that is that's a little bit more like  

    ,一位克里斯是克里斯和我一起去看另一個是,是 你自己 多一點點象在

  • yourself yeah i'll link his video down below  so go check it out afterwards but this is a  


  • very special place it is it's you know it doesn't  have like the best views maybe but it does just  


  • feel like an amazing place to be it feels very  luxurious for sure yeah definitely yes i'm gonna  


  • go back home and just feel like so cramped after  seeing this thanks so much for showing us yeah  


  • today this was very eye opening i honestly didn't  realize that places this large existed in the  


  • middle of tokyo oh yes but yeah that's right  clearly so we're gonna head back to alex's office  


  • and ask him some questions and learn a little bit  more about his business so i'll see you guys there  


  • that apartment we just saw in shinjuku what would  be the initial move-in costs because when i moved  


  • into my apartment in morocco it was about three or  four months rent when i moved in yeah so generally  


  • speaking in japan you have about anywhere from  three to seven months of rent you have to pay  

    在日本 ,租房費用 大約是三到七個您必須支付的月租金

  • up front yeah so i can give you the break do  you want to hear the birthday okay so first off  


  • you have uh two months of advanced rent okay  right and then you also have the key money and the  


  • security deposit there is no key money on this one  alright there are three months of security deposit  


  • and we're up to five months of rent just right  there you're at five months of friends so just  


  • to give you uh a reminder of how much the rent  is for this one it's one i haven't forgotten all  


  • right well just to give you guys a reminder it's  one million three hundred fifty thousand yen which  


  • comes out to exactly 13 grams u.s times five times  five but we're not done yet because there's also a  


  • lot changing fee that's nothing right overall it's  not that much just a few hundred it's still two  

    很多變更費,這沒什麼總體上說,不是很多,而是 數百美元,

  • hundred dollars uh the two other big ones is you  know what a guarantor company is yes oh do i ever  

    還是另外 兩百美元。你知道擔保人公司是什麼嗎?是的,哦,我是不是

  • so aguero a guarantor company is basically  renters insurance so if you for some reason cannot  


  • pay your rent for that month uh the guarantor  company will step in in your place and pay the  

    付那星期一的房租擔保人公司會介入您的住所並向 房東

  • landlord and then uh you know basically chase  you down later so they charge a fifty percent  

    付款 ,然後您才知道基本上將您追了下來,因此他們收取

  • of one month's uh rent for srp no yeah and that  comes out to yeah over six thousand almost seven  

    srp no yeah一個月房租 的50% ,結果是yeah超過了六千

  • thousand dollars uh plus you have my commission  which is a month's rent plus tax so depending  

    七千 塊錢呃,再加上你有我的佣金是一個月的房租加稅所以要根據

  • on when you move in uh during the month right  the first month depending on that right uh i'd  


  • say it'll be anywhere from eight million to eight  million five hundred thousand if not more um for  


  • our north american viewers that's about 80 grand  yes 85 000 dollars initial moving costs just for  

    我們的北美觀眾來說,這大約是80盛大,是八萬五千美元剛開始 的第一個月的 最初搬家費用,

  • your first month exactly you manage all different  types of properties right not only these super  

    您就可以管理所有不同類型的房地產,不僅這些超級 昂貴的 房地產

  • expensive ones you also have some more affordable  i do i do options yes i mean my places tend to be  


  • a bit on the more expensive side um but the reason  being is that i don't look for the cheaper places  


  • i don't look for the places that have you know  the cheapest moving costs or anything i always  


  • think you know you get what you pay for but at the  same time uh i want to show my clients places that  


  • they'll enjoy being in that they'll actually  want to be inside and say yeah you've actually  

    他們喜歡的 地方, 因為他們實際上想進入公司並說是的是的,實際上

  • chosen yeah very important a few properties to  look at here um so this first one is actually  


  • quite a small apartment yeah studio uh just one  room with a washroom where's this one located so  


  • this one is right between uh these two stations  gakuge daigaku and utensi they're on the toilet  

