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  • hunker down in what one former White House official called the presidential man cave of the Oval Office.


  • President Donald Trump does not want to talk about what lies ahead once he leaves office next month.


  • With this week's Electoral College votes certifying President elect Joe Biden's win, White House staffers air searching for their next jobs First lady Melania Trump has looked for a school in Florida, where the couple is expected to reside for their son, Barron, People magazine reported.


  • Trump, however, wants no conversation about the future beyond the White House that includes, for now, any talk of another run in 2024.


  • He has largely closed himself off from the public in recent weeks, communicating mostly through tweets and has done little to show he is focused on governing other than speaking at an event about coronavirus vaccine development during which he continued his unsubstantiated claims of fraud in the presidential election.


  • You can't have fraud and deception and all of the things that they did, nor has he played a significant role in responding to the computer hack that targeted the U.


  • S government, one administration official said.


  • Trump, on Twitter continues to encourage lawmakers to help him in his bid to overturn the election result.


  • So today I want to congratulate President elect Joe Biden, and he's irked at top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell for finally announcing this week that he considers Biden the president elect.


  • Meanwhile, outside the White House, a cacophony of noise erupts daily from the construction of platforms for Biden's Inauguration day events on January 20th.


  • Trump has in the past toyed with the idea of announcing a 2024 run on inauguration Day to divert attention from Biden, a source said.


  • But some have advised him to delay such an announcement because being an official candidate could invite an immediate and heightened level of scrutiny he may not want.


  • Trump faces a range of civil and criminal legal actions related to his family's businesses and his activities before he took office, which could accelerate once he loses the legal protections granted to him by the presidency.


hunker down in what one former White House official called the presidential man cave of the Oval Office.



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惱怒於失利,特朗普避談未來。 (Irritated by loss, Trump avoids talk of future)

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