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  • welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Best Songs of 2020 I'm Thauvin Judge Classic Oh Ji Rak for this list will be looking at the best songs that blew up in 2020 even if they were technically released in some form in 2019.

    歡迎觀看Mojo,今天我們正在計算我們對2020年十大最佳歌曲的選擇我是Thauvin法官經典Oh Ji Rak為這個名單將著眼於2020年炸燬的最佳歌曲,即使它們在2019年以某種形式在技術上發佈。

  • Which song do you currently have on a loop?


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  • Number 10.


  • Breathe deeper.


  • Tame Impala expectations were sky high for Tame Impala's fourth album, The Slow Rush.

    Tame Impala的第四張專輯《The Slow Rush》被寄予厚望。

  • It was their first in nearly five years, and Currents was widely heralded as one of the greatest albums of the 20 tens, even making Rolling Stones updated list of the 500 greatest albums of all time going Come On, The slow rush didn't disappoint.


  • And while it's filled with great psychedelic disco music, breathe deeper is simply magnetic.


  • The inspirations air many from daft punk to Mariah Carey to Farrell, and it conveys a feeling of pure ecstasy.

    靈感來源很多,從dft punk到Mariah Carey再到Farrell,它傳達的是一種純粹的迷幻感。

  • No one else out there is writing music like Tame Impala.

    沒有人像Tame Impala那樣寫音樂了。

  • Oh, number nine Dynamite BTS!


  • A fascinating South Korean boy band BTS is one of the biggest names in the current music landscape, and they made their English language debut with 20 twenties Dynamite.


  • Much like Breathe Deeper, Dynamite takes heavy inspiration from seventies disco and funk, complete with since horns, harmonies and a pulsing baseline.

    就像《Breathe Deeper》一樣,《Dynamite》從七十年代的Disco和Funk中汲取了大量的靈感,完成了自號、和聲和脈動的基線。

  • Of course, the song is also imbued with mainstream pop sensibilities to ensure worldwide radio play and tonight, and it was certainly successful in that regard.


  • Dynamite became the band's first number one song in the United States, and the accompanying music video set numerous world records, including most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, hitting 101 million.


  • Their goal was to bring some happiness to 2020 and it seems like they succeeded.


  • Number eight Cardigan Taylor Swift Vintage T Brand New phone.


  • On July 24th, Taylor Swift surprised the world with folklore, her eighth and arguably best studio album.

    7月24日,泰勒-斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)用她的第八張也可以說是最好的錄音室專輯《民俗》給世界帶來了驚喜。

  • Written and recorded in quarantine, Swift completely does away with her recent pop bombast and delivers a delicate and emotional folk record that both fans and critics eagerly lapped up.


  • But I know it's filled with many great tunes, including Exile and Cardigan.


  • The latter is particularly beautiful, and critics praised the songs sparse production of piano and strings swifts, warm vocal performance and the stunningly beautiful and poignant lyrics.


  • The themes air still very Taylor Swift, but the song writing is more mature and introspective.


  • Hopefully, this heralds more great things for Swifts career throughout the upcoming decade, E felt like I waas old number seven Say so does a Cat E 2020 seemed to be the year of the seventies Renaissance.

    希望這預示著在接下來的十年裡,Swift的職業生涯會有更多的精彩,E感覺像我waas老七號Say so does a Cat E 2020似乎是七十年代文藝復興的一年。

  • Both does a Cat say so and the accompanying music video are steeped in disco, and it is glorious Dog.


  • A cat saw her first truly massive single with 20 twenties say so from the 2019 album Hot Pink, with it becoming her first number one in America and going platinum in nine different countries.

    一隻貓從2019年的專輯Hot Pink中看到了她的第一首真正的大規模單曲,有20個20歲的人這樣說,它成為她在美國的第一個第一名,並在九個不同的國家獲得白金唱片。

  • Theme Song performed with Nicki Minaj, is a proud anthem to female sexuality and is backed by a sexy disco beat.

