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  • so the content of the test is pretty much exactly the same.


  • Is that right?


  • That's exactly right.


  • Uh, so the Special Home Edition version off the TOEFL IBT is still the total IBT, so it is identical to the test center version in terms of test format test content, the on screen experience that test takers will experience on the scoring so this course can be accepted and using exactly the same way as theory.


  • Regular tests.


  • Introversion.


  • It's exactly the same test three Only difference is how the test is delivered.

    完全一樣的測試三 唯一不同的是測試的方式。

  • So instead of being delivered in a test center, which is not possible to do in today's circumstances, it is delivered in the safety and comfort off the test takers home but under very, very specific and rigorous security conditions.


  • One of the things to note is that throughout the test, there is live human prospering.


  • So there are human beings watching the test taker to ensure that security is maintained on that is combined with some artificial intelligence to make sure that security procedures have followed and the right things are being done.


  • So that is why we feel confident that the special Home edition version of the IBT eyes is equally valid and reliable in terms of its scores, and that is what we're assuring institutions that they could be confident in the security in this course that they received from this version of the test.


  • Because many students around the world cannot go to a test center in today's situation, they now have the option to take the exact same test in the comfort and safety of their home.


  • Now here's the important difference, right in the comfort and safety of their home in a secure environment, with live human Proctor's structuring the test Justice Proctor's do in a test center.

    這就是最重要的區別 就在他們舒適安全的家中 在安全的環境中 由活生生的人類監考員在測試中心進行測試

so the content of the test is pretty much exactly the same.



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A2 初級 中文 測試 考試 考生 安全 舒適 人類

託福iBT®特別家庭版,由考試專家Srikant Gopal主講。 (TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition with test expert Srikant Gopal)

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