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  • On April 30th, 2018, people all over the world awoke to complete darkness, even though, according to all the clocks, the sun should have already risen.


  • Initially, most people likely assumed that it was some sort of freak weather event, until news broadcasts revealed the horrifying and impossible truth: It was happening to everyone.


  • For all intents and purposes, the sun was gone.


  • Mass pandemonium erupted in all major cities.


  • News outlets reported on looting and rioting, with the president issuing an order for all American citizens to stay in their homes.


  • However, no more official information was ever shared, because soon after the sun's disappearance, all TV signals stopped.


  • Thankfully for us, in this new sunless world, the internet still works, and there's one twitter account dedicated to spreading as much information as possible on how to survive, as well as providing possible clues to what or who might be behind the sun's disappearance.

    值得慶幸的是,在這個沒有陽光的新世界裡,網絡還能用,而且還有一個。Twitter賬戶致力於傳播儘可能多的資訊,如何生存。 以及提供可能的線索,以瞭解太陽消失的背後是什麼或誰。

  • If you're afraid of the dark, you might want to give this video a miss, because today we're gonna be talking all about The Sun VanishedThe terrifying alternate reality that unfolded on Twitter before our very eyes.

    如果你害怕黑暗,你可能想給這個視頻錯過,因為今天我們是要去談論所有關於太陽消失了--可怕的另一個現實中的太陽。 在我們眼前的推特上展開了。

  • Could this Twitter page be a kind of gateway into a different, nightmarish dimension?


  • We don't know.


  • All we do know is that something horrifying has been happening on there, and we're just along for the ride.


  • The Sun Vanished started tweeting around the same time that the sun disappeared.


  • Their first tweet was simply the word 'Help'.

    他們的第一條微博只是簡單的 "幫 "字。

  • Over the course of the day, The Sun Vanished, who we're going to call TSV for short from now on, explained his situation.

    在一天的時間裡,The Sun Vanished,我們姑且稱他為TSV,從現在,解釋了他的情況。

  • The sun hadn't come up that morning, and although he could clearly hear the tornado sirens blaring in the next county over, the local weather radar was completely clear.


  • Seeking answers, he turned on the TV and recorded the local news' report on the situation.


  • The video posted to TSV's twitter would prove to be the only record left of those news reports, because by the next day the channel had turned to static.


  • TSV describes hearing gunshots and screams coming from the streets outside his home throughout the night of April 30th.


  • Though he was terrified, on the morning of May 1st, he ventured out into the world for the first time since the sun's disappearance.


  • When he returned, he revealed that during his short trip outside, he'd made a chilling discovery.


  • First of all, not only was the sun gone, but TSV was unable to see a single star or planet from where he was standing.


  • At the time, the power grid was going out periodically, so there were no streetlights or lit-up buildings providing the normal amount of light pollution.


  • You might not think anything sounds odd about this, but that's because most people aren't aware of just how much light pollution can block out the stars in the sky.


  • If you've ever been camping in a really remote part of the world, you'll know that in areas without light pollution from nearby cities, the entire milky way is visible from earth on a clear night.

    如果你曾經在世界偏遠的地方露營過 你就會知道,在一些地區...咫尺天涯 在一個晴朗的夜晚。

  • So, the fact that TSV was unable to see even a single star on a clear night with no light pollution indicated one of two possibilities: Either every star, the sun included, had gone out, or there was something blocking the earth's view of them.

    所以,TSV在一個沒有燈光的晴朗夜晚,連一顆星星都看不到的事實汙染表明有兩種可能要麼是包括太陽在內的每顆恆星都消失了... 出,或者是有什麼東西擋住了地球的視線,他們。

  • The first option, though terrifying, was unlikely, since the distance between stars is so vast that even if they all somehow stopped emitting light at once, the light from many of them would still reach our solar system for billions of years after the light had stopped.

    第一種選擇雖然可怕,但可能性不大,因為恆星之間的距離是如此的廣闊即使它們同時停止發光 它們中的許多人也會發出光來。 在光停止後的數十億年裡,仍然會到達太陽系。

  • And as for the second option, how could it be possible for anything to completely block out the sun and stars across the entire earth?


  • TSV wondered the same thing, and he very quickly got an answer.


  • In a video he posted on May 2nd, TSV films the trees in a wooded area around his house, showing the sky to illustrate the lack of stars.


  • The video is silent aside from his footsteps and the faint sound of crickets.


  • Suddenly, around 45 seconds into the video, he hears a mechanical buzzing approaching his location.


