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  • well good morning good morning guys good morning  guys we haven't filmed for a few days we took a  


  • few days off yeah we had work to do around the  in and around the property and we also had some  


  • computer work to do on our computers some editing  for you guys you have videos to keep watching  

    電腦上做 一些 電腦工作。為你們剪輯,您有可以繼續觀看的視頻,

  • yeah um but yeah today is our final day in cordoba  we are just packing up and checking out of the  


  • cottage so we thought we would give you a little  tour guys the temperature dropped like crazy  

    小屋中 退房, 所以我們認為我們會給您一些旅行夥伴,就像 我們

  • we went from almost 30 degrees to like basically  zero like that's mountain weather for you we had  

    瘋狂地降溫一樣 從幾乎30度到基本上為零,那是您的山區天氣,我們以

  • base it's spring here early spring we had a taste  of summer we had like almost 30 degrees and then  

    這裡的春天 為 基礎,初春時節我們嚐到了夏天的味道,我們接近30度,然後

  • it fell back into winter we never really had any  spring temperatures it was crazy summer and winter  


  • while we were here and yeah well just to give you  a little heads up about what's happening today  

    ,我們在這裡時,是的,只是為了讓您對今天的情況 有所

  • we have to drive back to cordoba argentina to drop  off the rental car yeah before that we're going to  

    了解, 我們必須開車回阿根廷科爾多瓦,下車租車,是的,然後我們將

  • stop in the town of alta gracia see do a little  sightseeing this is said c which i should say yes  

    在鎮上停下來。阿爾塔gracia see做一點觀光,這是說c,我應該說是的,

  • he's starting to pick up the language i'm starting  to speak spanish automatically and the maid is  


  • coming to clean yeah so yeah we need to get going  soon basically we do so we're going to show you uh  

    來打掃了,是的,是的,我們需要盡快 出發, 基本上是這樣我們將向您展示

  • basically the towns we visit on the way to cordoba  and we'll take you on the the night overnight bus  

    基本上是我們 去科爾多瓦 途中所訪問的城鎮,我們將帶您 去往圖庫曼

  • that we're taking to tucuman we are going to  tucuman a new destination your destination  

    的夜間通宵巴士 ,我們將去圖庫曼一個新的目的地,您的目的地

  • all right very exciting so cottage tour this time  around we rented a much smaller cabin the last  

    很好令人興奮的是,這次這次山寨之旅我們上次 在這裡 租了一個小得多的小屋,

  • time we were here yeah so little kitchen area  which we didn't really use we don't really cook  

    是的,廚房面積很小,我們並沒有真正使用 ,我們旅行時 並沒有做

  • that much when we're traveling we made  breakfast toast keep it simple we made toast  


  • dining area yeah large enough for five people  


  • then this is the living area and slash bedroom  sofas are also beds so if it's like a family with  

    那麼這就是起居區,斜線臥室沙發也是床,所以如果這就像一個有 三個孩子

  • three kids visiting yeah the kids would have their  little slumber party out here or or when we bring  

    的家庭, 是的,孩子們在這里或當我們開會的時候,帶上

  • your dad along or my dad is like dad took one of  the sofa beds yeah so yeah and then through here


  • we have our little sink area bathroom  we've got the shower yeah the toilet  

    我們有了小洗手池區的浴室,我們有淋浴,是的 ,那天 廁所

  • the day and i threw a towel there as a curtain  because it's see-through uses see-through glass  


  • i don't know guys oh this was the most important  thing a stove for the last two days we've had  


  • this stove going it's it's just it's been  a game changer because it's so cold outside  


  • so cool it's been a lifesaver it's the only reason  we haven't frozen that's true um and this was our  


  • bedroom this is where sam and i stayed we stayed  at uh basically family friends family friends such  


  • nice people it's nice to to get to spend time with  them and last night we had some wine with them  


  • we did empanadas and dessert and liqueur and yeah  whiskey and whiskey so yeah we we had a great  

    我們做了意大利肉餡捲餅,甜點,利口酒,威士忌和威士忌,是的,我們在 這裡 度過了一段美好

  • great time here it's part of the reason we're  leaving so late today but yeah that's part of  

