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  • Who would have thought for today.

  • Who are we angry at this morning?

  • Well, greeny first, let me say I gotta be to care.

  • I gotta be a little careful cause I threw out my back so I can't get to animated.

  • But who would have thought the Eagles would have just thrown away the game against the Washington football team by benching Jalen Hurts?

  • And I know everyone wants to talk about Oh, Jalen Hurts was only with 7 20 at a touchdown or whatever, but anyone who watched the game, not people who look at stats.

  • But anyone who watched the game could clearly see that the Eagles had an opportunity with Jalen Hurts at quarterback to win that football game.

  • We always talk about the National Football League people in that that's affiliated with the National Football League.

  • Talk about the integrity of the game, the shield and everything that comes with playing in the NFL in that moment.

  • In that moment, Doug Peterson decided to take out his young second round pick, who's been scratching and clawing and fighting to try toe win that football game through throwing the guy and they Sudfeld, who hadn't sniffed a play the whole season.

  • I mean, are you kidding me?

  • You're going to go out there and take out a guy who's trying to give you everything he has with limited personnel because all the injuries that's going on with the Philadelphia Eagles and you're gonna throw out throwing the guy in the fourth quarter.

  • And Nate Sudfeld, who hadn't played at all this year.

  • Doug Peterson, What are you doing?

  • Okay, we heard players in the locker room after the game talking, questioning that decision.

  • And that's the one thing.

  • That's the one thing that's the one.

  • That's the one easy way that you could lose a locker room in this league, okay, by pulling shenanigans and pulling stunts like that in the game.

  • So for me, I got to shake my head at Doug Peterson, that Philadelphia Eagles organization, because that was a bunch of Bs, what they pulled in that game against the Washington football team.

  • You had an opportunity to knock out that team so they wouldn't be in the playoffs.

  • Ah, lot of people agree with you on that deal.

  • Would particularly me and Schefty if I could come to you there unless you have something more important because if you do, by all means tell us.

  • But otherwise the reverberations of that thing with Peterson and stuff it hung around a little bit right?

  • We heard the conversations on the radio, and some of the players continue to talk.

  • Does that settle down now to the best of your understanding, or are there still fences that need to be mended in Philadelphia?

  • I think they will be players that'll be disappointed, and we'll remember that for a long time.

  • But again, it's not like they have a game this week.

  • They have months to let this hell months to let this recover.

  • I don't think the New York Giants will forget it, and I would not be surprised if in Week one next year the Giants and Eagles there, somehow pitted against each other on that provides fuel for the Giants all off season long.

  • That would not be a surprise to me.

  • We'll see how that shakes out, but that's something I think the Eagles players will remember.

  • They'll get past that.

  • They'll get over it, they'll get over it.

  • I think sooner than perhaps the New York Giants will.

  • It's something that will follow them throughout the course of the off season.

  • And it's something that Doug Peterson will have to answer to to his players in the weeks to come.

  • Well, maybe the most important thing about this Schefty is that here we are talking about all these quarterback decisions the Eagles made, and none of them involve the name Carson Wentz.

  • What, what, as we begin this offseason, that will be, you know, fascinating to follow him.

  • Where in your mind do we stand with that right now?

  • Listen, the Eagles said that they're not thinking or talking about a trade at this time.

  • And I think the key phrase there is at this time because I think inevitably, theater opinion of people around the league right now is that the Eagles are going to have to look and explore Ah, trade of Carson Wentz.

  • Now we'll see whether something gets done there.

  • But I could tell you there are people around the league who believe ultimately it will, and that ultimately this offseason, Carson Wentz would be traded.

  • Now again, we can begin to speculate on teams.

  • Indianapolis would make a lot of sense with Frank Reich as its head coach and his experience with Carson Wentz.

  • But the Colts are not even thinking or talking about that.

  • Right now.

  • They're getting ready for the Buffalo Bills.

  • That's their entire focus.

  • And so the people in Philadelphia waiting to see how it plays out.

  • But I could tell you that across the league, I think there are a lot of people who do believe.

  • Ultimately, this offseason will result in the trade of Carson once, and we'll see whether they're right.

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Who would have thought for today.


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