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  • and welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Tame Impala songs straight.

    而今天我們就直擊我們挑選的十大Tame Impala歌曲。

  • Let's begin.


  • I'm still on track, you know, feeling.


  • This'll ist.


  • We're focusing on the best tame Impala tracks from official studio releases and extended plays.


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  • Number 10.


  • Half full Glass of Wine reported for Tame Impala's debut EP This track is suitable for any road trip.

    半滿杯酒》為Tame Impala的首張EP報道,這首歌曲適合任何道路旅行。

  • Kicking off with a little high hat and complemented by a filthy riff, half full glass of wine boasts an undeniable retro vibe, and Kevin Parker's vocal delivery conveys a sly, lackadaisical feel.


  • Lyrically, it's a love story gone wrong on Lee.


  • The narrator doesn't seem all too concerned with true romance, as he's clearly got other things on his mind.


  • It's a killer track and one that HBO selected to close out a 2010 episode of Entourage.


  • Of course, the Zeppelin like drum solo doesn't hurt either.


  • Number nine Borderline when the song was released, is an album teaser in April 2019, it was one of the very first all original offerings from Kevin Parker since Currents premiered on Saturday Night Live.


  • The upbeat and dreamy sound of borderline is complemented by Parker's musings about a relationship on the brink of collapse and the borderline we all walk between misery and happiness.


  • It's another track that showcases tame Impala's ear for production, Shammari guitars, satisfying synth base and simple yet effective drums While fans air still digesting the slow rush, this track is certainly a standout.


  • Number eight Apocalypse Dreams.


  • Despite the titles dark, anticipatory nature, this tame Impala number lives in the moment with Apocalypse Dreams.

    儘管標題是黑暗的,令人期待的性質,但這首溫順的Impala號碼與Apocalypse Dreams一起活在當下。

  • It's almost like Parker's caught up in his own head, worrying about what could be and stressed about what already is.


  • Theo Composition leans more toward Pink Floyd psychedelia than 21st century trends, which gives it such a hazy feel.

    比起21世紀的潮流,Theo Composition更傾向於Pink Floyd的迷幻風格,所以才會有如此朦朧的感覺。

  • In other words, the narrator's shouldn't be fully trusted, as he's clearly under the influence of something, whether it be his loan arisen, um, or own self doubt, A Z.

    換句話說,敘述者的不應該被完全信任,因為他顯然受到了什麼影響,無論是他的貸款產生的,嗯,還是自己的自我懷疑,A Z。

  • One of the albums Early tracks Apocalypse Dreams demonstrates the band's astute production skills.

    專輯早期曲目之一的《Apocalypse Dreams》展示了樂隊精明的製作技巧。

  • Number seven alter ego.


  • Lyrically, the message is quite simple.


  • With this tame Impala recording, just be yourself using about dreams and the truth, the narrator relays a common feeling.


  • Yet the jarring and off kilter instrumentation sells the complete detachment.


  • Incidentally, the turbulent sound also shows just how conflicted the narrator seems to be as his alter ego pulls him further away from reality that's producing the instability that persists throughout.


  • By no means a traditional rock single alter ego highlights the band's ability to communicate with sounds and textures.


  • Number six Breathe deeper, maybe the most memorable track from this 2020 release.

    第六名 深呼吸,也許是這首2020年發行的歌曲中最令人難忘的一首歌。

  • Breathe deeper waste No time in drawing in the Listener, with its intimate yet funky sound.


  • Emotional piano chords form the foundation here for Kevin to express his anxiety and uncertainty over difficult situations.


  • It's a fitting track for the overwhelming stress we all felt during 2020.


  • Instead of focusing on the future and what troubles we might face, breathe deeper encourages us to look inward, appreciate what we have and focus on the positives as few as there may be, I was feeling.


  • Sometimes we all need someone to carry us through, so it's good to know that Mr Parker has our back number five mind mischief.

    有時候我們都需要有人帶我們走過,所以很高興知道帕克先生有我們的後盾 五號心靈惡作劇。

  • On the surface, this track seems to be a story of unrequited Love Theo title also references how one can play tricks on themselves, placing heavy importance on details that perhaps mean nothing at all.


  • Theo meditative qualities of mind mischief contrast the steady group, complete with a dose of beetles like psychedelia as the follow up track toe Apocalypse Dreams.

