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  • got a new Big Three in the n B A, and it's in the Big Apple.

    有一個新的三巨頭在N B A,它是在大蘋果。

  • The news of James Harden heading to Brooklyn to join K D and Kyrie is still sinking in for many, and now it's official.

    詹姆斯-哈登前往布魯克林加盟K D和凱里的消息,很多人還在沉思,現在官方已經公佈了。

  • The four team trade that landed Harden in Brooklyn was officially announced earlier today.


  • Remember, this deal comes after months of speculation about the future of the 2018 league M V P, who wanted to be traded to the team.

    記住,這筆交易是在對2018年聯賽M V P的未來進行了幾個月的猜測之後,他想被交易到球隊。

  • He got traded to the team he wanted, creating a virtual finals or bust expectation.


  • GM Sean Marks on making the move for heart.


  • And he spoke today.


  • Listen, I think we know what James is capable, you know, on the on the court.

    聽著,我想我們知道詹姆斯是什麼能力, 你知道,在球場上。

  • You know, we've seen that when you're bringing in, you know, M v p first n b a team caliber player.

    你知道,我們已經看到了,當你帶來的,你知道,M V P第一N B一個團隊的口徑球員。

  • Um, you know he knows what he's capable of doing, and then when you know, we've had conversations with him and he's so eager to get on the court, um, with these guys and be part of this and start fresh, I don't want to speak for each one of them cause I let them have their own, uh, their own voice and their narrative around us.


  • But I think they understand that there's without a doubt gonna be some nights where one or two need to sacrifice for the other and so forth.


  • But I think they're all looking for that common goal.


  • We're all looking for that common goals, you know, as I've said before, is to be the last team standing.


  • That is everybody's goal.


  • Let's say hello to N B reporter Malika Andrews.

    讓我們跟N B記者Malika Andrews打個招呼吧。

  • Joining us now for more on this story.


  • So, Malika, what else can you tell us about when we might see James Harden suit up for the Brooklyn Nets?


  • Well, stage James Harden is landing in New York imminently now this evening, and after that, he's going to need to go through a physical.


  • But before he can play, not only does he have to pass a physical examination, but every player that's involved in this 14 trade, all of them have to pass it.


  • And then once that happens, the question shift for the Nets about how they congest on the court.


  • But Sean Mark said that he consulted with his stars while he was making this deal and constructing it, and what he was most pleased about is all of their conviction that they want to win, that they're committed to trying to make this work toe work towards that end goal of winning a championship.


  • He said that, yes, he heard what James Harden said in Houston on the final days that he was there and how unhappy he was.


  • But what is important to him is that James message shoe marks was, I want to win.


  • That is all I care about.


  • And that's what Marx cares about now.


  • All right, let's talk now, then about the elephant in the room.


  • Really?


  • Kyrie Irving.


  • He has now missed the Nets last five games, citing personal reasons.


  • And, of course, he does remain under league investigation for potential by violations of the Copa 19 protocols.


  • GM Sean Marks Again You heard him a second ago about James Harden.


  • Here he is today, also on the absence of his star point guard.


  • Without a doubt, the organization's disappointed with not having you know any one of our players in this particular case, Kyrie, not not amongst us, you know, I don't want to speculate and So why he's out in silver?


  • I've had conversations with him.


  • We look forward to him, you know, being back in the gym.


  • But, um, you know, you also hope there is a on adequate, more than adequate excuses toe like why he needs personal time and you know he will address that without a doubt.


  • All right, so John Marks there again.


  • Of course, they're looking forward.


  • Toa having Kyrie come back, but it may not be up to the Nets.


  • You're saying Philipson, That's that's exactly right stage because of what you mentioned that league investigation the league has to determine.


  • Even though Sean Mark said that Kyrie Irving just today has been testing every single day that he has been away from the team, it is up to the league to decide whether or not he violated league protocols in appearing to go to a family birthday party.


  • Remember that video that has been circulating online because players cannot go to bars, they cannot go to clubs, they cannot go to events or gatherings of more than 15 people.


  • So if the league determines that he did in fact break that rule, he could be subjected to a quarantine which would further his return to the court.


  • It would further push back that return to the court date.


  • So that is what Sean Mark says that he is waiting on.


  • He said he's hopeful that that decision comes soon so they can make a plan to get Kyrie Irving to come back with the team.


  • The Nets are scheduled to host the Magic on Saturday.


  • We'll see if Kyrie comes back or if he misses his sixth straight game with the team.


  • Malika Andrews.

    Malika Andrews.

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got a new Big Three in the n B A, and it's in the Big Apple.

有一個新的三巨頭在N B A,它是在大蘋果。


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