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  • well hello everyone in today's video we're  going to be taking you on a fun day trip  

    以及你好在今天的視頻大家我們將帶您 圍繞 圖庫曼阿根廷

  • around Tucumán Argentina and showing you some  of the highlights this province has to offer  

    一個有趣的一日遊 和您展示一些本省所提供的

  • situated in northern argentina Tucumán may be  small but it is packed with unique attractions  

    位於北部阿根廷圖庫曼可能是小 的亮點 ,但它是擠滿了獨特

  • in this whirlwind tour we'll experience  a myriad of landscapes ranging from lush  

    的 景點 這次旋風之旅,我們將體驗從茂密的

  • jungles to arid deserts we'll visit mysterious  monolithic stone carvings we'll sample some of  

    叢林到干旱的沙漠 的無數景觀, 我們將參觀神秘的整體石雕,我們將品嚐一些

  • the famous deli meats and cheeses this region is  known for will stand under the shade of an 800  


  • year old cactus will devour some delicious  empanadas and will also visit some of the  


  • largest pre-colombian ruins in all of south  america so let's go explore Tucumán shall we

    最大的哥倫比亞前遺跡,所以讓我們去探索圖克曼,我們 早上好,早上好 ,大家

  • good morning good morning  guys greetings from Tucumán  

    早上好,來自 阿根廷 圖庫曼的問候,來自當地

  • argentina greetings from a random gas  station somewhere in the countryside  

    某個加油站的問候。 今天 在鄉下 ,我們要進行一日遊,我們將去

  • today we're doing a bit of a day trip we're going  to be visiting daffy del valle right and the ruins  

    達菲河谷(Daffy del valle)右路, 而吉爾默斯(gilmes)

  • of gilmes it's a full day tour we were picked up  at 8 a.m yeah apparently it's going to be 12 hours  

    廢墟 則是一整天的旅行,我們於上午8點被接走是的,顯然要花12個小時, 所以

  • so 12 hours on the road and i'm really excited  because both of these destinations look so scenic  

    要行駛12 個小時,我真的很興奮,因為這兩個目的地看起來都很風景優美,

  • we've seen some photos and uh yeah we're gonna  just be basically exploring the best that this uh  


  • smallest province in argentina has to offer  exactly so first fueling up we're here at  


  • the gas station as you can see behind us  and yeah we'll be on our way on our way  


  • we left the city behind and watched the landscape  transform from city to farmland to subtropical  


  • jungle this province is nicknamed the garden  of the republic because it's a very productive  


  • agricultural area well guys we have reached our  first stop of the day we've been driving about an  


  • hour and a half it's now 9 30 in the morning and  just here to the side we have el indio which is a  


  • statue that overlooks the valley the landscape has  really changed from this morning now we're like  


  • in the middle of the jungle and it's so green  and lush yeah and dense dense yeah impenetrable  


  • exactly that's the word yeah it's an enormous  difference we were driving through uh farmland  


  • yeah and uh um where basically we saw the sugar  cane production and lemon production and now we're  

    yeah和uh um,基本上我們看到了甘蔗生產和檸檬生產,現在我們在

  • out here yeah and right now we're at 850 meters  and we're going to keep climbing i think we're  

    這裡是,現在我們在850米處,我們將繼續攀爬,我認為 今天

  • reaching almost 4 000 meters today 4000 meters  will be 12 000 feet roughly quite high up so  

    我們將 到達近4000米,而4000米將大約是12000英尺,相當高,所以

  • it's gonna be high and uh let's hope we don't  get sick with altitude the sickness but uh yeah  


  • yeah it's just down in the seat where are we  so far has been a very nice uh trip it's been  


  • like an hour and a half and we have a driver that  actually is a tourist guide so he keeps feeding us  


  • information about everything that we go through  and a very nice guy he's very knowledgeable and


  • we did a little bit of shopping this is  a little souvenir for my mom who collects  

    我們做了一些購物,這對我媽媽收集 磁鐵的

  • magnets we got the little llamas and two  people in traditional clothing cholitas  

    紀念品來說, 我們得到了小駱駝和兩個穿著傳統服裝的人,

  • very cute i think they told me it's made out  of copper so yeah i thought it was a nice  


  • little gift picked it up now we're getting  back in the car and continuing our excursion  


  • we then came driving towards the town of el  modade to visit a rather mysterious group  


  • of carved stones that were found scattered  across the valley and brought to this area  


  • okay another schedule stop we've now come toplace called los menides and menitas actually i  

    還可以計劃停止,現在我們來到了一個叫做los menides和menitas的地方,實際上我

  • believe it's the name of these tall monolithic  monolithic monuments sculptures yeah they're  


  • honestly a bit of a mystery because our guide was  explaining that the civilization responsible for  