    與Nicki Minaj共同演繹的主題曲,是對女性性愛的驕傲讚歌,並以性感的迪斯科節奏為背景。

  • The wild success of the song is a confident heralding of pop music's next big star number six.


  • I Know the End, Phoebe Bridgers Somewhere in Germany, but I can't place it.

    我知道結局,菲比・布里傑斯 在德國的某個地方,但我不能確定。

  • Ella's Phoebe Bridgers released her second studio album, Punisher, in 2020.

    Ella的Phoebe Bridgers在2020年發行了她的第二張錄音室專輯《Punisher》。

  • Filled with morose M o folk, Punisher was widely acclaimed by critics and contains both the excellent Garden Song and I Know the End, also known as one of the best songs of the entire year.

    充滿了悲涼的M o民謠,《懲罰者》受到了評論界的廣泛好評,其中包含了優秀的《花園之歌》和《我知道結局》,也被稱為全年最佳歌曲之一。

  • Serving as the album's loud and proud finale, I Know the End makes a declarative statement for Punisher.


  • Sardonic themes you had Thio Song starts quietly before, segueing into distorted guitars and melancholy strings and crescendoing with horn blasts, Cymbal crashes and haunting screams.

    諷刺性的主題,你有Thio Song開始前安靜,轉入扭曲的吉他和憂鬱的絃樂,並與號角爆炸聲,鈸的崩潰和令人難忘的尖叫聲高潮。

  • It sounds like the apocalypse, and it makes for both terrifying and gorgeous music.


  • Number five, Rain on Me, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

    第五名,Rain on Me,Lady Gaga和Ariana Grande。

  • It's Coming Down on Me, a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, is just what 2020 needed.

    Lady Gaga和Ariana Grande合作的《It's Coming Down on Me》,正是2020年所需要的。

  • Both artists released great songs throughout the year, including Gaga's Stupid Love and Grandes Positions.

    兩位歌手在這一年裡都推出了很好的歌曲,包括Gaga的Stupid Love和Grandes Positions。

  • But Rain On Me proves the best of both artists.


  • The song is empowering, urging its listeners toe hold steady and accept difficult times with confidence and pride in order to come out a better and stronger person.


  • Please.


  • In many ways, it's the defining song of the chaotic year that was 2020 positive message aside, it's also just a straight banger from two of the leading pop artists of our time.


  • It's pure pop enjoyment, complete with a Cynthy beat from blood pop and Burns.


  • Grand is typically angelic vocals and gaga sense of unintended fun.


  • It's just the song we needed.


  • Least we're trying Number four Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles Breathe Me, Breathe Me Short and sweet Watermelon Sugar comes in at just under three minutes but contains more enjoyment than some entire albums.

    至少我們正在嘗試四號西瓜糖,Harry Styles Breathe Me,Breathe Me 短暫而甜蜜的西瓜糖只有不到三分鐘,但包含的享受比一些整張專輯更多。

  • 2020 was a great year for Harry Styles as both this and adore you enjoyed major commercial success.


  • Watermelon Sugar was originally written back in 2017, but it wasn't released.


  • A za single until May 15th, just in time to be the song of the summer on Song of the Summer, It Waas reaching the top 10 in more than 20 countries around the world and becoming styles.

    5月15日之前的單曲,正好是夏天的歌曲,It Waas在全球20多個國家進入前十名,成為風格。

  • First number one on the Hot 100 complete with the summer themed lyrics and funky production from Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon.

    在Hot 100中排名第一,由泰勒-約翰遜和基德-哈彭的夏季主題歌詞和時髦的製作完成。

  • Watermelon sugar, much like its titular fruit, proved irresistible in the summer heat.


  • Number three Xs Rina Sasayama Cardi a C slacks is Katla basses Things Japanese born British songwriter released her debut album in 2020 Sayama was widely praised by critics and filled with some glorious to thousands nostalgia.

