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  • Welcome to CNN 10, your daily down-the-middle explanation of world events.

    歡迎來到 CNN10,站在中間立場帶你了解全球的事件。

  • I'm Carl Azuz, we're glad you're watching.

    我是 Carl Azuz,我們很高興有你們的收看。

  • More than a month after the U.S. presidential election, there's a lot that's still up in the air.


  • For one thing, the makeup of the next US Senate.


  • Will it be controlled by Democrats or Republicans?


  • When the 117th US Congress convenes on January 3rd, current projections indicate that at least 48 seats will be controlled by Democrats and at least 50 by Republicans.

    1 月 3 日美國第 117 屆國會召開時,目前的預測顯示,至少有 48 個席位將由民主黨控制,至少有 50 個席位由共和黨控制。

  • That doesn't equal the 100 total seats.

    但這加起來不等於總席位 100 個。

  • There are two Senate seats from the state of Georgia that haven't been determined yet, and they'll likely be decided by a runoff election on January 5th.

    喬治亞州有兩個參議員席位還沒有確定,他們很可能會透過 1 月 5 日第二輪選舉來決定。

  • If Republicans win at least one of those seats, they'll have the simple majority they need to keep control of the Senate.


  • If Democrats win both of these seats, the Senate will be split with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

    如果民主黨贏得這兩個席位,參議院將會由 50 名民主黨人和 50 名共和黨人組成。

  • And if any of the chambers votes are split 50-50, the vice president will cast the deciding vote.


  • Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to be the next president and vice president of the United States.


  • Democrats are projected to keep control of the House of Representatives, so what happens in Georgia's runoff is incredibly important to both major parties.


  • If Democrats gained control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, it will be much easier for them to pass laws and enact their priorities for the country.


  • If Republicans maintain control of the Senate, it'll be easier for them to limit the Democrats' power and require compromise on new laws.


  • What's unusual this time around is that the presidential election is still in dispute.


  • President Donald Trump says, quote, there's no way he lost the election, and his administration and supporting groups have legally challenged the results in several states.


  • But so far, those challenges have not led to any major changes in projections that former Vice President Joe Biden is now the U.S. president-elect.


  • The next step in all this happens today, and CNN 10 contributor Kelly Mena explains what it is.

    這一切的下一步將會在今天發生,CNN 10 的特約記者 Kelly Mena 將要為你們解釋一下。

  • Kelly.


  • Thanks, Carl.


  • Now let's take a look at a few key remaining deadlines left until Inauguration Day in January.


  • The first date to look out for is December 8th, known as the Safe Harbor Deadline.

    第一個需要注意的是 12 月 8 日,也就是所謂的安全港截止日期。

  • This is the date by which states are meant to have counted their votes, settle disputes and determined the winner of their electoral college votes.


  • This date is extremely important because when Congress means to tally the electoral votes in January, it must accept the electors certified before this deadline.


  • Six days after election disputes are supposed to be settled, electors meet in their respective states to cast their vote for president of the United States.


  • This year that date falls on December 14th.

    今天這一天正好是 12 月 14 日。

  • Notably, many states have laws requiring electors to support the winner of their state's popular vote and can levy fines against faithless electors who choose to go their own way.


  • Once electors have cast their votes, those certified votes have until December 23rd to make it to Washington, D.C.

    選民投票後,這些經過認證的選票要在 12 月 23 日之前送到華盛頓特區。

  • Then, on January 3rd, the new 117th Congress, which includes the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, is sworn in.

    然後,1 月 3 日,包括美國眾議院和美國參議院在內新的第 117 屆國會宣誓就職。

  • Three days later, they meet to count and certify the election results.


  • There are 538 electoral votes, one for each congressman and U.S Senator plus three for Washington, D.C.

    有 538 張選舉人票,每個國會議員和美國參議員各一張,華盛頓特區三張。

  • A candidate needs 270 to win.

    候選人需要獲得 270 票才能當選。

  • Once certified, the new president is sworn in on January 20th 2021.

    一經認證,新總統就會在 2021 年 1 月 20 日宣誓就職。

  • Carl, with a few key deadlines left until a new presidential administration, it will be interesting to see how these steps unfold in the days ahead.


  • 10-second trivia!


  • American scientist O.C. Marsh was best known for his work with what?

    美國科學家 O.C. Marsh 什最出名的功勞是什麼?

  • Agriculture, telecommunications, dinosaur fossils or fossil fuels?


  • O.C. Marsh was a palaeontologist who describe the creature named Triceratops in 1889.

    O.C. Marsh 是一位古生物學家,他在 1889 年描述了一種名為三角龍的生物。

  • [A museum organization has acquired a near-complete and finely preserved dinosaur skeleton.]


  • I am touching the tooth of a triceratops.


  • This is a surreal experience.


  • It's absolutely spectacular.


  • [At 87% complete the Triceratops skeleton includes almost all the bones, say experts.]

    [專家說,三角龍的骨骼完成率 87%,幾乎包括了所有骨骼。]

  • We will gain insights at last into how big triceratops really grew to, and also details such as how many bones, how many vertebrae were in the tail, these are basic characteristics of triceratops that until this find, we simply didn't know.


  • [The skeleton was discovered in 2014 on a private property in Montana, US.]

    [這具骨骼是 2014 年在美國蒙大拿州的一處私人土地上被發現。]

  • Scientifically, that the detail that's preserved, the anatomy that we can see, this is a really important discovery.


  • [The fossil weighs more than 1000 kg and is estimated be six to seven meters long, with a height of over two meters.]