    確實是個謎,因為我們的嚮導正在解釋負責 雕刻這些

  • carving these just disappeared without a trace  and they didn't have a written language so very  

    古蹟 的文明 只是消失得無影無踪,他們沒有書面語言,所以

  • little is known about them but we can see some  kind of like repeating elements in these stones  


  • so there's a lot to do with fertility some of  them have faces like human faces there's llamas  


  • and just like geometric patterns yeah this  is a civilization that was 3 000 years  

    和就像幾何圖案是啊這是,這是3000年 的製作,有一天因為某種原因

  • in the making and one day for some reason  that it is unknown it's just vanished and  

    一個文明 ,它是未知的,它只是消失了,

  • also i should mention like all the stones that  you see standing here they've been collected  


  • from around the valley and brought to this  place so they can be better taken care of  

    從山谷周圍 收集 並帶到這個地方的,這樣可以更好地照顧它們,

  • so another thing i wanted to mention is that  this attraction is free of charge and as  


  • part of the entry to this place there is a local  guide who walks around with you for about five  


  • minutes and just shares a little bit of the  history of what they know about this place and  


  • the culture responsible for these carvings and  then you're free to wander around on your own  


  • snap some photos so it's been a really cool stop  oh and they have toilets here too so that's good  


  • then it was onward to the town of tafi del vade  which is a popular destination for anyone doing  

    然後就到了tafi del vade鎮,這是任何 在Tucumán進行公路旅行的

  • a road trip around Tucumán Argentina we were  starting to get a little peckish at this point  

    人的熱門目的地 阿根廷,我們此時開始有點啄食,

  • so we stopped to buy some artisanal deli meats  and cheeses and we also made an unexpected friend

    因此我們停止購買一些手工熟食店的肉類和奶酪,並且我們還 結識 了一個意想不到的朋友,

  • i'm buying some salami and cheese  the cheese has chimichurri in it  


  • oh amazing all right so we've arrived  in uh taffy del valle you got it yeah  

    哦!因此,我們到達了taffy del valle時,您會明白的。

  • what we did first is we went into a store  that sold regional products we grabbed some  


  • regional wine you want to show that one off  this one is called seven cows it's from the  


  • calcium valley yep 2016 tanat grape so we're not  going to drink it now we're in the middle of a  

    鈣谷yep 2016丹拿葡萄,所以我們現在不打算喝它,我們

  • tour at high altitude this is coming home we made  a new best friend over here made a friend hi we're  


  • eating uh basically salami and cheese sandwiches  these look delicious i haven't had one yet but so  

    基本上 在 吃飯薩拉米香腸和奶酪三明治,看起來還 不錯, 我還沒吃過,所以

  • this is a cow's cheese with chimichurri different  spices and we also bought a salami shall i make  


  • you a sandwich yes please very good yes please  very good we found a little bakery homemade stuff  

    給你做一個三明治嗎?請很好,是,請很好,我們找到了一個小麵包店 這個傢伙也喜歡

  • this guy likes it too and this guy  likes it a lot look at him the moss  

    自製的東西, 這個傢伙也很喜歡他,看著他的苔蘚

  • isn't it delicious i don't know how he was able  to smell the salami from half a block down because  


  • he is this is basically our uh our our our snack  we're gonna be having a lunch later yeah it's like  


  • what 11 11 30 right now maybe we can have a bit of  a later lunch this will tie this over until then  

    11 11 30現在,也許我們可以 稍等 一下

  • what do you say buddy we got a new  best friend i got the retriever

    午餐,這樣可以解決這個問題,直到那時 您說什麼,哥們,我們遇到了一個新的最好的朋友,我 到達了mirador del infirniro或trip望台的旅途中地獄有點

  • at this point in the trip we reached mirador  del infirniro or the lookout to hell a bit of  


  • a dramatic name but we were at an altitude of  3042 meters above sea level so maybe whoever  

    這個名字叫 誰的人

  • named this place wasn't feeling at their best this  is the highest traversable pass in the province so  


  • we stopped to take photos and my dad and samuel  also made friends with some alpacas and the pig


  • and then after a bit more driving we reached the  next attraction the grandfather cactus well guys  


  • next stop we are now standing underneath the  grandfather cactus over here this is called  


  • cardone in spanish and this one we've been told  is over 800 years old apparently this type of  

    西班牙語中的Cardone。我們被告知已經有800多年的歷史了,這種 仙人掌

  • cactus only grows between one centimeter and  a centimeter and a half per year and this one  

    顯然 每年只生長一厘米到一厘米半之間,而且這個仙人掌的

  • is over eight meters tall so quite impressive  it's a giant it's a monster but it's a beauty of  


  • nature over here already the vegetation is very  very strange there is nothing uh other than this  