  • TSV switches the light on his camera off but keeps filming as a blinking red spotlight approaches.


  • Later that day, TSV tweeted that someone had just run past his house, chased by two red spotlights just like the one he saw in the woods.


  • Whatever these things were, there was no doubt that they meant business, and they were connected to whatever had blocked out the sun.


  • Over the next few days, TSV continued to document the state of things around him.


  • The temperature had started to lower.


  • This was an ominous sign that the end was coming.


  • Even before the sun's disappearance, scientists had theorised about what might happen in such a situation, and their predictionAccording to popsci.comwas that without infrared radiation from the sun to heat it up, the Earth's average surface temperature would only take a week to drop below freezing.

    甚至在太陽消失之前,科學家們就已經推測出在這種情況下可能發生的事情。據Popsci.com報道,他們的預測是,如果沒有紅外線 從太陽輻射來加熱地球,地球的平均表面溫度將 只需要一個星期就可以降到冰點以下。

  • When the sun actually vanished, it seemed like the freezing process was taking a little longer than expected, but scientists had been wrong before.


  • But, the day after TSV tweeted about how cold it was getting, something weird happened.


  • On March 3rd he posted a video featuring the droning sound of something large and mechanical flying over his house.


  • TSV said he had heard helicopters fly over his neighbourhood before, and that definitely wasn't a helicopter.


  • According to his tweets, as the craft flew over, he felt a wave of heat which increased the temperature in the room by at least 10 degrees.


  • Now the pieces were starting to come together: The sun's disappearance wasn't a natural event, it was planned.


  • The big question wasby who, and for what reason?


  • TSV managed to get back in contact with his friend Danyon, who was driving to come and get him.


  • Danyon provided TSV and his followers with some very important advice - keep the lights off, and keep away from windows.


  • If you see a person standing outside, don't let them in.


  • And most importantly of all, if you see a flashing light, hide.


  • That was when TSV noticed the man in his driveway.


  • Taking Danyon's advice, TSV armed himself with a baseball bat and hid, but he could still hear frantic knocking from his front door.


  • TSV called for anyone online to share any information at all about what was going on.


  • He posted screencaps of a direct message he'd gotten from an unnamed informant from British Columbia, Canada, who added to Danyon's previous advice about avoiding the lights.


  • Columbia, Canada, who added to Danyon's previous advice about avoiding the lights.


  • "Don'tlook into the red light, ever. If you do, you'll become like the guy who was at your door.”


  • While he waited for Danyon, TSV grew increasingly paranoid.


  • He claimed to hear screaming outside, but could never seem to capture it on camera.


  • He began to have strong suspicions that someone was breaking into his house at night while he was asleep, and became convinced that the person texting him from Danyon's number was an imposter.

    他開始強烈懷疑有人在夜間闖入他的房子,而。他睡著了,並開始相信,從Danyon的號碼給他發短信的人是 冒牌貨;

  • On May 8th, he posted a video of another drone flying past his window.


  • At first the light is white, but once it gets close to where TSV is standing, it turns bright red


  • Danyon texted a photo to TSV later that day - it was a wall with 'beware the headlights' spray painted onto it.

    當天晚些時候,Danyon給TSV發來了一張照片--那是一面寫著 "小心車燈 "的牆。噴塗在上面。

  • Similar graffiti has been documented all around the world since the sun disappeared, 'headlights' being the most common nickname for the strobing spotlight drones.


  • On May 9th, TSV posted messages from another twitter user named Tucker who had been documenting his experiences and discoveries.


  • According to Tucker, he and another survivor named Flynn had been travelling together, until Flynn had looked into one of the red headlights, reducing him to a violent, mindless state.

    據塔克說,他和另一個叫弗林的倖存者一直在一起旅行。直到Flynn看著其中一個紅色的車燈,使他變成了一個暴力的,無意識的 態。

  • TSV continued to feel increasingly paranoid after finding his front door open one day after he woke up.


  • After a few more days, he decided he'd had enough and he left, taking only the most essential supplies with him.


  • First, he hid out in a neighbour's house that had been abandoned.


  • To his surprise, when he compared the tap water at his neighbour's house to some he'd brought from home, the water from his house looked darker.


  • Could it have been that whoever broke into his house had tampered with his water somehow?


  • Hallucinations brought on by drugged water would explain why TSV seemed to be unable to capture the screams he heard on camera.


  • While looking through the house, TSV found a note listing some key information - Don't look into the light.