    [化石的重量超過 1000 公斤,估計有 6 到 7 米長,高度超過 2 米。]

  • [Triceratops, one of the last known dinosaurs, lived 68-66 million years ago.]

    [三角龍是已知的最後一種恐龍,生存於在 6600 萬至 6800 萬年前。]

  • [The dinosaur fossil will be on display from 2021 in the Melbourne Museum, in Australia.]

    [此恐龍化石將於 2021 年在澳大利亞墨爾本博物館展出。]

  • Up next: to the moon and back and back again?


  • NASA is moving forward with its Artemis 3 mission.


  • Its goal is to put a man and for the first time a woman on the moon in 2024.

    它的目標是在 2024 年將一名男性送上月球,也首次將女性送上月球。

  • No one has set foot there since 1972.

    自 1972 年以來,沒有人去過月球。

  • And there are concerns about whether NASA will have enough money for this, whether it will be worth the cost, whether it will be safe enough to do and whether it will be a goal of the next presidential administration.


  • Political priorities for NASA are always changing.


  • The agency is focused on the moon and beyond.


  • -Nearly 50 years after humans first set foot on the moon ... -That's one small step for man.

    -在人類首次登月後將近50年... -這是我個人的一小步。

  • NASA is planning to go back, this time to stay.


  • We're gonna prove how to live and work on another world, and then take all of that knowledge to Mars.


  • That's the goal.


  • Dubbed 'Artemis' for Apollo's twin sister, NASA hopes to send a woman this time.

    計畫封上了 Artemis 這名字,阿波羅的雙胞胎姐妹 ,美國太空總署希望這次能送一位女性登上月球。

  • The space agency originally planned a lunar landing for 2028.

    太空總署原計劃於 2028 年登月。

  • We have the opportunity to do this.


  • A lot of things have to go right.


  • I'm not saying that there's no risk here, but it can be done.


  • It's good for our country.


  • It's got NASA moving in a very serious way.


  • NASA has already spent years working on a new rocket booster and a crew capsule for the mission.


  • Once beyond Earth's orbit, astronauts will dock with a small space station.


  • Lunar landers, built by commercial partners like Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin, will carry astronauts back and forth from the moon.

    月球登陸器由 Jeff Bezos 的藍色起源等商業合作夥伴打造,它將載太空人從月球上往返地球。

  • There's still a lot to work out, but the biggest obstacle probably isn't technology.


  • As the saying goes, it's not rocket science that's the hard part, it's political science, convincing the politicians that they need to fund this adequately, whatever it is that you think it might cost, it's probably actually going to be more.

    俗話說,火箭科學不是最難的,是政治學,說服政客他們需要足夠的資金, 不管你認為這可能要花多少錢,實際上可能會更多。

  • NASA estimates total cost could hit 30 billion dollars over five years.

    美國太空總署估計,五年內總成本可能達到 300 億美元。

  • What do you think it's gonna take to get that bipartisan support and also to get the American public jazzed about going back to the moon?


  • I think when it comes to science, uh, there's not partisanship in Congress.


  • When it comes to exploration, there's not partisanship in Congress.


  • You walk around this agency, you talk to scientists and engineers.


  • They can tell you exactly where they were when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon July 20th, 1969.

    他們可以告訴你 1969 年 7 月 20 日尼爾·阿姆斯壯和巴茲·艾德靈走在月球上時的確切位置。

  • I'm the first NASA administrator that was not alive.


  • I don't have that memory.


  • I'll tell you what I do remember.


  • I remember where I was uh, in fifth grade, Miss Powers' class, when Challenger exploded, the whole world was watching.

    我還記得我當時五年級,在 Powers 小姐的班上,當挑戰者號爆炸時,全世界都在看。

  • Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space, was on the mission, so all teachers were interested.

    Christa McAuliffe 是第一個進入太空的老師,有參與執行任務,所以所有的老師都很感興趣。

  • I'm sorry, I'm getting a little emotional here.


  • But the reality is, that's ...that's my kind of moment where I know exactly where I was.


  • I wanna be clear.


  • Shuttles: amazing program.


  • International Space Station: amazing program.


  • But I don't remember where I was on each one of those launches.


  • I remember where I was on that day.


  • We need to do these stunning achievements to inspire the next generation.


  • 50 years ago, the Apollo 11 mission changed the world.

    50 年前,阿波羅 11 號任務改變了世界。

  • Now the Artemis program could inspire a whole new generation.


  • Is this the world's most beautiful aircraft?


  • It's certainly the best smelling.


  • This is a full scale Airbus A380 made entirely out of flowers --- 40 tons of flowers.

    這是一架完全用鮮花做成原尺寸的客機 A380 — 40 噸鮮花。

  • It's one of the astonishing arrangements at the Dubai Miracle Garden in the United Arab Emirates.


  • It's also the Guinness World record holder for world's largest flower arrangement.


  • The Gardens creator says the goal here is to make displays that the world marvels at.


  • Well, that's plane [plain] to see, and you could see why anyone would want to jet or pedal on over to the garden.


  • There's no stigma.


  • No one's gonna pick on them for wanting to stamen [stay] around for a while, with the filamentality of searching for answers.


  • All flowers have style, some apollenly [appallingly] so and like our puns, they grow on you.


  • Hey, speaking of flowers, our web producer picked the school from Albany, Oregon, today.


  • Shout out to South Albany High School "in full bloom" there.


  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的 Carl Azuz。

Welcome to CNN 10, your daily down-the-middle explanation of world events.

歡迎來到 CNN10,站在中間立場帶你了解全球的事件。

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