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  • 6 Signs someone is a fake friend

  • Friendships are great.

  • They add value and beauty to life.

  • At least, true friendships do.

  • Fake friends are destructive.

  • They are also sometimes hard to recognize.

  • You can have a friend for years before realizing they are not sincere.

  • Here are 6 signs someone is a fake friend:

  • No1: They use you and then disappear when you need them

  • You can recognize a fake friend by them often taking advantage of you.

  • Do you have a friend that calls you only when they need a favor?

  • You haven't heard from them for over a month and one day they call and ask if you can help them move.

  • This is a clear sign you have a fake friend that doesn't want your company.

  • He or she just wants to use you.

  • And when you need a favor, they are most likely to make some lame excuse.

  • Either their mother asked them to have dinner with her, or they aresimply swampedthe day you asked them to drive you to the airport.

  • They see your need as a nuisance because they are not your true friend.

  • They just want to get the most of they can out of you and give you nothing back in return.

  • No2: They are secretly competing with you

  • You and your friend have a secret competition going on that you might not be aware of.

  • They're unhealthily competitive with you and always try to outrun you every chance they get.

  • Sure, they might seem happy for you, but they will always find a subtle way to dampen your spirits.

  • Every achievement you make is a challenge to them, not a success they should celebrate with you.

  • If you talk about your raise, they will try to top that and talk about how they are earning much more money than you from the start.

  • If you buy a new phone, they will buy a better one.

  • If you take up a new hobby, they will take it up too with the exclusive intention of becoming better at it than you.

  • And if they can't be better than you, they will spoil your excitement.

  • They always try to downplay your success and act envious whenever good things happen to you.

  • True friends will always be happy for you because they value your happiness as much as their own.

  • Fake friends always want to be better than you.

  • No3: They get defensive if you tell them they upset you

  • When you tell a true friend that they did something that upset you, they will apologize and try to correct it.

  • But, if you tell a fake friend the same thing, they will get overly defensive to the point where they may even attack you in return.

  • You will hear something along the lines ofHow dare you even think that hideous thingorWhat kind of a person do you think I am”.

  • They will even start fabricating lies to make you feel like you're the one who's in the wrong, and then stop talking to you for a while.

  • This is because they don't care about you or what they did wrong to you.

  • No4: Everything is about them

  • One big telltale sign that someone is a fake friend is that they are very egocentric.

  • Everything has to be about them and they will not be all that interested in what you are talking about.

  • Do you have a friend that just doesn't listen to you?

  • They perhaps tap away on their phone while you're talking or they change the subject.

  • They look bored until you start talking about something related to them.

  • They rarely ask how you are doing or what's going on in your life.

  • Another sign they don't care and don't listen to you is that they will rarely mention something you've told them in the past.

  • You will not hear them say things like "Let's go watch that comedy movie because I remember you said you like comedy."

  • Or "I made these cookies without peanuts because I remember you told me you were allergic."

  • They are clearly selfish and self-centered, and there is no place for you in their lives.

  • No5: Their friendship is conditional

  • Sincere friends love you and stick with you no matter what.

  • On the other hand, the friendship of a fake friend is always conditional.

  • You are friends, but there are conditions.

  • Conditions are often standards that they expect you to adhere to.

  • A conditional friendship is when your friend expects you to behave the certain way, dress the way they want, make a certain amount of money if you want to be their friend.

  • If you have a friend that won't be your friend unless you're wealthy or famous, that's a conditional friendship.

  • Or they'll be your friend as long as you behave the way they want.

  • And if you change and don't behave or do as they demand, they will resent you or even abandon you without a moment's notice.

  • No6: They put you down

  • Real friends always support you.

  • Fake friends don't miss a chance to put you down.

  • They insult you or belittle you and your success.

  • Nothing you do is good enough for them.

  • Your graduation is nothing special or your promotion is undeserved.

  • They are constantly criticizing you for no other reason than to make you feel bad about yourself.

  • They may make it sound like playful teasing but it is obvious that they really mean it.

  • They also don't stop even when you complain about it.

  • They may even take the opportunity to put you down once more by pointing out that you are too sensitive or even weak.

  • True friends will never do anything to hurt you purposely because they genuinely care about you.

  • Fake friends don't value you, so they have no problem with putting you down.

  • If you've had a fake friend before, how did you recognize it?

  • Share your story with us in the comment section.

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6 Signs Someone Is A Fake Friend(6 Signs Someone Is A Fake Friend)

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