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  • uh, Columbia College is a very unique institution.


  • We have a home campus in Columbia, Missouri, which is located the center of United States and center of the state of Missouri.


  • We also have 35 nationwide campuses across the United States and an online campus that has over 20,000 students.


  • Uh, we also at our home campus have over 10% of our population is international students, which is about 122 140 students.

    呃,我們也在我們的主校區有超過10%的人口是國際學生,也就是大約122 140名學生。

  • Student will be attracted to our school for a number of reasons.


  • We're in a town that has several colleges in it, and so we're in a it's called College Town USA.


  • Are college specifically is very teacher and student oriented, so you're getting this factually attention that you need to succeed in the classroom.


  • Most importantly, we are great value or one of the ah most valuable colleges, United States as faras, offering a great education for a low, low cost.


  • We use the Tofel test as a standard document for all of our international students that do not have an educational backgrounds in the United States way, have a set scores for admission and also for scholarship to weigh have several scholarships that we base them off of their total scores.


  • We love the total exam because it's one of our best indicators as far as getting our students enrolled in the appropriate program, whether that's the E.


  • S L program English as a second language or into a full academic, undergraduate or graduate program.

    S L計劃英語作為第二語言或進入一個完整的學術,大學或研究所學生課程。

  • It's been a great indicator for us over the years, and we hope to continue to use it for many years to come.


  • And we'd love to have my students at Columbia College is possible.


uh, Columbia College is a very unique institution.



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TOEFL® 目的地。哥倫比亞學院(美國密蘇里州) (TOEFL® Destinations: Columbia College (Missouri, USA))

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