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  • Alan, Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Easter eggs in Jurassic Park movies.


  • For this list, we've unearthed some prehistoric Easter eggs that just might blow your Mesozoic mine.


  • Did you dig this list?


  • Let us know in the comments below.


  • If you find any more Easter eggs, go on, take a crack at it.


  • Number 10 Overturned Explorer, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom If this scene gives you a feeling of deja vu, it's because you've seen the shroud of Jurassic Jungle before.

    第10名 翻車探險家,侏羅紀世界墮落王國 如果這一幕讓你有一種似曾相識的感覺,那是因為你曾經見過侏羅紀叢林的裹屍布。

  • This'll time around.


  • Ah, Grumbly Volcano spells certain doom for the dino denizens of Eastland Nublar Luckily, blues old caretaker Mr Grady comes searching for her.

    Grumbly Volcano給Eastland Nublar的恐龍居民帶來了滅頂之災 幸運的是,藍調的老管理員Grady先生來尋找她。

  • Blue greets him in the very same spot where Lex and Tim's tour vehicle was pushed over a cliff in 1993.


  • The rusty old explorer is now a fallen relic consumed by the jungle.


  • Minutes later, the vehicle is devoured by a monstrous blanket of molten lava, finally putting John Hammond's dream to rest.


  • Ah, familiar Brachiosaurus also meets a sad end as it helplessly flees the volcanic destruction.


  • Number nine Spinosaurus skeleton Jurassic World.

    九號旋龍骨架 侏羅紀世界。

  • When Alan Grant unwittingly returned to dino territory.


  • He also got front row tickets to an earthshaking clash of prehistoric tightens.


  • The spinosaurus ferociously killed a T.


  • Rex, thus claiming the island thrown of the tyrant king.


  • Oh, however, the fallen T.


  • Rex left a bone to be picked.


  • Years later, the spinosaurus skeleton is put on display in Jurassic World, and when Rexy the T.


  • Rex, stomps back into the spotlight, she decimates the spinosaurus skeleton just before battling the in Dominus.


  • It's a perfectly placed Easter egg that reminds us that dinosaur fights are always full of prehistoric surprises.


  • Yeah, number eight Blood Drops Jurassic World.


  • When the fiendish and Dominus Rex breaks loose on Isla Nublar, so does all hell mas Ronnie sends in Jen's a C you into the jungle to try and contain the chaos.

    當惡魔和Dominus Rex在Isla Nublar上鬆動時,所有的地獄mas Ronnie派Jen's a C you進入叢林,試圖控制混亂。

  • The Easter egg in this scene could easily go right over your head.


  • Aspiring, chaotic tions may be swift to observe that the blood dripping on the commander's arm falls in two different directions.


  • This is a nod to the scene when Malcolm flirts with Dr Sattler, illustrating chaos theory with water droplets on her hand change.


  • This nifty little Easter egg hints that an unpredictable monster is about to drop in on the A C u.

    這個精巧的小復活節彩蛋暗示著一個不可預知的怪物即將降臨在A C u。

  • The in Dominus starts a savage game of peekaboo and puts a few of the A C U soldiers in the I.

    in Dominus開始了一場野蠻的偷窺遊戲,並把幾個A C U阿兵哥在I。

  • C U Number seven The Shining Jurassic Park.

    C U第七號《閃亮的侏羅紀公園》。

  • You like shining references, Doc.


  • Here's an Easter egg you might have overlooked.


  • If this scene gives you a feeling of deja vu, you might be sensing some Q brick in the kitchen.


  • Oh a Z.


  • The velociraptors prowl through the curious maze of culinary contraptions.


  • Lex and Tim frantically try to hide.


  • Lex hides inside a metal kitchen cupboard.


  • Justus Danny did when hiding from Jack Torrance.


  • Go check out both movies and you'll see what we mean and similar to Wendy Trapping Jack in the pantry.


  • Tim and Lex narrowly avoid becoming a rapture snack by trapping a wrapped ER in the freezer.


  • Her wow number six blockbuster video.


  • The Lost World.


  • Jurassic Park.


  • One of the most awesome scenes in the Lost World was the T Rex Rampage through San Diego.


  • The Rex hops off the boat and goes off on a little downtown excursion.


  • He gets a bite to eat, shows everyone is Godzilla impression, and he even makes friends with a bus that wants to play with him.


  • Theo Bus makes an unscheduled stop a blockbuster video where you can spots, Um, funny movie posters with familiar faces Robin Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks and even the Creature from the Black Lagoon appear on posters around the store.

    西奧巴士使一個不定期的停止大片視頻,在那裡你可以點,嗯,有趣的電影海報與熟悉的面孔羅賓 - 威廉姆斯、 阿諾德 - 施瓦辛格、 湯姆 - 漢克斯和甚至從黑色瀉湖的生物出現在海報上週圍的商店。

  • The T Rex might have gone a little overboard with all the mayhem, but he sure knows how to make it a blockbuster night.

    T Rex可能在所有的混亂中做得有點過頭了,但他肯定知道如何使它成為一個大片的夜晚。

  • Number five.


  • Winston's Jurassic World.


