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  • Here's how to play Xbox games on your PC.

  • There are two ways to play your Xbox games on your PC.

  • One way is using Xbox Play Anywhere,

  • and the other is streaming

  • from the Xbox One to Windows 10.

  • Using Xbox Play Anywhere is the fastest

  • and easiest way to play Xbox games on your PC.

  • If you own an Xbox game that is available

  • on the Xbox Play Anywhere list,

  • you can download a PC version of the game at no extra cost.

  • It's like owning two copies of the game.

  • And your data will be synced

  • between your PC and Xbox versions.

  • Go to the Xbox Play Anywhere website

  • and log in to your Microsoft account

  • to check if any of the available titles

  • are games you currently own on Xbox.

  • You can find a link to the list of games

  • in the description below.

  • From there, you can download and play.

  • If a game you want to play is not available

  • on the Xbox Play Anywhere list,

  • your second option is to stream your Xbox One

  • to your Windows 10 computer.

  • Streaming is done using the Xbox Console Companion app,

  • which is automatically installed with Windows 10.

  • It is easiest to have your Xbox and PC on the same network.

  • To set up streaming, first make sure

  • that your computer and Xbox are fully updated.

  • Check the description below

  • for a separate tutorial on updating Windows.

  • Your next step is to enable game streaming on the Xbox.

  • First, click your center Xbox button on the controller,

  • then select the profile and system tab on the dashboard.

  • Then select "Settings" on the list.

  • On the next screen, select "Devices & connections"

  • on the left.

  • Then select "Remote features" on the right.

  • Then click "Xbox app preferences."

  • Then, under "This Xbox,"

  • select "Allow game streaming to other devices."

  • Under "Xbox app,"

  • select "Allow connections from any device"

  • or "Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox."

  • Next, connect an Xbox controller

  • via Bluetooth or USB to your computer.

  • To connect via Bluetooth on your computer,

  • go to your system tray on the bottom right,

  • then right-click on "Bluetooth Devices"

  • and select "Add a Bluetooth Device."

  • On your controller, hold down the sync button on the top

  • and wait for the Xbox icon to start flashing.

  • This means the Bluetooth on the controller is discoverable.

  • Back on your computer, inside the Bluetooth menu,

  • click "Add Bluetooth or other device"

  • and then follow the prompts to add your Xbox controller.

  • If you cannot connect via Bluetooth,

  • plug it in using the micro-USB connection.

  • Now let's connect to the Xbox One.

  • Inside the Xbox Console Companion app on the PC,

  • on the left, click on the console icon near the bottom.

  • Select your Xbox to connect.

  • You can now click the "Stream" button

  • and begin playing your favorite games

  • from your Xbox One on your PC.

Here's how to play Xbox games on your PC.


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How To Play Xbox Games On PC

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