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  • Intel will go outside MAWR, but not by as much as Wall Street wants.


  • The company's incoming CEO, Pat Gal Singer, said it will lean more heavily on outside factories to make its chips in the future, but that would produce most of its products this year at its own plants.


  • The lack of a strong embrace of outsourcing drove it shares down in early trading Friday.


  • Since last July, the semiconductor giant has been considering whether to drop its decades old strategy of designing and making chips in house and turned to Asian foundry makers for help with its central processing units, which are the brains of computers.


  • Making its own chips means higher costs for the company.


  • Intel's move comes just after the US passed legislation to fund domestic chip production.


  • Analysts say the company might take the opportunity to solicit government support for US manufacturing, although it has benefited from the surging demand for PCs as students and workers stay at home.


  • The longtime leader in ship making technology faces ah production crisis.


  • It has lost its manufacturing edge in recent years to Taiwanese and Korean rivals, and it faces pressure to make changes from the hedge fund run by activist investor Dan Loeb.

    近年來,它的製造優勢已經被臺灣和韓國的競爭對手所取代,它面臨著來自激進投資者Dan Loeb所經營的對沖基金的壓力,要求它做出改變。

  • Intel is counting on Yell Singer to steer it out of its straits when he takes over the corner office next month.


Intel will go outside MAWR, but not by as much as Wall Street wants.



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英特爾對芯片生產外包持淡定態度 (Intel tepid on outsourcing chip production)

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