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  • I thought I would be like one little cute note.


  • I had no idea was gonna turn into any of this.


  • What s dear Eliot E?


  • I was going through a pretty rough time in in March and April and found myself going for a late night walks because locked down had started and I couldn't sleep anyway.


  • At the end of my street one night, Um, just there was something sparkly that caught my eye.


  • It was like, Man, you know what if I had left a note pretending to be the fairy that came to live in the tree because she had set all of that up like a result of her hard work and dedication e I immediately went home and wrote her a note and put it in the fairy garden.


  • Mhm.

  • To my surprise, the next day, there was a response back.


  • I pretty much broke down in tears immediately because of how precious it waas.


  • I don't really think anything would come after that.


  • And then she left me a thank you note that I left a note to her parents.


  • Her mom and I kind of started chatting back and forth.


  • She said you know, Elian is loving this.


  • It's greater.


  • I wake up in the middle of night like, Oh, I should do this or I should leave for this Or I should tell her this.


  • And I just realized like, Wow, this is doing so much for me to have this connection and I've been able to see my family.


  • And like suddenly I realized that I had this new family and this new person in my life.

    就像突然間我意識到,我有了這個新的家庭 和這個新的人在我的生活。

  • We got to have this just magical time together, finally getting to me after all of these months.


  • As soon as we started talking, we just immediately hit it off your audio that with zero expectation, it is now completely transformed my life and made me realize that even the smallest things that you do for someone can completely change your life.


  • I really hope that becomes a part of her, that she's able toe, end up giving back and become a very for someone else.


  • Even when she realizes I'm not technically a fairy, there's still this person that loves her and wanted to leave some magic for her.


  • And I'm gonna I'm gonna be around, reach out either to a child or to someone else who might be alone this holiday season, and I think that they'll kind of what we need right now.

    我要... ...我要在身邊,伸出手 無論是一個孩子或其他人 誰可能是孤獨的這個節日, 我認為,他們會那種 我們現在需要的。

  • Everyone needs magic like adults, too mhm.


I thought I would be like one little cute note.



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A2 初級 中文 紙條 仙女 魔法 哈拉 生活 艾略特

一個小女孩的童話屋如何引發了一段神奇的友誼 - BBC News (How a young girl's fairy house sparked a magical friendship - BBC News)

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