    這兩個房間之間,正好在這兩個站之間gakuge daigaku和utensi他們在洗手間

  • okay yeah they're right there that is it's a nice  nice location it's a very nice area i noticed the  


  • cement wall it looks very similar to my apartment  but is this a real cement yes this is actually a  


  • concrete wall yeah it's very stylish yes but yeah  just to show you the prices of these places in  


  • tokyo my place is probably about 50 square meters  so it's about half the size um but twice the price  

    東京 這些地方的價格, 我的住所大概是50平方米,所以它的大小約為um的一半,但價格

  • yeah but this is a brand new building actually  yeah it's also very fancy very high-end yes  

    是 它的兩倍, 但這是一幢全新的建築物,是的,這也是看中了非常高端的

  • here's one that's kind of similar to the apartment  i live in in morioka size-wise and layout-wise  


  • two-bedroom a living room dining room andkitchen and it's almost five grand a month  

    兩居室,一間客廳餐廳和一間廚房所 住的公寓,

  • well the reason for this one is that it is in  uh shibuya and it is not just near shibuya it's  

    每個月差不多有五個隆重 ,這是因為它位於呃,澀谷,不只是澀谷,

  • literally two minutes away from the station  from the station yes it is also a brand new  

    離車站 只有 兩分鐘路程,是的,它也是一座嶄新的

  • building it was just built last month oh wow  so in september of 2020. i see that they don't  


  • allow pets they don't allow pets how common is  it for pets to be allowed in apartments it's  


  • very uncommon in fact that's one of them yeah  it is and i should have been in my experience  


  • yeah i i lucked out because my apartment  actually was pet friendly before i got hurt  


  • yeah it's it's very hard to find pets uh pet  friendly apartments here and also if you do find  


  • a place that is pet friendly if you want to have  a pet in there you're going to have to pay another  

    了寵物友好的地方,如果您想在那裡 養 寵物,就必須另外支付

  • month of security deposit on top of it yeah so by  the way the security deposit on this one is two  


  • months of security deposit plus one month of uh  key money do you know the differences by the way  


  • uh the deposit you can get back the key money is  basically just a gift exactly you're the landlord  


  • yes thanking you thanking them for allowing you  to live in their uh apartments how gracious this  


  • is yes how gracious is it so this third one here  is really pretty uh it's very modern i love the  


  • concrete walls i just love that and where's this  one this one's in oh gakuge daigoku as well yes  


  • so actually this one it not only is in the same  area it's actually the same building yeah it's  


  • the exact same building as that one oh no  way yeah oh the price isn't that different  


  • exactly yeah this is 40 square meters  that one is comes out to 25 square meters  


  • so yeah it's almost double the space plus this  one you have plenty more lights because it's a  


  • corner unit as you can see yeah and you also  have a walk-in closet which is amazing thank  


  • you so much yeah thanks for coming in i will  link alex's website uh your instagram yes and  


  • facebook down below so if you're interested in  renting an apartment in japan check him out um if  

    facebook在下面,所以如果你有興趣在日本租公寓, 那就去吧, 如果

  • you're just interested in looking at some really  cool apartments to see what's available yeah go  


  • check them out yeah and i have those listings  but i also have listings that i can't show on  

    看看他們是的,我有那些清單,但是我也有清單,我無法在 我的網站

  • my website so if you guys want anything just let  me know and i'll show you something cool perfect  

    上顯示, 所以如果你們想要什麼,請讓我知道,我會給你展示一些很酷的東西,

  • yeah thanks so much thanks so much for having  me and thanks for watching guys again go check  


  • out chris's video i will link his down below  he wanted to see a 20 000 a month apartment it  

    看看 克里斯的視頻中,我將連接他的樓下,他希望看到一個20 000一個月的公寓

  • was quite good so definitely watch that i'll  see you guys very soon thank you very much

    是 相當不錯所以肯定看,我會看到你們很快就會非常感謝你

  • you


good morning guys i am up super early this morning  because i'm about to hop on a bullet train down  



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