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  • Did you know these two letters can be

  • pronounced in three different ways?

  • They can be /d/, /t/ or /id/. Here's how to find out which.

  • First, feel your neck. Ifsound makes it vibrate like /d/,

  • then it's voiced. If it doesn't like /t/, then it isn't.

  • Where 'ed' comes after a vowel or a voiced

  • consonant then pronounce it as /d/ -

  • which is a voiced sound.

  • Played, used.

  • If you have 'ed' after an unvoiced

  • sound then it sounds like /t/.

  • An unvoiced sound. Looked, helped.

  • If you have t or d then 'ed' becomes /id/ -

  • it's just easier to say. Wanted, needed.

  • So if 'ed' comes after a voiced sound,

  • then it's voiced. If it comes after an unvoiced

  • sound, then it's unvoiced and if it

  • comes after /t/ or /d/, then it's /id/.

Did you know these two letters can be


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3 ways to pronounce 'ed' - English In A Minute

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