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  • This world is not yet ready for all that you will do.

  • Your time will come, Diana.

  • And everything will be different.

  • Citizens of the world...

  • I am here to change your life.

  • Anything you want.

  • Anything you dream of, you can have it.

  • You look like you saw a ghost.

  • Diana, look at you.

  • It's like not one day has passed.

  • I don't want to be like... anyone.

  • I wanna be an apex predator.

  • You've always had everything.

  • While people like me have had nothing.

  • Well, now it's my turn.

  • Get used to it.

  • I've never been one for rules.

  • The answer is always more.

  • The way I fly, they will never find us.

  • -I forgot to tell you. -What?

  • Radar.

  • Will they, will they shoot at us?

  • Barbara, what did you do?

  • Yeah, I'm not so keen on this one I figure you are.

  • But you know what? I'm ready to go.

  • I think we can do better.

  • Parachute pants?

  • -Yeah. -Does, does everybody parachute now?

This world is not yet ready for all that you will do.


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B1 中級 美國腔

神奇女俠1984 - 官方主預告片 (Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Main Trailer)

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