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  • in the last few minutes, a judge at the old Bailey has ruled the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, cannot be extradited to the United States.

    在過去的幾分鐘裡,法官在老貝利 已經裁定維基解密創始人, 朱利安-阿桑奇,不能被引渡到美國。

  • Our diplomatic correspondent, James Landale, is here.


  • That's a dramatic ruling, James.


  • What was said?


  • The judge went through in very close detail all the defense case made by Julian Assange's legal team about why, in their view, he shouldn't be extradited to the United States to face all these charges related to the release of thousands of military documents almost a decade ago.

    法官通過非常詳細的所有辯護案件 朱利安-阿桑奇的法律團隊關於為什麼,在他們看來,他不應該被引渡到美國,面對所有這些指控相關的釋放數千軍事文件近十年前。

  • Now on, she went as she went through it, she said, Look, do we you know the soldier team had claimed that the department justice would treat him harshly?


  • No, I have no evidence for that.


  • The soldier team had claimed that the charges were political.


  • She said she found no evidence off any more hostility in the Trump administration to anyone, and she went through all of these arguments dismissing the defense case.


  • But then she came to this situation off the mental state of Julian Assange.

    但後來她來到這種情況 關閉朱利安-阿桑奇的精神狀態。

  • George on on that she came to the conclusion that if he were extradited and he were taken to an American prison, he in the total isolation that he would likely face, she said into Quaid's was.


  • I'm satisfied that the procedures described by the U.


  • S.


  • Will not prevent Mistress Orange from finding a way to commit suicide.


  • And for this reason I've decided extradition would be oppressive by reason of mental harm on older his discharge.


  • So what happens now?


  • This was the old Bailey.


  • Is there going to be an appeal?


  • Three Americans have said that they are likely to appeal.


  • They've got 14 days to do so And then you know the moment this is just a district judge has made this.

    他們有14天的時間這樣做,然後你知道的時刻 這只是一個地區法官已經做出了這一點。

  • It could go up to the high court and then the Supreme Court.


  • Eso There's a process to be gone underway.

    埃索 有一個過程正在進行中。

  • Eso The Americans have 14 days in which to lodge that appeal.


  • Thean Tristen Question is what happens to Julian Assange change Now there's been a request that he be bailed because if you think about it, he has bean in detention facing these charges in Belmarsh prison for the last 21 months before that, he spent seven years voluntarily holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

    Thean Tristen的問題是什麼發生在朱利安-阿桑奇改變 現在有一個請求,他被保釋,因為如果你想想看,他有豆在拘留面臨這些指控在貝爾馬什監獄在過去的21個月之前,他花了7年自願躲在厄瓜多爾大使館。

  • So this is a man who has bean confined initially voluntarily and subsequently by the state for a very, very long period of time on the question now is will he get any bell conditions?


  • Will he be allowed out?


  • Not and that's being decided.


  • Attn.


  • Moment, Andi, how long could the process go on for if there are appeals?


  • Because, as you say, this involves someone who is incarcerated.


  • If it comes to an end, he would be free to go.


  • I mean, you know, it's always very got very careful about judging how long legal price is gonna take, but potentially quite a long time.


  • If you think about it, this extradition process just to get to this point, you know, it's been 21 months since he was initially detained and remove from the Ecuadorian Embassy.


  • You've now got a substantial appeals process.


  • You've got toe appeal has got to be granted or not.


  • If the appeal is granted, then you've got the process to go through.


  • So, you know, we're talking, you know, months, maybe years.

    所以,你知道,我們正在談論, 你知道,幾個月,也許幾年。

in the last few minutes, a judge at the old Bailey has ruled the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, cannot be extradited to the United States.

在過去的幾分鐘裡,法官在老貝利 已經裁定維基解密創始人, 朱利安-阿桑奇,不能被引渡到美國。


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朱利安-阿桑奇。維基解密創始人被英國法官阻止引渡到美國 - BBC News (Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder extradition to US blocked by UK judge - BBC News)

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