    大自然已經很植被了,非常奇怪,除了這個 仙人掌之外, 沒有別的什麼

  • cactus and some uh very uh low uh brush yeah like  little shrubs it's very dry no more animals are  


  • seeing just a burro over there but no no cows or  not horses and and the area here reminds me a lot  


  • to the southern states and in the u.s  like new mexico arizona those places  


  • so yeah we continue because they're waiting  for us let's go let's go let's keep going


  • so we have just pulled into the town of maicha  del vade i believe that's how it's pronounced  

    所以我們剛剛進入了我相信這是maicha del vade鎮的名字 ,我們要在這裡

  • and we're gonna have some lunch here we stopped at  a restaurant where we've already placed our order  

    吃些 午餐,我們在一家已經下訂單的餐廳停下來,

  • we have some tamales umitas and three different  types of empanadas i ordered you some beef chicken  


  • and there's mozzarella with corn so that's what  we'll be eating here and yeah it looks like a  


  • nice quiet little town very colorful though  lots of flowers and yeah we're just gonna rest  


  • because we've been driving all morning long  need a little break gotta stretch your legs  


  • and fill the belly umitas tamales and  empanadas were always on the menu over  

    和填飽肚子umitas玉米粉蒸肉,餡餅總是在 我們北方阿根廷的旅行過程 中 的 菜單上 ,但我們

  • the course of our travels in northern  argentina but we didn't tire of them  


  • after this quick but delicious lunch  it was onwards to the ruins of gilmes

    的 廢墟後 並沒有他們的輪胎

  • the sacred city of gilmes is located in the  kalchaki valleys and was the site of the  


  • largest pre-hispanic settlements in the country  dating back to 850 a.d this site occupied over  


  • 30 hectares and at its height about 5 000 people  lived here well guys we have made it to our next  


  • destination we are currently visiting the ruins  of gilmes admission was 100 pesos per person  


  • and apparently this is the second largest  archaeological site in south america after  


  • machu picchu got to tell you we've just arrived  and it's pretty impressive you can see some of  


  • the construction here behind me all stone so we're  going to be exploring this place on foot also as  

    我身後的 一些 建築全都是石頭,所以我們還將徒步探索這個地方,因為

  • you can see i've peeled off several layers it is  hot out here oh my we are in the desert quite the  


  • change from this morning and we were all bundled  up like it was winter or something so yeah let's  

    從今天早上開始 換衣服 ,我們都像冬天一樣被捆綁在一起,所以

  • go check this out now time for a quick history  lesson about the gilmes because everyone knows  

    現在 讓我們來 看看這本關於吉爾姆斯的快速歷史課,因為每個人都知道

  • it's a beer it's the name of a popular argentine  beer but there's more to it yeah no that's  


  • that's the name of these originary peoples from  argentina here this the thing is like these these  


  • these people the kilmest they were escaping from  the uh inca domination the incas from peru were  


  • advancing uh and attacking and defeating  all other tribes and they were incorporating  


  • to their societies you know so the kilmers were  escaping finally they reached this destination  


  • and they settled here okay now what i see and  i analyzed it from a point of view of strategy  


  • is a perfect place because on the back you have  a huge mountain there so you cannot be attacked  


  • from the back on the side you have fortifications  to protect from both flanks right so the only way  

    從側面 受到攻擊 ,而您有防禦工事來保護兩側,所以 敵人前進

  • the enemy could advance was really from the front  and the enemy in those days were the spaniards  

    的唯一方法 實際上是從敵人那裡t和當時的敵人是西班牙人,

  • because the kiln mess dominated all the  other groups that live in these areas  


  • and they assimilated them you know they they  became part of the fight against the spanish  


  • it took the spaniards 135 140 years to be able  to control this uh this this group of people  

    了西班牙人的 一部分, 西班牙人花了135 140年才能要控制這群人

  • and the only way they were able to do it is  because they they put a siege to this fortress  


  • and they cut the supply of water and food  for the wind is blowing oh it's picking up  


  • they cut them off from the supply of food and  water and that was the way that they could finally  


  • control them not by war because for 140 years  they couldn't do it but at the end by hunger and  

    可以不通過戰爭來控制它們 的方式, 因為140年來他們一直無法做到,但最終由於飢餓和

  • thirst and the spaniards what they did is they  took the remaining population of about 2 800  


  • and they marched them on foot all  the way to buenos aires only 840  


  • 150 arrived alive the rest perished along the  way and they settled them in the locality that  

    還活著,其餘的則一路 喪命, 他們定居在當地,

  • today it is known around buenos aires as  kilmess where the famous beer is brew and  

    今天在布宜諾斯艾利斯周圍被稱為基爾姆斯的著名啤酒 是釀造的,

  • the place is not called gilmes because of the  beer it's called killmens because of these native  


  • people that were brought all the way up to there  okay that's the story what happened to the uh  