    三號Xs Rina Sasayama Cardi a C slacks是Katla basses Things日本出生的英國作曲家在2020年發佈了她的首張專輯Sayama受到評論家的廣泛好評,並充滿了一些光榮的到成千上萬的懷舊。

  • Perhaps the song most indicative of the album's success is excess, as described by Sayama herself, excesses about the hypocrisy of capitalism and selfish consumerism in a post climate change world, threatening us with possible extinction a little bit more.


  • Oh, we don't mind here.


  • Only toe help get the doomed message across.


  • Sasayama employs musical sounds and motifs from the early two thousands, which, according to her quote, reminds you of a time when everything was all right.


  • It's a fiercely satirical and sharply critical song that blends elements of bubble gum, pop R and B and crunching guitars.


  • Number two Savage Megan The Stallion will forever be that bad Things Tracks cemented Megan The Stallion Status is a major mainstream talent with the help of a tick tock trend and an eventual remix with Beyonce Savage shot to the top of the hot 100 in the spring of 2020 produced by J.

    第二名Savage Megan The Stallion將永遠是那個糟糕的事情Tracks鞏固了Megan The Stallion的地位是一個主要的主流人才,藉助滴答滴答的趨勢,並最終與碧昂絲Savage進行混音,在2020年春季由J.製作的熱力100的頂部。

  • White Didn't Savage features Megan the Stallion rapping over a smooth keyboard, beat I'm a savage, classy Oji Ratchet.


  • Sassy, moody.


  • Hey, most of the credit goes to Megan's rapping and the catchy chorus as the song proves instantly addictive.


  • The Beyonce remix elevated savage to the stratosphere as the queen's seamlessly road.


  • The Beat reminded us all of her commendable wrapping skills and added some welcomed flourishes to the track.

    The Beat提醒我們,她的包裝技術值得稱道,併為這首歌曲添加了一些受歡迎的花紋。

  • This is a new funky classic because she might start only before we unveil our number one pick.


  • Here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Good news, Mac Miller.


  • This posthumous release proved Miller's most successful on the hot 100.


  • Good nose, nose, nose.


  • That's how they wanna have gas later.


  • The Chicks, the group's first single in over a decade, was a welcome return.


  • Anything Theodore are talking The Strokes.

    西奧多說的都是 "筆觸"。

  • The first track on their brilliant album, the new Abnormal Heavy balloon.


  • Fiona Apple.

    Fiona Apple.

  • Angry and cacophonous and wonderful spread like Starbury e kind like peas and beans.


  • Dragonball Do Rag Thunder Cat Thunder Cat makes uM, sexy, funky and hilarious jazz fusion.


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  • You.


  • It's a no number one Blinding Lights the weekend I've Been on my own things.


  • Canadian artist released after hours at the beginning of the Cove it era and approved just what we needed for such a tumultuous time.

    加拿大藝術家在Cove it時代開始的幾個小時後發佈了,並且準許了我們在這樣一個動盪的時期所需要的東西。

  • The album is filled with bangers, including the titular epic, but the weekend captured the world with blinding lights.


  • Released as a single in late 2019 but Onley achieving massive success in 2020 the song is dominated by a pulsing and piercing synth track that introduces elements of eighties new wave to the R and B artists music.


  • His smooth and sultry voice does the rest and propelled blinding lights to reach number one in 34 countries.

    他那流暢而幽雅的嗓音做了其餘的工作,並推動著blinding lights在34個國家中排名第一。

  • It also spent a record 31 weeks in the top five of the hot 100 indicating the weekends complete command of his flourishing fandom.


  • With both a new look and a new sound, the weekend reinvented himself in spectacular fashion.


  • Oh, I can't sleep, Pinto Phileo such Do you agree with our picks?


welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Best Songs of 2020 I'm Thauvin Judge Classic Oh Ji Rak for this list will be looking at the best songs that blew up in 2020 even if they were technically released in some form in 2019.

歡迎觀看Mojo,今天我們正在計算我們對2020年十大最佳歌曲的選擇我是Thauvin法官經典Oh Ji Rak為這個名單將著眼於2020年炸燬的最佳歌曲,即使它們在2019年以某種形式在技術上發佈。


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