    的時光,這是我們今天要離開這麼晚的一部分 原因 ,但是,那是 無論如何

  • the reason anyways yeah it's time to get going  it's past noon we need to head to cordoba

    的一部分 原因,是的是時候去了,已經是中午了,我們需要前往rdoba

  • is

  • this is our lunch today we are having the fried  empanadas that i can't stop thinking about  

    這是今天的午餐,我們 要吃 炸的肉餡捲餅,我不能停止想

  • these are so good it's sweet  beef because it has raisins


  • yum yum it's hot enough just delicious yeah  yeah they heated them up for us huh yeah yeah  


  • we got half a dozen tulips and very very tasty  i know it was like what 500 pesos which is about  


  • like eight bucks or something eight us dollars  that includes our drinks and we got dessert  


  • yeah so and we're probably i don't even know if  we'll eat all these so might be a snack later


  • so  


  • well well back in the vehicle yeah we we we've  been driving for a while i'd say we were like  


  • like about halfway the cordoba at this point yeah  i'd say so we decided to break up the journey  

    科爾多瓦的一半路了,是的,說所以我們決定 在阿爾塔格拉西亞(Alta gracia)停下

  • with a stop here in alta gracia where i would say  the main attraction in the city is an old jesuit  

    來中斷旅程 ,我想說這個城市的主要景點是古老的耶穌會士

  • estancia there's quite a few of them in cordoba  but this one is very popular so yeah we went in  


  • there it was by donation by donation it's it's  quite grand there's a fascinating terrace to walk  


  • around you also you go into these rooms and they  have like of course different theme rooms there's  


  • art there's you know old artifacts shows the types  of beds they used to sleep on which you found  


  • fascinating they're so little they're such little  beds like did people's legs not dangle off yeah  


  • yeah there's a nice little garden area a pathway  to walk around and so yeah it made for a nice stop  


  • i mean by no means are we gonna like visit this  whole city but for just a quick little pit stop on  


  • the way to the airport to drop off the car it was  a it was definitely interesting i'd recommend it  

    去機場的路上 進站的時候停下

  • yeah but i would also say it's nicer to come on  like a sunny day blue skies warmer weather because  


  • today there's such a chill in the air that just  penetrates your bones and we didn't last out there  

    是的,但是我也要說,天氣晴朗,晴天,藍藍的天空,因為 今天

  • very long now we're just warming up winter's  last hurrah yeah in spring here in argentina

    天氣 寒冷,這樣比較好在空氣中滲入您的骨頭,我們並沒有持續 很長時間,現在我們只是在阿根廷,在這裡溫暖冬天冬天的最後一次歡呼,是的,

  • maybe they're well fed

    也許他們受夠了 我們已經到達了 阿根廷

  • we've made it to the bus terminal in cordoba  argentina hello it's time for a much needed  


  • update you know to be honest all three of us  have been tired today we were actually when we  


  • were driving taking the rental car back to the  airport we were having a yawning competition  

    開車把租車帶回機場時,我們 在汽車上

  • in the car we're just like it's just one of  those days the weather's cold it's gray outside  

    打著一場打哈欠的比賽 ,就像那隻是其中的一天天氣很冷,外面還是灰色的,

  • anyways we've made it to the bus terminal we're  so happy to have found this little restaurant  

    我們到了公共汽車總站,我們很高興能 在這兒 找到一家小餐館

  • here we've come here before it's kind of a diner  style yeah and yeah we've just basically placed a  


  • little order we're going to have carlitos  that's what you ordered anglicon gas and  


  • milanesa napolitano which is a milanesa with  tomato sauce and cheese like a schnitzel  


  • yeah and i should also mention that this was  our first time to rent a car in argentina and  

    是啊,我也應該指出,這是我們第一次租在阿根廷和 它 一車

  • it was a very positive experience um we've got  a good price it's really hard to find automatic  

    一Milanesa酒店 是一次非常積極的經歷,嗯,我們的價格很高, 在這裡

  • cars here i'd say like over 90 or manual right  yeah and so for us to actually find one was was  