  • the ones that survived or how did it story end  with the ones that uh were left in buenos aires  


  • i'm not 100 sure but uh we'll find out i always  like to know everything so i need to find this out


  • yeah and this is the story and  if you have a chance and you go  


  • you know this is a very very  very underrated place okay  


  • people go mostly to salta and jujuy but Tucumán  is very close and if you do the circuit come  


  • on hop over to the province of Tucumán and it's  just a short ride if you rent a car or whatever  


  • and you'll you'll really enjoy it you  know this place is really worth visiting


  • do

    嗎 ,是時候向這個傻小的男孩稍作更新了。您好。我 今天沒有 去看 很多 視頻

  • it's time for a little update from the sammy  boy hello hello i haven't been on the video  


  • much today no you've been droning and filming  oh man this is this was a droning delight out  


  • here this is drone country central i mean not  only did we have we basically had most of this  

    大約前半小時內, 我們基本上已經對大部分

  • attraction to ourselves for about the first half  an hour yeah now there's some school groups and  


  • some tour buses that have arrived so it's a little  busier still not packed but man it's been just an  


  • incredible day like i just can't get over how the  landscapes have changed we started off with fields  

    像我 一個 令人難以置信的一天就不能得到過我們如何景觀發生了變化開始了與領域

  • yeah fields then we went through a very lush  part of the of the mountains it's like a jungle  

    耶區,然後我們通過的它就像 基本上就像一個叢林是的

  • basically like a jungle yeah and then suddenly  we took a couple turns and it was completely dry  

    叢林山區的非常茂盛的一部分去了 ,然後突然我們把幾轉,完全乾旱了,

  • arid landscapes changed it felt like we  were entering entering the salta hahui world  


  • i just have a question for you it's  like over 30 degrees out why are you  


  • still wearing flannel i don't know why i've been  i've been cold for so many days i'm reluctant to  


  • shed my layers i guess also i didn't i didn't put  on sunscreen so this is kind of my sun protection


  • that was the final stop of our whirlwind tour  of the province of Tucumán we then started  

    我們旋風之旅的最後一站然後 在圖克曼

  • the long drive back to the city of san miguel de  tucuman argentina which was three hours in total  

    省(Tucumán)開始 ng開車回到阿根廷的聖米格爾·德·庫庫曼市,到了晚上,整整三個小時

  • by the time we got back into the city it  was night time and we were pretty hungry  


  • we went to a local pizzeria called  leiskina for sam's favorite food of all  


  • looks like you guys are as hungry as  you are tired i think more tired than  

    看起來你們就像餓了一樣 餓,老實說, 我覺得比 餓

  • hungry to be honest but here we are at sam's  request who demanded pizza for dinner yeah  

    還累。 但是在這裡,我們是根據sam的要求,他們要求吃披薩作為晚餐,是的,

  • i didn't see anyone uh scratching and clawing no  protesting yeah it was a long day yeah 12 hours  

    我沒看到有人抓撓並要求抗議。天耶 在我們離開在上午八時,我們來到這裡下午八時是啊,這地方

  • on the dock we left at eight o'clock a.m and  we got here eight o'clock p.m yeah this place  


  • opens right at eight so we got here right when  it opened we had a nice trip today we saw a lot  

    的 對接 12小時

  • of beautiful things grasses right guys as we were  getting the wine the pizza game too cheers cheers


  • it's a blend of red grapes perfect perfect  for pizza and there's greasy pizza yeah oh  


  • look at all that cheese queso so we got two  kinds what do we have anchovies this one is  


  • called marinara with anchovies and the other one  is your classic uh neapolitan style dig on in guys  

    叫做鳳尾魚marinara d另一個是您經典的那不勒斯風格,請大家繼續學習,

  • let us know how it is a long day fresh out of the  oven just come out of there crust green crust lots  


  • of cheese and overall a great day really good tour  very reasonably priced we paid just over 30 us  

    奶酪,總的來說,很棒的一天,價格真的很合理我們 每人每人 只付了30

  • dollars each per person a fantastic day couldn't  recommend to command more highly this is a very  

    美元,這真是棒極了的一天,我們不建議您 高舉 命令。這 在阿根廷 是一個 被 嚴重

  • underrated place in argentina very underrated  province so if you want to you know get off the  

    低估的省, 這是一個非常 被低估的地方,因此,如果您想知道的話,

  • off the gringo trail when you come and visit  come check out too come on see ya thanks again  


  • for joining us on this tour across dukkuman if you  enjoyed this video we invite you to like subscribe  


  • and hit that notification bell so you won't  miss any of the upcoming episodes see you soon


well hello everyone in today's video we're  going to be taking you on a fun day trip  

以及你好在今天的視頻大家我們將帶您 圍繞 圖庫曼阿根廷


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