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  • Yes, we welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 longest reign at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 way sounds in the music the moment you won't never let it go for this list.


  • We're looking at 10 songs and artists with the longest rains at number one in Hot 100 History for the purposes of this list will be including songs that reigned at number one for a considerable time.

    我們正在尋找10首在Hot 100歷史上排名第一的歌曲和藝術家,為了這個榜單的目的,將包括相當長的時間內統治第一的歌曲。

  • Ed.


  • Artists who have strung together multiple consecutive number one hits will be ranking our picks based on the number of weeks at the top, the legacy of the song and the records it broke along the way.


  • Number 10 Macarena Bayside Boys remix Los Del Rio Macarena is Legacy might be limited toe weddings and other such events, but this song was actually a massive hit in the fall of 1996.

    10號Macarena Bayside Boys remix Los Del Rio Macarena is Legacy可能僅限於婚禮和其他此類活動,但這首歌實際上在1996年秋季大受歡迎。

  • Macarena was already an established hit in various South American countries and North American cities with a significant Latino presence, including Miami and New York.


  • In 1995 the Bayside Boys remix the song with English lyrics, and the song shot off in North America Theory.

    1995年,Bayside Boys用英文歌詞對這首歌進行了重新編曲,這首歌在北美理論界一炮而紅。

  • Mix reached number one in August of 1996 and remained at the top for 14 weeks, making the Macarena remix one of the most successful songs in Hot 100 history.

    Mix在1996年8月登上了第一名,並在榜首停留了14周,使Macarena的混音成為Hot 100歷史上最成功的歌曲之一。

  • Number nine D.

    九號 D.

  • Esposito.


  • Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee Yeah, you knew this was coming.

    路易斯-方西的特色是 "美國佬爸爸",是的,你知道會有這樣的結果。

  • There was seemingly no stopping the freight train that was Esposito.


  • The song first made its appearance on the charts in February 2017, when it debuted at number 88 and it peaked at number 44 before Justin Bieber was brought on, thanks to BB's, the songs shot to number one, where it remained for 16 weeks.


  • This makes Esposito tied for the longest reign at number one in Hot 100 history.

    這使得埃斯波西託成為Hot 100歷史上蟬聯第一的最長時間。

  • It also spent a whopping 52 weeks atop the Latin Songs chart, and its music video became the most watched video on YouTube after reaching three billion views.


  • It has since your past seven billion.


  • Is there no stopping this song?


  • Number eight.


  • Candle in the Wind 1997.


  • Something about the Way You Look Tonight.


  • Elton John, Candle in the Wind was originally released in 1973 in honor of Marilyn Monroe goodbye in his role may well growing Hall, Elton John and Bernie Taupin reworked the song and re released it 24 years later as a tribute to the late Princess Diana, who was famously killed in a car crash.


  • It was released as a double a side along something about the Way You Look Tonight, and the double single was an instant success.


  • It became Elton John's ninth Number one and Top the Hot 100 for 14 weeks.

    這張唱片成為埃爾頓-約翰的第九張冠軍專輯,並連續14周位居Hot 100榜首。

  • But it's stopping, you're.


  • It was also the first single to ever be certified diamond in the US, meaning 10 million sales, and it is currently the second highest selling single of all time at 33 million copies.


  • Number seven God's Plan.


  • Nice for what and in my feelings Drake, though One dance topped the hot 100 for 10 nonconsecutive weeks in 2016, I need a one dance got at a scene.


  • My Drakes year was undeniably 2018.


  • It was then that God's plan debuted at number one and remained at the top of the hot 100 for 11 weeks.


  • Was Plan guys playing E hope that sometimes I won't pretty impressive until you take into account that Drake dethroned himself with Nice for what?

    是計劃的傢伙玩E希望,有時我不會相當令人印象深刻,直到你考慮到德雷克 dethroned自己與尼斯什麼?

  • And then it just becomes mind boggling.


  • With nice for what debuted at number one, Drake became the first artist in history to have a Number one debut dethrone a previous number one debut.


