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  • It's tough, it's tough, it's draining.


  • It's draining physically.


  • It's draining mentally, the decisions that we're having to make on people, the decisions that we're having to make on people that ordinarily would survive are not surviving the coronavirus at Milton Keynes University Hospital northwest of London, it's a battle between life and death.


  • The latest covert 19 wave tearing through the UK hit the hospital with even more force than the first, as younger patients, Phillips wards and fewer of the sickest people respond to treatment.


  • 68 year old Steven Marshall initially tested negative for Covert 19, following a recent operation on his back.

    68歲的史蒂文-馬歇爾在最近的一次背部手術後,最初對 "祕密19 "的檢測呈陰性。

  • He thought he just had a cold.


  • Now he's on oxygen.


  • I couldn't get upstairs without puffing and panting, couldn't get elected without puffing and panting didn't going away.


  • You want to drink?


  • So after Wake, I just called up the ambulance.


  • But hell, I am cited staff like Joy Halladay, a consultant in intensive care and acute medicine, a grappling with the strain of exhaustion and loss, she's caring for 51 year old supermarket worker victory tha she was put on oxygen immediately.

    但見鬼了,我引見的職員像Joy Halladay,重症監護和急症醫學顧問,一個努力於疲憊和失落的壓力,她正在照顧51歲的超市工人勝利地tha她立即被放在氧氣上。

  • So we're getting a lot more people coming into hospital a lot younger and a lot fitter.


  • They're getting stewards and remedies severe.


  • But even despite that victory, tha who's young and fit and 51 still ended up needing to go onto a non of is a ventilator.


  • The youngest person being ventilated in the hospital is only 28.


  • Education Minister Gavin Williamson offered some hope on Thursday, saying the national lock down is having some impact in reducing pressure on the National Health Service, despite a grim record number of deaths Wednesday.


  • But for frontline workers like the clinical director Wasim Shamsudin, battle is far from over.

    但對於像臨床主任Wasim Shamsudin這樣的一線工作者來說,戰鬥遠未結束。

  • Intensive care hospitals are meant to be a place where we treat patients and make them better.


  • E think the difficulty is here is that even though we try our best way, you know, foe everything at the patients, including kitchen See, it just doesn't seem Thio be working in.


  • So, um, I think yes, it does get Yes, it does get to us.

    所以,嗯,我認為是的,它確實得到 是的,它確實得到了我們。

It's tough, it's tough, it's draining.



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B1 中級 中文 醫院 年輕 辛苦 生存 治療 凱恩斯

在英國的COVID-19前線,醫護人員和患者為生命而戰。 (On Britain's COVID-19 frontline, medics and patients fight for life)

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