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  • - I think Annie might fancy me. - Ah, finally.

  • - You knew? - Oh Mitchell, Annie is many things but subtle

  • she is not. You've rescued her from hell. That kind of thing tends to turn a girl's head.

  • - And how long have you known? - What? I don't know, couple of weeks, pretty much since she came back, and for future reference,

  • no one says "fancy" anymore. - And you didn't think to tell me?

  • - Uhm, no, because i'm not twelve. Did you... did you seriously not pick up on any of this,

  • that whole... guardian angel business... - Okay, so she hasn't actually told you.

  • - Oh well, we are twelve, aren't we. No she hasn't told me she "fancies" you, she doesn't

  • need to, her body language is deafening. - Jesus... what a mess.

- I think Annie might fancy me. - Ah, finally.


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A2 初級 英國腔

"我想安妮可能會喜歡我" - "做人 "02x03 第四類: ("I think annie might fancy me" - Being Human 02x03 Type 4)

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