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  • Mindfulness could be everything.

  • Like when you eat, when you walk, when you play,

  • everything could be mindfulness.

  • When you do something, you know that you're doing it.

  • So whether you're walking, whether you're eating, whether you're sitting,

  • or even playing a video game,

  • you know what you're doing,

  • so you're mind isn't somewhere else.

  • When we share mindfulness with children,

  • they really enjoy it

  • and they see that the way are together in a group of kids

  • it has a real quality

  • it's so important to have a living example of people who do live happily and peacefully

  • and to show live children like Jay, who know how to speak lovingly to other people

  • and to listen deeply, to really hear what someone is saying

  • so for other kids to see kids and families and adults

  • who live in a way that is awakened

  • that is, trying to really take care of themselves,

  • take care of each other, take care of the earth,

  • be kind to ourselves and to everything that makes up who we are

  • which is everything.

  • Like with mother or father, sometimes if shouting with them,

  • and then, you could actually think about that before you have something to say

  • Could it be mindful, could it hurt them?

  • And I think that's one of the things I would learn.

  • If you go to school, mindfulness, like for a few minutes before you have a test or something,

  • you breathe or you just sit down, or take a walk.

  • It really helps you.

  • The vase of water is our mind.

  • And the different colors of sand are our thoughts and feelings.

  • What kinds of thoughts do you have when waking up?

  • Pick a color of sand that feels right for your feelings or thoughts.

  • This is how our minds are when we are in a hurry, stressed, angry, or upset.

  • Can you see things clearly in this state?

  • Let's breathe with the bell and observe all the sand as it slowly settles to the bottom of the jar.

  • (breathing)

  • This is what happens to our minds when we meditate,

  • when we are mindful of our body and of our breathing.

  • What is the water like now?

  • The thoughts and feelings can still be there in our minds

  • but rest peacefully at the bottom because

  • we know how to return to our breathing to calm.

  • If people are bullying me, I look into why they are bullying me.

  • Maybe they have their own suffering,

  • or they see something in me that makes them suffer.

  • Or maybe their families have problems and they want something to,

  • to like make people unhappy,

  • to make themselves feel good.

  • We also need to understand why they do that.

  • If we can't do something to stop what the other person is doing

  • we can at least take care of what is happening in us.

  • So if we feel sad, or if we feel angry, if we feel hurt,

  • we can know that those feelings are there in us and that those feelings are ok.

  • They're normal, to have that feeling.

  • And so we can know that we need to be there for that feeling,

  • just like if our younger brother or sister will be sad or upset, we'll try to take care of them.

  • So we see that the feeling in us is like our little brother or sister that we need to take care of.

  • So to have a very alive family,

  • community of people that they can relate to and enjoy

  • and not just real people but superheroes and comic people

  • who can show in a very complete way

  • how we can, in our daily lives, live peace, be peace.

  • And change the world through how we are in each moment.

  • (laughing)

  • They didn't teach me how to float.

  • Subtitles by the community

Mindfulness could be everything.


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