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  • one of the most popular destinations in Japan.


  • Kyoto is known around the world for temples, gardens on historic streets.


  • But these classic sightseeing spots are far from the only things this vibrant and fascinating city has to offer.


  • My name is Matt Evans, staff writer for japan guide dot com.

    我是Matt Evans,日本指南網的撰稿人。

  • On in this two part video, I'm going to introduce some great cultural sights and experiences to consider on your next trip to Kyoto.


  • Here's the plan.


  • Starting at Kyoto Station, we'll take the train to Takuji, then changed to the Kayhan line to Jingu Morata Machi, from where it's a 15 minute walk to the Heian Shrine.


  • After exploring the shrine and it's garden, we'll check out the National Museum of Modern Art on the Kyoto city Kyocera Museum located a short walk from the shrine entrance.


  • Finally, we'll take a walk along the Shirakawa River, passing the historic Yawn District on our way to the Good Nature Hotel, where we'll enjoy a special course meal and stay for the night.


  • On Day two, we'll make an early start with the Zen meditation experience that Kenan Ji Temple, before enjoying some Zen inspired breakfast cuisine at kissing a local restaurant from there will finish the day exploring the Szymon Zen and Fuhrman's and District's on old part of Kyoto, famous for art and antiques.


  • So follow along Aziz.


  • We explore some of Kyoto's most fascinating cultural experiences.


  • Day one This'll is Heian Shrine, one of the city's youngest but best love shrines.

    第一天 這將是平安神社,是這座城市最年輕但最好的愛情聖地之一。

  • Built in 18 95 to commemorate the 11/100 anniversary of the city becoming the nation's capital.


  • The Shrine complex forms a slightly smaller scale model of the old Imperial Palace.


  • On Inside will find a beautiful landscape garden in four parts, showcasing the beauty of Kyoto through the seasons.

    在 "On Inside",你會發現一個美麗的景觀花園,分為四個部分,展示了京都的四季之美。

  • Let's go inside and take a look.


  • Just a few steps from hand trying a two of the city's best art galleries on the left.


  • The Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art and here on the right, the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto or Womack.


  • Dedicated to artworks from the 20th century.


  • The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto or Mo Mac focuses on Japanese style paintings of the Kyoto School, but it's impressive and varied.

    國立京都近代藝術博物館或者說Mo Mac主要展示的是京都畫派的日本風格畫作,但它給人的印象深刻,種類繁多。

  • Collection also includes paintings by Western artists and craft of all kinds.


  • Yeah, opened in 1930 to mark the enthronement of the shore emperor.


  • The Kyoto city Kyocera Museum of Art offers a large floor space with a wide variety of exhibitions.


  • The building has recently undergone extensive remodeling, adding an attractive rooftop terrace, a swell as a stylish cafe.


  • So we're here at Infused, and we're about to try some very beautifully presented coffee and cakes.


  • Beautiful cheesecake.


  • After exploring the two museums, we thread our way along the Shirakawa River towards the hotel where we will be staying tonight.


  • Located just a few steps from the com ago River, and she's Adoree, Kyoto's busiest shopping street, The Good Nature Hotel is an attractive space with a sleek, modern look on relaxing atmosphere designed around a sustainable and eco friendly concept.

    位於距離com ago河和她的Adoree,京都最繁華的商業街幾步之遙的地方,The Good Nature酒店是一個有吸引力的空間,時尚,現代的外觀和輕鬆的氣氛,圍繞著可持續發展和環保的概念設計。

  • Three floors below the hotel are home to several stylish restaurants.


  • Ah, wine bar on the market, selling locally sourced food drinks on produce.


  • Tonight we're going to enjoy a course meal here in Britain.


  • Britain is nature backwards, and as the name would suggest, the theme here is healthy organic food with a twist.


  • Can't wait to try it.


  • Day two.


  • Well, as you can see, it's a pretty rainy day in Kyoto and we're here.


  • A Kenan G, one of the city's oldest and most important and temples to take part in the morning meditation experience on Take a Look Around the theme practice at the very heart of Zen Buddhism, Meditation is all about calming the mind, allowing thoughts and sensations to drift past without becoming attached to them, a process that could take a lifetime to master the oh after our meditation session way, stroll around the grounds of Kennedy Temple before heading out to breakfast.

    一個Kenan G,城市最古老和最重要的和寺廟之一,參加早上的冥想體驗上一看周圍的主題實踐的禪宗佛教的核心,冥想是所有關於平靜的心,讓思想和感覺飄過,而不成為他們的附件,這個過程可能需要一生的時間來掌握哦我們的冥想課程的方式後,漫步在肯尼迪寺的場地,然後出去吃早餐。

  • So after our morning meditation, classic Energy, we're here for the Zen inspired signature breakfast here.


  • A kitchen.


  • The food here is simple but healthy and beautifully presented, all in a way that encourages the kind of mindfulness that you find in Zen practice.


  • Let's see, the name Kishan comes from a Zen expression, meaning a joyful mind.


  • Here.


  • The simple act of coming together, preparing and eating a meal are a kind of training for the mind, encouraging mindfulness and appreciation after a hearty traditional breakfast at Koshien.


  • It's just a 10 minute walk north along the Camel River to the foramen Zen and Shin Monzon district.


  • This is Shin Monzon on old part of the city famous for fine art and antiques.


  • Now you might not think it from the lack of inviting shop windows, but hidden away in these beautiful old wooden town houses, boutiques selling some of the most sought after arts and crafts in the city.


  • Let's take a look on that concludes our two day trip, exploring Kyoto's museums and traditional attractions.


  • Thanks for joining me.


  • I hope this video has inspired some ideas for your future travels.


  • For more information about this trip or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now or head over to japan guide dot com Your comprehensive up to date travelguide firsthand from Japan.

    想了解更多關於這次旅行的資訊或觀看其他視頻,請點擊螢幕上的鏈接,或前往japan guide dot com 您的綜合最新旅遊指南,來自日本的第一手資料。

  • Thanks for watching.


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one of the most popular destinations in Japan.



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