    很難找到自動 駕駛汽車,我會說要超過90或手動對,所以對於我們來說,實際上找到的是,

  • you know like a needle in the haystack almost  the car ended up being great and allowed us  


  • to kind of get around in the sierras of cordoba  where there's a lot of windy roads and little  


  • towns to visit also we had so many errands to do  so it just made things so much easier so if you're  

    城鎮可供參觀,而且我們有很多差事要做 ,這只 會使事情變得容易得多,所以如果您

  • thinking of renting a car in argentina definitely  consider it it really opens things up for you and  


  • this won't be our last rental we're going to also  rent a car later on in salta and then maybe even  


  • another time on this trip so yeah there's overall  positive experience and we're just tired hungry  

    在這次旅行中 再租一次車, 所以是的,總體上是積極的而且我們只是餓著肚子

  • waiting for food we still have four more hours to  kill if you can believe it until we catch our bus  

    等著食物,如果您能相信,直到我們上車了 , 我們還有四個多小時要殺死,

  • so yeah it's just one of those really long travel  days guys but um yeah that's the update take a  


  • look at that so i've got ham a layer of cheese  a little bit of tomato sauce and some oregano  

    。所以我要在火腿上加一層奶酪,再加一點番茄醬,再在牛筋 上撒

  • sprinkles on top guys my stomach hasn't been well  for a few days the first time i felt really hungry  

    一些牛至 ,我幾天來第一次肚子 就 感覺不舒服,

  • so i'm i'm taking a risk having a big  meal right on the bus well good luck


  • probably i may regret this but


  • it's pretty good man it's not the best i've  ever had but for plus terminal food it'll do


  • well well now we can say welcome to document  we made it to the different officially we are  


  • actually in the apartment it's only what like five  blocks away from the bus terminal yeah we were  


  • able to find a really nice place right downtown  i think we're like a block and a half away from  

    能夠在市中心找到一個非常不錯的地方,我認為我們距 主要廣場僅

  • the main square exactly and it's so it's nice to  be in a nice big apartment again lots of space  

    一個街區半個街區, 因此再次入住一間不錯的大公寓真是太好了

  • there's actually two and a half bathrooms  here oh what a luxury a toilet per person  


  • and um i want to end off by showing you something  cool in the kitchen there's like a quote here  


  • a quote an inspiring quote yes it caught samuel  jeffrey's attention i'll read it here for you life  


  • is like a camera you focus on what's important  capture the good times develop from the negative  

    就像一台照相機,您專注於重要的 事情,

  • and if things don't work out take another shot  i don't why we don't we don't often end with a  

    從消極的方面捕捉美好的時光 ,如果事情不能解決,那就再拍一張。一個

  • life advice but i think that's a pretty  good advice a little inspiration yeah


  • well good afternoon guys we have made it  to tucuman here we are new place for us  


  • none of us has ever been here no no completely new  destination new city new province we got a leader  


  • of the house wine check that out today today we're  going uh local local they say this wine's been  

    今天 得到了 自家葡萄酒檢查的負責人,我們今天他們說這種酒已經

  • served here for 30 years and no one has complained  yet so we're gonna give you the very dick in  


  • no time but just in case we order some uh club  soda yeah soda water and uh in case we have to  


  • water it down the food is here we've already  dug in we started with the empanadas as a little  

    食物澆水,我們已經在這裡挖了,我們開始是肉餡捲餅, 它是北部 的小

  • appetizer here in the north they're a lot smaller  they're not like a maine no i mean unless you eat  


  • like five or six yeah like an appetizer a little  appetizer and we each got a different one my dad  


  • had beef it's almost disappeared i had chicken  sam ordered cheese we squeezed a little bit of  


  • lemon on top they're extremely good very tasty  but aside from the empanada you ordered quite  

    在上面 擠了一點 檸檬,它們非常好吃,但是除了肉餡捲餅你訂購

  • the masterpiece here tell us about this so this  is a locro basically it comes in a bread basket  


  • and you've got various ingredients here look at  you can see the beans like like a corn stew would  


