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  • Hey there, tiktakers, and happy holidays!

  • Although this year the situation is a bit sad for all of us, we can never lose hope

  • and we are still very happy because we are celebrating Christmas!

  • What presents did you get?

  • We are thinking of a great gift that almost never disappoints: Legos!

  • But do you know about their origin?

  • The Lego Group is a Danish company founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

  • He set up a carpentry workshop in 1916, but a series of unfortunate events led him to change the course of his business.

  • First, two of his sons accidentally set his shop on fire, making him lose everything.

  • Afterwards his wife passed away.

  • And later on he was strongly affected by the Great Depression, which led him to fire all of his employees.

  • Ole then started making miniature versions of his furniturethat was a way for him to have sample work without spending a lot of money.

  • Doing that gave him the idea to start making toys.

  • His four sons loved them, so he thought he could be successful doing that.

  • And although his business wasn't booming as he expected, it did start gaining traction.

  • At first he made ducks and other animals out of wood, and then carsthey all had an exquisite quality that really made his work stand out.

  • However, he needed to do marketing as well, and give his business an attractive name.

  • And from the Danish words Leg Gadt, which means to "play well", came the name "Lego".

  • Doing this helped increase his sales, and his little wood models started to be sold more and more.

  • At that time the world was plunged in the middle of World War II, and Denmark was invaded by the Nazi army.

  • Godtfred Kirk Kristiansen, the son of Ole Kirk, instead of studying in Germany became a manager for Lego.

  • Meanwhile, the Lego factory kept on growing, reaching 40 employees.

  • In 1946 the manager discovered a machine for molding plastic at a fair in Copenhagen.

  • To test it out they used a few small plastic bricks, making him come up with a new idea:

  • He bought the machine, and at first they just used it to make conventional toysbut that would change pretty soon.

  • His son re-designed those pieces, and those bricks (Legorsten) became fundamental.

  • Thus, the production of plastic products was now sharing space with the production of wooden products.

  • In 1956, when Ole Kirk went on a business trip, a commercial about the toy industry made him realize that the toys at the time were missing somethingthey needed a system.

  • He wouldn't stop pondering about it until he thought of a solution, giving place to the first Lego set.

  • The set was so popular that it was exported to many other countries, the first one being Sweden.

  • In that moment, Godtfred Kirk had a high management position in the company.

  • However, after the passing of his father in 1958, he had to take the lead and become Lego's president.

  • On February 4th 1960, part of the carpentry section of the Lego factory burned down.

  • This terrible event led Godtfred to make the decision of focusing solely on producing plastic products.

  • The Lego bricks were becoming popular in Europe, and so he decided to focus on them.

  • Moreover, they also thought about a union system using tubes which would make the Lego sets didactic and pretty fun.

  • If something was maintained during the next generation was their effort to keep producing high quality products, as well as sticking to Lego's philosophy.

  • The company kept growing, and expanding all over the world.

  • The next one to take over the company was Ole Kirk's grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who directed it until 2004.

  • During his management, the production lines were diversified.

  • From then on they not only produce their flagship building toys, but also create a wide variety of related products: Board games, video games, and theme parks such as Legoland!

  • In 2004 Kjeld handed over the company's presidency torgen Vig Knudstorp, in order to focus on his other management roles within the group.

  • And tiktakers, the most incredible thing is that all the different Lego pieces are built using an universal system: Despite the design and purpose variations the blocks have had over the course of the years, all the blocks are still compatible to a very high degree:

  • The Lego blocks made in 1958 can still fit with the blocks being produced nowadays!

  • Isn't that fascinating?

  • Lego knew how to reinvent itself without losing its essence, which has kept their sets of plastic blocks at the top of the toys of the world.

  • Now tiktakers, how old were you when you got your first Lego set?

  • Let us know in the comments!

Hey there, tiktakers, and happy holidays!


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