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  • a lot of people want to be the best at what they dio.


  • And I would argue you're pretty close to being the best of what you dio.


  • And by only being true to yourself is how you get there, you know, and I don't think you could ever be truly world class without being a peace with yourself, 100% correct.


  • I don't think there's a true statement being said that is from my own experiences.


  • That is 100% correct until you know being true to yourself, being able to be yourself the environment you work in in sport or in media or whatever environment you work in your family, the people around you, your community, your sport, when they allow you to be yourself and then you can be yourself on Lee, then, yes.


  • Can you be the best at what you wanna be, whatever it is, because whatever you do in life was a career and and you've got a little bit of worry in the back of your mind that sort of niggling away and distracting you from what you should be concentrating and doing, and you can't be it the best you can't be the best of your ability and be the very, very top of what you can achieve.


  • Imagine if you are in a situation now on.


  • You are good at what you do, but there's still a little bit of something worrying.


  • Whatever.


  • It may be your not being true to yourself.


  • Imagine how much better not only life is going to be, but how much better you were gonna be is an individual at what you're doing as well by being true to yourself.


  • And I think that is very, very, very true.


  • Yeah, And what a greater place the world would be if everybody was operating on that true potential.


  • You're right, because we certainly live in a world at the moment where, um a times.


  • It's not a very nice place to be really a za shame on.


  • I certainly hope by by communicating by people accepting people for being different, accepting people for who they are on realizing that we are all different.


  • But we should all be treated with respect.


  • I'm not Respect works both ways.

    我不是 尊重是雙向的。

  • You know you shouldn't If you're coming to live into this country, you should respect the people in this country respect the values of this country, the morals of the country.

    你知道你不應該... ...如果你來到這個國家生活,你應該尊重這個國家的人... ...尊重這個國家的價值觀,這個國家的道德。

  • You know that the law of the country, the people living in with the country, their language, you know the community is the town's, the house, the cities.


  • You should respect that and also as well.


  • If you were coming into the country to live, then you should be treated with respect.


  • Respect your values, respect your religion, respect your morals as well.


  • You know, on that respect both ways.


  • And when we get that respect, whether you agree with them or not, but you respect their views as they respect yours.


  • Then we can all get on living side by side.


  • And we really do need that.


  • I think now, in this rule at this moment, and the world has gone from one extreme to the other, I think where, as I said earlier, political correctness has gone to the extreme where, you know, I've heard some some places in the UK last year were we're not putting up Christmas trees in the classroom because they didn't want anybody to be offended by the story of Jesus or the Christmas tree in the classroom.


  • You know, really where you know, where are we going?


  • You know, let's respect people's beliefs and their religions, but, you know, let let them respect ours as well.

    你知道,讓我們尊重人們的信仰和他們的宗教, 但是,你知道,讓他們也尊重我們的信仰。

  • You know what?


  • I think?


  • That's hugely important.


  • We need to go from the political correctness gone extreme.


  • Everything's gone to the extreme, to the right, to the left.


  • We need to get that back into the middle, where people can respect each other on live by each other, side by side on the true value, which the only way we're going to achieve that is by getting the true value off respect back into our societies back into our communities.


  • You know, this was some up, I think how times have changed When I went to school as a kid on if I didn't behave in school and I came home Andi, I told my mother had a row with a teacher.

    你知道,這是一些了,我覺得時代已經改變了 當我上學的時候,作為一個孩子,如果我沒有在學校表現,我回家安迪,我告訴我的母親有一個與老師爭吵。

  • She'd give me a row again, and I get sent to bed early.


  • Depending on what I done.


  • Kid comes home now in tells his mom or dad I've ever drowned in school.


  • The moment Dad goes up to the school and gives a teacher over, giving her out of the kid.


  • That's not right.


  • That's what's wrong with the world.


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a lot of people want to be the best at what they dio.



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