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  • Fullface of makeup


  • Pin your hair back


  • Grab a wipe cotton around and soak it with BIODERMA

    找一塊卸妝棉 然後用貝爾瑪沾溼他

  • this is my favorite makeup remover because it's very sensitive to the skin

    這是我最喜歡的卸妝品牌 因為它對皮膚很敏感

  • yet it’s extremely powerful at removing makeup


  • if I wore waterproof mascara that day


  • then I’ll go in with Lancome double-action eye makeup remover


  • And use Q-tip to really get into the lashes and the general eye area


  • This face washes is one of my Holy Grail product


  • and that’s because it does excellent job at removing the rest of my makeup it holds excellent lather

    那是因為它有很多細緻的小泡沫 能有效卸除我臉上的殘妝

  • and it keeps my skin feeling really clean and fresh and blemish-free

    可以讓我的肌膚保持乾淨和清爽 而且沒有污點

  • and so I just make sure I rinse it off multiple times to ensure


  • that all that so the soapy residue is gone


  • every time you wash your face the cleanser strips your skin off all its natural oils and just kinda messes up the PH levels


  • So youve gotta bounced it back by using a toner


  • if it’s in the evening, I’ll go it in with an eye cream

    如果是在晚上的話 我會使用眼霜

  • and this just helps keep your under-eyes brighter and prevent if from wrinkling

    可以幫助我讓我的眼睛下方更亮 還可以防止皺紋

  • the last and final step is to moisturize the rest of my face


  • and make sure I do it as evenly as possible


  • once or twice a week I’ll go in with a face mask

    每隔一到兩個星期 我會敷面膜

  • this is my favorite the Glamglow one

    這是我最愛的 Glamglow

  • but this one is pretty pricey so I have a cheaper alternative

    但是這個有點貴 所以我還有另外一個比較便宜的選擇

  • this one is the CVS purifying mint masque


  • they both do an incredible job drawing out all the gunk outta (out of) your pores

    這兩項產品效果都超好的 能徹底清潔你毛孔裡的髒污

  • so there we have it, folks that is my skin care routine which I perform every single day

    大家 這就是我每天都會做的例行保養

  • If you have any beauty secret tips, feel free to write them down below comment section

    如果你有任何其他美容保養的祕訣 歡迎你把他們寫在下面的評論區裡

  • you can follow me on instagram:imjenn

    你也可以在Instagramg 上追蹤我:imjenn

  • and I’ll see you guys next time


  • Bye


  • Background Music:Air wolf-- hanging on

    背景音樂: Air wolf-- hanging on

Fullface of makeup


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正妹的日常肌膚保養 My Skincare Routine

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