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  • the UK is helping can you prepare to roll out covert 19 vaccines?


  • British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said on Wednesday.


  • The U.


  • K has provided technical assistance, but questions are being raised not about the technical but the financial burden countries across Africa face to protect their populations.


  • Mhm Kenya has ordered 24 million doses through an African Union initiative which aims to supplement those being provided through the Kovacs global vaccine sharing scheme.


  • The EU fears the Kovacs supply may not extend beyond frontline healthcare workers.


  • A draft briefing prepared by the African Export Import Bank shows African nations will pay between $3.10 dollars per dose toe access the A used 270 million co vid 19 shots.

    非洲進出口銀行編寫的一份簡報草案顯示,非洲國家將支付每劑3.10美元之間的費用,以獲取A用2.7億co vid 19鏡頭。

  • And while those prices are heavily discounted compared to what's being paid in wealthier parts of the world, some experts worry that countries already grappling with the economic impact of the pandemic will have to shoulder MAWR debt.


  • According to Tim Jones, head of policy at British charity the Jubilee debt campaign, no country should have to take on debt in order to pay for the vaccine.

    英國慈善機構 "朱比利債務運動 "的政策負責人蒂姆-瓊斯認為,任何國家都不應該為了支付疫苗而舉債。

  • The document, shared with Reuters by two sources provides the first public details on the prices manufacturers are offering the continent outside Kovacs.


  • The companies involved Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and the Serum Institute of India did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


  • How much each country's offered is determined by population to take their full allocations.


  • Nigeria would pay roughly $283 million.


  • Cash strapped copper producer Zambia would have to find 25 million last week, AU Chair and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said arrangements have been made with the Export Import Bank to support member states who want vaccines.


  • The documents said Countries can pay back loans over 5 to 7 years.


  • The bank declined to answer questions on the terms, saying the briefing was a draft and meant for confidential discussion by a team from the AU.


  • That team also declined to comment.


the UK is helping can you prepare to roll out covert 19 vaccines?



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擔心非洲疫苗會造成債務負擔 (Fears Africa's vaccines will create debt burden)

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