  • High school picture was even bad day.


  • You can't stress enough.


  • No lover in the past, kids Nice for what lasted four consecutive weeks at number one, giving Drake 15 consecutive weeks atop the hot 100.


  • Then, later that same year in my feelings would go on to top the billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks.

    然後,同年晚些時候,在我的感覺會去頂部的billboard熱100 10周。

  • Kiki, Love Me, Are you writing?


  • So you never believe from beside Me?


  • Number six.


  • I Will always love you, Whitney Houston.


  • It's not often that a voice like Whitney Houston's comes along, so it's nice that it got the sort of enduring recognition it deserves.


  • So goodbye Thats Song has always been considered Houston's masterpiece due to her incredible vocals, and it's also her most popular.

    So goodbye Thats Song一直被認為是休斯頓的代表作,因為她驚人的唱功,這也是她最受歡迎的作品。

  • The song debuted at number 40 but reached number one on Lee two weeks later.


  • It then remained at the top of the charts for 14 weeks, which set the record for the longest running number, one single in hot 100 history.


  • Up to that point, while Houston has since been dethroned, her song and memory have lived on and we will always love her.


  • Number 51 Sweet Day, Mariah Carey and Boyz Two Men, both Mariah Carey and Boyz Two men dominated the nineties.

    51號甜蜜的日子,瑪麗亞-凱莉和Boyz Two Men,瑪麗亞-凱莉和Boyz Two Men都是九十年代的主宰。

  • So why not collaborate and get double the dominance?


  • That's what they did with one sweet day.


  • It was an instant and insanely massive success, debuting at number one and remaining at the top of the chart for 16 consecutive weeks, a record that stood for over 20 years before D.


  • Esposito tied it in 2017.


  • It was also Mariah Carey's 10th number one single.


  • But if you think she peaked in the nineties, think again.


  • Almost 10 years after the release of One Sweet Day, Kerry released, We Belong Together, her comeback single that spent 14 nonconsecutive weeks at number one.

    在《One Sweet Day》發行近10年後,Kerry推出了她的復出單曲《We Belong Together》,這首單曲連續14周蟬聯榜首。

  • I didn't mean it when I said I did no e number number four.


  • I wanna Hold your hand, She loves you and can't buy me Love the Beatles.


  • Yeah, suffice it to say that the Beatles were pretty popular.


  • Let me a little I Wanna Hold Your Hand was a massive and unexpected success, spending seven weeks atop the Billboard chart before being declared the number one song of 1964.

    Let me a little I Wanna Hold Your Hand取得了意想不到的巨大成功,在公告牌榜單上停留了七週,然後被宣佈為1964年的頭號歌曲。

  • They then knock themselves off with She Loves You, the first time in act had dethroned itself since Elvis did it nearly 10 years earlier.

    然後,他們用 "她愛你 "打掉了自己,這是自貓王在近10年前做了這件事後,第一次在行為上推翻了自己。

  • Free life.


  • They replaced themselves yet again with Can't Buy Me Love, Making the Beatles, the Onley artists in history to have three consecutive self replacing number one singles.


  • The three songs spent a combined 14 weeks atop the Billboard chart, a feat that was unheard of in 1964.


  • Number three.


  • Old Town Road and Old Town Road Remix.


  • Little Nas X.


  • When it comes to fusion genres, country rap probably isn't the first name to come to mind is a particularly popular one.


  • Neither is Billy Ray Cyrus.


  • If we're talking country superstars after the two thousands, I got the horses in the black or stock is attached.


  • That is Maddie Black Got the Bushes Black My and yet American rapper Lil Nas X wasn't Onley ableto effortlessly put the two together in the late 2010.

    那就是麥迪黑了灌木叢黑了我的,然而美國說唱歌手Lil Nas X並不是Onley能夠毫不費力地在2010年末將這兩者結合在一起。

  • He was also able to make history with them.


  • When two versions of Old Town Road topped the Billboard hot 100 for 19 weeks, no less.


  • My Life is a smooth cowboy hat from Gucci rank around my booty.


