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  • hey everyone it's jennifer with  your tarle speech christmas week  


  • lesson and our mini series continues with two  words that are pronounced exactly the same way


  • knotty meaning full of knots  or a difficult problem and


  • naughty meaning bad


  • so let's go ahead and look at these words we  have naughty and naughty to say these words  


  • correctly you are going to start with an n sum  touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your  


  • top front teeth and the air moves out of your  nose next we're going to move to the short oh  

    前面的牙齒和空氣從你的鼻子移動 接下來,我們將移動到短哦

  • sound and to do that open your mouth and a wide  oval so the tip of your tongue can get super low  


  • in the front of your mouth and the back of  your tongue can be pulled up next touch the  


  • tip of your tongue to the back of your top front  teeth for that d d and then smile for the e  

    舌尖對著你的上前牙後方的那顆d d,然後微笑著對e

  • e yes we do have a silent letter here the k we  do not say it and yes we have a flap t situation  

    是的,我們確實有一個沉默的信在這裡的K我們不說,是的,我們有一個flap T的情況。

  • here where we say d instead of t i like to teach  the flat t as a super fast d instead of a t sound  


  • that seems to be easier for everyone if you do  want to continue to say a t that is totally fine  


  • everyone is going to understand you if you say  naughty instead of naughty but since this is  


  • american english and i'm doing a lesson on itwill teach you in american english with the flap t  

    美式英語,我做了一個教訓吧 我將教你在美式英語與翻轉T。

  • and we say naughty naughty naughty and now forsentence the naughty elf tied the shoes together  

    我們說淘氣的淘氣的淘氣的現在來一句 淘氣的精靈把鞋子綁在了一起

  • in a naughty mess give it a try people are  going to notice the difference if you found  


  • this helpful give us a little christmas present  and spread some christmas cheer share our video  


  • and if you're looking for some help  you can check out our products on  


  • google play itunes and all of our class options  at tarle speech thanks everyone merry christmas


hey everyone it's jennifer with  your tarle speech christmas week  



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如何發音KNOTTY & NAUGHTY - 美式英語聖誕節?發音課程 (How to Pronounce KNOTTY & NAUGHTY - American English Christmas ? Pronunciation Lesson)

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