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  • Hello, interweb.

  • My name is Emma Nolan, and I'm 17.

  • You might have heard about the prom in Indiana.

  • I just want to go to prom like any other kid.

  • All opposed?

  • I know we all have stories to tell andhere's mine.

  • Oh, my gosh, check this out.

  • It's all over Twitter.

  • She wanted to take her girlfriend to the high school prom, and the PTA went apeshit, and they canceled it.

  • We have got to go down there.

  • -Yes. -And raise holy hell!

  • We will be the biggest thing to happen in Indiana sincewhatever's happened in Indiana.

  • We have come to this communityon behalf of a young girl.

  • I just wanna dance with you.

  • I'm sorry. Who are you people?

  • We are from Broadway.

  • I just wanna dance with you.

  • We're not monsters.

  • We're cultural disruptors.

  • Your beliefs are not our beliefs. You don't know this town.

  • I thought that when my parents rejected me, that I would never feel any worse.

  • I've never felt so alone in my life.

  • But you're not alone.

  • And you do have friends.

  • Where are they?

  • Okay, people.

  • This is the part where we roll up our sleeves

  • and we put on a prom with our own bare hands.

  • I just don't understand it.

  • Well, I think it's brave.

  • Let's get this party started!

  • It's time to build a prom for everyone

  • Show them all it can be done

  • If music blares And no one cares

  • Who your unruly heart loves

  • Build it now

  • I'm gonna take a stand

  • for all the people out there who love someone in a way the world just doesn't understand.

  • But till that day comes

  • I say cue the drums

  • And take to the floor

  • That's what the floor's for

  • It's time to dance

  • Okay, I admit that got to me.

  • It's time to dance

  • Dance

  • It's time to dance!

Hello, interweb.


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