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  • At this point, Like I said, I don't care about what my financial return is.


  • Now it's about sticking it to the men.


  • Colin McClelland is a 31 year old investor and podcaster from Houston, Texas.

    Colin McClelland是一位31歲的投資者和播客,來自德克薩斯州休斯頓。

  • He and thousands of investors like him took on Wall Street and sent shares in US gaming retailer Gamestop soaring.


  • So I first started seeing some commotion around Reddit on Wall Street bets for him talking about game stop and essentially executing a short squeeze on Melvin Capital, which is a hedge fund.

    所以我第一次開始在Reddit上看到華爾街賭局的一些騷動,因為他說的是遊戲停止,基本上執行了對沖基金Melvin Capital的空頭壓制。

  • And I thought it was really interesting because you saw the common man fighting against Wall Street.


  • And so I put the money in the stock around $85 out of just principle that I thought it was comical.


  • Online brokerages, including Robin Hood, temporarily restricted trading in those stocks on Thursday, much to the anger off the online community, including investment vlogger on Robin Hood user JJ Buckner.

    包括羅賓漢在內的在線經紀公司週四暫時限制了這些股票的交易,這讓包括羅賓漢用戶JJ Buckner在內的在線社區憤怒不已。

  • They accused the trading platforms of seeking to protect Wall Street's interest at the expense off smaller investors.


  • Robin Hood is not my mom and dad, and they can't tell me when I can and can't trade, you know they like to make the There was an email that's sent out to saying that like we're looking out for our investors.


  • No, you're not the invest.


  • We know what we're doing.


  • Like we live in a free country.


  • We live in a Let us live in a trade in the free market where we're able to dictate what happens with our money.


  • If I want to risk some of my money, Thio potentially earn some more because I know what's going on and I want to take advantage of the opportunity.


  • Let me do that.


  • Don't tell me you're looking out for me when we all know that prices were going to go up.


  • By the end off Thursday's trading session, Robin had reversed course and said limited trading in the stocks would resume on Friday.


  • That's what it is.


  • It's the regular Joes versus Wall Street and that's what when I put money into it, I said, Even if this goes to zero and I lose everything, I like being a part of it and that I think that that cinema has shared amongst a lot a lot of people regarded by market professionals as dumb money, retail traders some of them former bankers working for themselves have become an increasingly powerful force off the financial world.


  • That's sparking calls for greater scrutiny into trading on easy access online APS, fueled by anonymous discussions on social media.


At this point, Like I said, I don't care about what my financial return is.



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Robinhood交易員 "堅持到底 (Robinhood trader 'sticking it to the man')

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