  • And this, despite the fact that Billboard had previously removed the original version from the Hot Country songs chart.


  • Following viral success on Tick Tock, the Hannah Montana actor and country singer showed his support by contributing to the 2019 remix Hat Down Cross Town, Living like a rock star.

    繼Tick Tock上的病毒式成功之後,漢娜蒙塔納演員和鄉村歌手通過為2019年的混音Hat Down Cross Town貢獻了他的支持,像搖滾明星一樣生活。

  • Spend a lot of money on my brand new guitar, and the rest, as they say, is history.


  • I'm gonna take my horse, Thio, I'm gonna right Number two, I'll make Love to You and on bended knee Boyz Two Men Remember what we said about Boyz Two men dominating the nineties?

    "我要騎上我的馬,Thio,我要做對的事" "我要和你做愛,屈膝跪下" "Boyz Two Men "還記得我們說過 "Boyz Two Men "是90年代的主宰嗎?

  • Yeah, we weren't kidding.


  • They're single.


  • End of the road peaked for 13 consecutive weeks in the fall of 1992.


  • I'll make Love to You, then reached number one in 1994 and remained at the top for 14 weeks, tying the record that Whitney Houston has set two years earlier.

    I'll make Love to You,然後在1994年登頂第一,並在榜首停留了14周,打破了惠特尼-休斯頓兩年前創造的紀錄。

  • They then replace themselves at number one with on bended knee the first time that an artist has done so since the Beatles accomplished the feat 30 years earlier.


  • The two songs spent a combined 20 weeks at number one For four straight months.


  • It was nothing but Boyz two men.


  • Wait, Dave.


  • Before we unveil our topic, here are a few honorable mentions.


  • See you again with Khalifa featuring Charlie Booth Day without you, my friend.


  • Hot in here and Dilemma, Nelly E o All right.

    這裡很熱,還有 "兩難",耐莉-伊 好吧

  • Thank you.


  • Theo Boy is mine.


  • Brandy and Monica.


  • I'll be missing you and Mo money mo problems Puff Daddy Seems like yesterday Way show e likes to track you locked flow e know you see me die seeing it fly Uptown Funk Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars Don't believe me Just watch Want more mojo Sound Mojo brings you music from new and emerging artists in all genres from across the globe from interviews, toe live shows and deep dives into music culture Sound Mojo has you covered Be sure to check out sound mojo to find your new favorite artists.

    我會想念你和莫錢莫問題泡芙爸爸似乎像昨天的方式顯示e喜歡跟蹤你鎖定的流量e知道你看到我死看到它飛Uptown Funk馬克龍森特色布魯諾-馬爾斯不相信我只是看想要更多的mojo聲音Mojo為您帶來的音樂從新的和新興的藝術家在所有類型的全球從採訪,腳趾現場表演和深入到音樂文化聲音Mojo有你覆蓋一定要檢查出聲音mojo找到你的新的最喜愛的藝術家。

  • Brave you.


  • Yeah.


  • So no Number one boom, boom Pau and I gotta feeling the Black eyed Peas.


  • Remember in 2009, when the Black Eyed Peas were everywhere?


  • Good times I got that boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.


  • Let me get a boom boom.


  • Powell was the band's first number one single in the US, and it held the peak position for 12 consecutive weeks.


  • Not bad for your first number one, but they were just getting started.


  • I got a feeling debuted at number to securing the band, the top two positions on the chart that tonight's gonna be a good night.

    我有一種感覺,首次亮相的數字,以確保樂隊, 前兩個位置在排行榜上,今晚會是一個很好的夜晚。

  • It then dethroned boom, boom Pau and held the top for a further 14 weeks.


  • Together, the two songs spent a combined 26 consecutive weeks atop the hot 100.


  • This means that the Black Eyed Peas held the number one spot for basically half of 2000 and nine.


  • I like that boom boom powered them chickens jacking my style.


  • They try to cover my swagger.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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Yes, we welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 longest reign at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 way sounds in the music the moment you won't never let it go for this list.



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