    Theo冥想品質的心靈惡作劇對比穩定的群體,完成了一劑甲蟲像迷幻一樣的後續軌道腳趾Apocalypse Dreams。

  • The song builds upon the loner concept, with the narrator lost in his thoughts and second guessing himself time and time again.


  • Elin all It's an evocative production that succeeds through its lyrical subtleties and insinuations.

    Elin all 這是一個令人回味無窮的作品,通過其抒情的微妙和影射成功。

  • Number four Elefant With Given the metaphorical lyrics and bluesy rips, this track naturally became a favorite of movie and television executives, with Parker wailing on about big egos and fragile psyches, the thumping bass creates a distinct garage rock feel, a sound that's more evocative of early tame Impala.

    四號Elefant With鑑於隱喻性的歌詞和藍調的撕裂聲,這首歌自然成為了影視高層的最愛,帕克哀嚎著大自尊和脆弱的心理,砰砰砰的貝斯營造出獨特的車庫搖滾感,這種聲音更讓人聯想到早期溫順的Impala。

  • Conceptually, elephants strays from the album's overall vibe, and according to reports, Tom and Paula simply enjoyed the sound and wanted to release cut.


  • As a result, Elefant gave them a mainstream hit.


  • Further cementing, the band is one of Australia's most successful groups of modern rock.


  • Way number three, The less I know the Better Way A Z, the album's third single, This Tame Impala production is often correlated with the massively popular and surrealistic music video on its own, though the disco inspired track touches on a post break up emotions and how you're typically better off walking away.

    方式三,The less I know the Better Way A Z,專輯中的第三首單曲,這首Tame Impala製作的歌曲通常與自己的大規模流行和超現實主義的音樂視頻相關聯,雖然迪斯科靈感的歌曲觸及了分手後的情緒,以及你通常如何更好地走開。

  • Just contrast ing the funky aesthetic.


  • The narrator wallows in his misery, slightly hopeful yet still highly skeptical about his ex's romantic wants and needs thier, as the central narrative fully stands out.

    敘事者沉浸在自己的痛苦中,對前男友的浪漫欲求和需求 thier,略帶希望卻仍然高度懷疑,作為中心敘事充分突出。

  • Certainly in the music video, Parker's phrasing lends a dreamy effect, accentuated by the tracks.


  • Repetitive Outro number two Let It Happen.


  • It's always for their third studio release.


  • Tame Impala further expanded their sound and international appeal with a highly relatable lead single.

    Tame Impala以一首極具親和力的主打歌進一步擴大了他們的聲音和國際吸引力。

  • It's wrong.


  • Try not only does let it happen promote inner peace, but the expansive sound design highlights Tame Impala is evolving musical freedom.

    嘗試不僅讓它發生促進內心的平靜,而且廣闊的聲音設計突出了Tame Impala正在發展的音樂自由。

  • Lyrically, certain portions of Let It Happen become repetitive, but this only strengthens the core message, with Parker's soft vocals finding their way to the subconscious.

    在抒情方面,《Let It Happen》的某些部分變得重複,但這只是加強了核心資訊,帕克柔和的歌聲找到了他們的潛意識。

  • Although the track had modest mainstream success, the indie world welcomed it with open arms.


  • Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Why won't you make up your mind?


  • Why won't they talk to me?


  • Yeah, New person.


  • Same old mistakes.


  • Shells keep on lying Lost in yesterday.


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  • So Number one feels like we only go backwards.


  • Beginning with a declarative chorus, this tame Impala classic exemplifies the core of their modern psychedelic vibe.


  • It's all about Loughner, is, um, it's all about the romantic rejection that can make one feel utterly helpless.


  • The chilled out production sets the shoe gazing tone, and Parker's high pitched and strained vocals embody the narrator's pure dejection.


  • Conceptually, it's a brilliant mid album track for the album Loner ism, and the lyrical simplicity exudes a timeless feel.

    從概念上看,這是專輯《Loner ism》中的一首出色的中篇,抒情簡單,散發著永恆的感覺。

  • Certainly when paired with tame Impala's moody aesthetic me, it's an accessible track.


  • Yet there's also a touch of magical realism, as the narrator hopes to escape from some type of fantasy we owe.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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10首馴服的Impala歌曲 (Top 10 Tame Impala Songs)

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