  • Jurassic World spared no expense when it came toe wining and dining Honestly, Nublar, you may have noticed Ben and Jerry's and Margaritaville, but did you notice a restaurant called Winstons?

    侏羅紀世界在餐飲方面不遺餘力 老實說,Nublar,你可能注意到了Ben and Jerry's和Margaritaville,但你注意到了一家叫Winstons的餐廳嗎?

  • This Easter egg is a tip of the hat to stand Winston, the special effects wizard who created dinosaurs for the first three Jurassic films.


  • Having created movie monsters like Terminator and Predator, Winston and his crew designed cutting edge animatronic dinosaurs to appear in camera with actors, these stunningly lifelike dinosaurs astonished actors and movie goers alike.


  • So here's a toast to Stan Winston and his movie Magic Number four wrapped her DNA code.


  • Jurassic Park.


  • The finale of Jurassic Park is packed with Mawr close shaves than you can fit in a barbarous all can So it's easy to miss this Easter egg Gonna come through the glass Mhm a za Grant Sattler, Lex and Tim are hunted by raptors in the control room A clever Easter egg appears on a clever girl wrapped her I'd Viewers will notice that the letters a C g t are projected onto the rapture Scalea skin.

    侏羅紀公園的結局是擠滿了Mawr密切的剃鬚比你可以在一個野蠻的所有可以所以很容易錯過這個復活節彩蛋要來通過玻璃Mhm a za格蘭特Sattler,萊克斯和蒂姆被追捕的迅猛龍在控制室一個聰明的復活節彩蛋出現在一個聰明的女孩包裹她的我d觀眾會注意到字母a C g t被投射到快感Scalea皮膚。

  • These letters stand for adenine, cytosine, guanine and they, I mean the four nuclear bases that make up a DNA molecule.


  • Pretty cool, huh?


  • Girl number three T Rex Scars, Jurassic World and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.


  • Henry Wu should have made the in Dominus Rex with some different genes because she just got too big for her britches.

    Henry Wu應該用不同的基因來製作Dominus Rex,因為她的體型太大了。

  • Luckily, Rexy came to the rescue and helped feed that darn and dominance to the Moses.


  • Orris Rexy got pretty scratched up in that fight, but a sharp I will notice some old battle scars from a fight long ago.


  • Theo Weathered scars on her neck are the same scars she got from fighting the velociraptors in 1993.


  • Number two, King Kong, The Lost World.


  • Jurassic Park, The daring hunter Roland Tembo ended his East Lasorda safari by hunting a Buck t rex with a tranquilizer rifle.


  • But when the Rex woke up from his nap, he was trapped aboard an engine cargo ship headed for San Diego, and the name of that ship was the SS Venture.

    但當雷克斯從睡夢中醒來時,他被困在一艘開往聖地亞哥的引擎貨輪上,而那艘船的名字叫SS Venture號。

  • If that name rings a bell, that's because its the same ship that brought King Kong to New York City in the 1933 film King Kong lived on a scary Dinosaur Island, too.


  • So this Easter egg is a perfect little salute to a classic movie.


  • Yeah, before we unveil our topic, here are some honorable mentions.


  • A guy named Backer Jurassic Park, a nod to famous paleontologist Robert T.

    一個叫Backer Jurassic Park的傢伙,向著名的古生物學家Robert T致敬。

  • Backer.


  • And then my teacher told me about this other book by a guy named Backer and he Dino Toy Fight Jurassic Park three.

    然後我的老師告訴我這另一本書,是一個叫Backer的人寫的,他Dino Toy Fight Jurassic Park three。

  • Grant plays with figures foreshadowing the fight between the T Rex and spinosaurus.


  • Actually, Charlie doesn't hurt before they really wouldn't be interested in fighting with each other, but these ones here carnivores and they really like fighting with each other.


  • Goonies outfits, Jurassic Park, Dennis Andries shirts and jackets bears striking similarities to those rocked by Goonies kids.


  • So nobody cares.


  • John Hammond Statue Jurassic World A statue of John Hammond stands tall and proud in the Jurassic World Visitor Center from dinosaurs.

    約翰-哈蒙德雕像 侏羅紀世界 約翰-哈蒙德的雕像在侏羅紀世界遊客中心高高在上,傲然屹立,來自恐龍。

  • When Threat Gorgo The Lost World, Jurassic Park, the T Rex rampages through a city to find a son just like Gore goes, Mom did way continue.


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  • Mhm Number one Jaws, Jurassic Park Even if Jurassic Park's resident computer programmer Dennison Edri, was up to no good, at least he had good taste in movies.

    第一部《大白鯊》,《侏羅紀公園》 即使《侏羅紀公園》的常駐電腦程序員丹尼森-艾德利,不務正業,但至少他的電影品味不錯。

  • Nedra is cluttered.


  • Desk might distract you from this Easter egg, but if you look closely, you'll spot one of Steven Spielberg's most famous movies playing on his computer.


  • You might have to squint to see it, but rest assured, that's the classic shark movie that we all know and love.


  • Joe Awesome, right?


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


Alan, Welcome to watch Mojo.



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