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  • hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question today's question is apt for  


  • this christmas day how do i pronounce the words  christian which is a follower of christianity  


  • and christianity a religion based on the teachings  of jesus christ so i do think people get confused  


  • because the person's name jesus christ is  with the long i christ but when we say the  


  • word christian and christianity we are actually  going to use a short i so let's take a look at  


  • both of these words how do we say these words so  to say christian we're going to think about two  

    這兩個詞我們怎麼說這些詞 所以說克里斯蒂安我們要想兩個詞。

  • beats chris chen the mistake i hear as people  try to pronounce all of these letters um and say  


  • christian and that isn't correct it's just two  beats two syllables chris chun for christianity  

    克里斯蒂安,這是不正確的 這只是兩個節拍,兩個音節的克里斯蒂安-春

  • we're going to have one two three four five beats  or five syllables and this gets slightly confusing  


  • because we are going to shift the word stress from  syllable one on chris to the an adi when we add  

    因為我們要把這個詞的重音從chris的音節一轉移到an adi上,當我們加上

  • that ity ending so let's break these two words  down to say christian we're going to start with  

    它的結尾 所以讓我們把這兩個詞分解成基督教 我們將從

  • chris and to do this we're going to say the k and  the r sound together in a blend or a cluster to do  


  • this tip of your tongue is pointed down for the  k back of the tongue is pulled up air puffs out  

    舌尖朝下 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝下 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝下 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝上 舌尖朝上

  • keep your tongue there you're going to close your  mouth a little bit to square tense lip shape and  

    把你的舌頭放在那裡 你要閉上你的嘴一點點 正視緊張的嘴脣形狀和。

  • that is going to give you that r sound you do not  want to open your mouth wide between those sounds  

    這是要給你的R的聲音 你不想打開你的嘴 大之間的那些聲音

  • that will add an extra sound there keep your mouth  in about the same position and then just close it  

    這將增加一個額外的聲音有 保持你的嘴在相同的位置,然後只是關閉它。

  • add the short sound relaxed mouth your mouth is  slightly open tongue is just below those top teeth  

    加短音放鬆的嘴 你的嘴微微張開 舌頭就在那幾顆上牙下面

  • and then end with an s for that first syllable  to do an s the tip of the tongue either behind  


  • the top teeth or pointing down it is not  touching the t so that air can move out  


  • chris then we're going to end with chun to do  this the ch sound two letters one sound the  

    chris 那我們就以chun結尾來做這個ch的音,兩個字母一個音。

  • ch sound to do that touch the tip of your  tongue to the back of your top front teeth  

    舌尖觸及上前牙的後方,發出 "ch "的聲音。

  • and then pull the tongue back  your lips are going to be puckered

    然後把舌頭拉回來 你的嘴脣就會撅起來了

  • and then you're going to add the schwa the  uh sound your mouth is just open and relaxed  

    然後你要加上分音符 你的嘴張開,放鬆地發出 "呃 "的聲音

  • and then end with the n the n sound you're going  to do that by touching the tip of your tongue to  

    然後用n結束n音 你要做到這一點,通過觸摸你的舌尖。

  • the back of your top front teeth air is going to  move out of your nose i did write it as chin if  


  • that's easier for you to remember like your chin  um then you can say it that way as well the key is  

    這對你來說更容易記住 像你的下巴 嗯,那麼你可以說它的方式以及 關鍵是. .

  • just a very short and relaxed vowel for syllable  two let's put that all together chris chin  

    只是一個非常短的和放鬆的元音 對於音節二 讓我們把它放在一起 chris chin

  • christian christian christian and now for christianity  

    克里斯蒂安 克里斯蒂安和現在的基督教

  • syllable number two instead of the short  is going to be along e chi to make that e  


  • you're going to smile and make that vowel nice  and long and then we're going to say and to do  

    你要微笑著把這個元音念得又長又好 然後我們要說,要這樣做

  • this open your mouth wide tongue tip will be low  in your mouth back of the tongue will be pulled up  

    這樣張大嘴巴 舌尖就會在嘴裡低下 舌頭的後部就會被拉起。

  • mouth is in a nice wide circle and then move that  mouth while you're closing it move the tongue to  


  • the back of the top front teeth again for the  n an this syllable is going to be the loudest  

    上前牙的後面再來個n an 這個音節是最響的了

  • the longest and the highest because this is  our stressed syllable so again longest vowel  

    最長也是最高的 因為這是我們的強調音節 所以又是最長的元音

  • a little bit louder and higher in pitch than  the others then we're going to add a schwa uh  

    比其他的聲音大一點,音調高一點 然後我們要加一個分音符,呃... ...

  • and then end with d to do that touch the tip of  the tongue to the back of the top front teeth  


  • and then smile for the e e all right so let's put  this all together chris chi an a dee chris chi an  

    然後笑著說 "好的" 好的 我們把這一切都放在一起吧

  • adee christian adee christianity christianity  Christianity let me try it again christianity  

    阿迪-克里斯蒂安 阿迪-克里斯蒂安 基督教 讓我再試一次 基督教

  • christian christianity and now for a sentence  it's a big day for people who follow christianity  

    基督教 基督教 現在一句話 對於追隨基督教的人來說是個大日子

  • these christians from around the world will  be celebrating christmas merry christmas  

    這些來自世界各地的基督徒將慶祝聖誕節 聖誕快樂

  • everyone wishing you peace and joy in  this holiday season thank you everyone

    祝大家在這個節日裡平安喜樂 謝謝大家。

hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question today's question is apt for  



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