  • you say yeah it's like a it's a hearty stew from  the north of argentina yeah and it's got some meat  


  • it's got beans it's got vegetables can't wait to  try it i'm gonna try a bite here it's piping hot  


  • oh man it reminds me so much of split pea soup  oh it's so delicious it's a little cold today  


  • yeah in fact it's really cold today and so this  is like the perfect kind of hearty stew to eat  


  • all right cheers guys the house wine cheers to the  start of our trip through the north of argentina  


  • so far it's been a fantastic lunch huh everything  we've tried has been delicious i don't know how we  


  • had room but two desserts guys look at this yeah  so this one is the regional dessert it's basically  


  • different types of sweets with cheese and nuts  yeah personally i only recognize the figs and  


  • then that's either like pumpkin or sweet potato  and we have other fruits from the north that i  


  • just i don't know the names i don't know what they  are and then the other dessert we got is a layered  


  • cake yeah and in between each layer you have dulce  de leche which is kind of like a caramel made with  

    蛋糕,是的,在每一層之間,您都有dulce de leche,有點像

  • milk and you also have meringue why don't you  guys try a bite of that that looks good too i  

    牛奶 製成的焦糖 ,你也有酥皮,你們為什麼不嘗試一口看起來不錯的食物呢,我

  • won't say no to that did we need two desserts  probably not it's a sticky dessert let me see  


  • it's like a caramelized brown sugar it's different  yeah yeah definitely good definitely good  


  • i don't know how we're gonna do any  sightseeing after this well leave me some


  • sleepy i'm a little risky don't touch me too


  • much


  • r a regular argentina


  • blanco


  • well guys we're getting a bit of a history lesson  here at la casita de tucuman the little house of  

    好傢伙我們在這裡變得有點一堂歷史課在La間小屋圖庫曼 圖庫曼

  • Tucumán which is where argentine independence  was signed to effect 1816 july 9 people

    的小房子 這就是阿根廷獨立是7月9人 前 簽署生效1816 呀哪裡這是他們

  • ago yeah where this is the place where they  declared the independence from spain here  

    在 宣布脫離西班牙獨立這裡的地方

  • in argentina it's called this is known as the  house of Tucumán you know but it actually is  


  • independence house it's a nice building very  colonial is the original restored of course  


  • and i remember when we used to  go to school when we were kids  

    ,我記得當我們 每年還是 小孩的時候,我們

  • every year for independence day you had to make  a a drawing of this house and they they taught us  

    每年上獨立日都 去上學時, 你必須為這所房子做圖他們

  • in school all the history about it and uh yeah  that's uh that's a little bit of uh history uh  

    在學校裡 教了我們 所有關於它的歷史,是的,那是一點點的歷史,嗯,

  • clip you know here in tucuman here from tucuman  from house of tucuman well we're back in the place


  • for really cold weather  built with a brick and mortar  

    了真正寒冷 的地方 用磚和灰漿

  • and that thing you know holds humidity we only  have a couple of these electric heaters that  


  • they don't do much you know so we're having  tea and coffee to stay warm and biscuits


  • warm up there you go whatever whatever whatever  is available right it's been a full day since we  

    在那裡變暖,無論如何自從我們 今天早上到達這裡 已經整整一天

  • arrived this morning here we haven't stopped  but we had a very productive afternoon we  


  • were able to book our tour for tomorrow so  we're going to be doing a full day excursion  

    能夠預訂明天的旅行,所以我們將進行 12 天的全天遊覽

  • 12 hours we're getting picked up at 8 00 am  we'll be back 8 p.m and we'll be visiting  


  • yeah in the ruins of gilmes yeah supposed  to be an interesting day it's going to be a  

    在吉爾默斯廢墟中 參觀, 是的,這應該是有趣的一天,它將是一個

  • beautiful views and stuff like that a lot  of different uh landscape so that's it for  


  • today that's it for today thanks for watching and  more from Tucumán yeah it's coming coming bye you

    今天 就是它今天感謝收看,更從圖庫曼沒錯這就是未來的未來再見你

well good morning good morning guys good morning  guys we haven't filmed for a few days we took a  



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