  • Don't move; they see motion.


  • Don't produce light, they will see.


  • Another note found in the same house confirms why the house was left empty: “It finally happened.


  • I was reckless and I looked into the red light.


  • The sun is back.”


  • All the pieces started to come together at this point in TSV's documentation.


  • Whoever or whatever was behind this seemed to be engaging in a kind of psyop, weakening humanity through a mixture of drugged water, sleep schedule disruption, and vitamin D deprivation.


  • The motion-sensing headlights were sent down to hypnotise and enslave anyone who was caught outside, and these hypnotised humans would then attack other survivors.

    運動感應大燈被派下來 催眠和奴役任何被抓住的人。外,這些被催眠的人類就會攻擊其他倖存者。

  • However, if the entities in charge of the headlights intended to kill us, they could have done so by just letting the planet freeze.

    但是,如果負責車燈的實體想殺我們,他們可以... ...已經做到了,只是讓地球凍結。

  • The artificial temperature control seemed to indicate that they had some purpose for the human race, and they needed us alive, at least for now.


  • Reports of a new, blue type of headlight started popping up in late May of 2018.


  • TSV details his encounter with one: it started with what he thought was one of the temperature control crafts hovering completely still over the house where he was hiding, producing vibrations strong enough to shake the house.

    TSV詳細介紹了他與一個人的遭遇:開始時他認為是其中的一個溫度。控制飛船完全靜止在他藏身的房子上空盤旋,產生震動。 強大到足以撼動房子。

  • It remained there throughout the night.


  • After TSV managed to finally sleep, he woke up to see a blue light shining under the door.


  • There were agonised screams from outside, then the blue light left.


  • Tucker had his own encounter with a blue light, and after tweeting about it he went silent for two months.


  • TSV noticed the water in his new location had turned black, just like the water at his house.


  • He began to hear banging on the doors and windows.


  • Once again, he'd been found out.


  • From the 17th to the 18th of June, TSV struggled to stay hidden as zombified people searched the house for him.


  • On the 19th, he heard a car horn and a gunshot outside his house.


  • Danyon had finally made it.


  • TSV and Danyon travelled together from place to place, avoiding capture.


  • While camping in one remote location, a storm started to roll in, and illuminated against the sky by lightning was a huge hovering craft.


  • The craft seemed to be getting closer.


  • TSV and Danyon packed up and left for another campsite, but on July 12th, Danyon went to look for fuel and never came back.


  • He texted TSV coordinates for his new location, but they were a long way away.


  • On July 1st 2018, another twitter account, Lost Sun News, joined the effort to document events, opening her DMs to anyone with any information on how to survive.

    2018年7月1日,另一個微博賬號 "失落的太陽新聞 "也加入了記錄的行列。事件,開放她的DM,任何人與任何資訊如何生存。

  • Much of the advice she documents on her page was already common knowledge by this point- stay still and low to the ground if the headlights are near, don't drink the black water, don't let anyone inside.

    她在網頁上記錄的許多建議在這時已經是常識了。如果大燈近在咫尺,不要動,低頭貼地,不要喝黑水,不要。 讓任何人進去。

  • On July 15th she posted a message from a man stationed at an air force base in Florida.


  • He explained that the military had so far been unable to find an effective method of attacking the headlights, and all contact with other bases had been severed.


  • Similar reports were sent into Lost Sun News from military personnel in Turkey, Poland and Russia.


  • A Russian soldier claimed that they managed to shoot one of the smaller ships out of the sky with an anti-aircraft gun, but a largermothershipwas above the base that would easily destroy the entire area if it crashed to earth.

    一名俄羅斯阿兵哥聲稱,他們成功地將一艘較小的船隻射出。天上,有一門高射炮,但基地上方有一艘更大的 "母艦",將 如果它墜落到地球上,很容易摧毀整個地區。

  • Through all of the reports, one core survival method became clear: avoid hot spots.


  • Since the ships were artificially raising the temperature, colder areas indicate less activity and were therefore safer.


  • After Danyon's disappearance, TSV found a new car and started looking for cold spots.


  • His advice for his followers: Dead trees in an area is a good sign that the ships haven't been through.


  • TSV spent from October 2018 to March of 2019 travelling to Danyon's coordinates, dodging headlights and light zombies and restocking on supplies wherever he could.


  • Through those months, there was one mystery more than any other that was on everyone's minds- why do these invaders want us alive?


  • Right, now it's impossible to know the answer, but if you want to stay up to date on the state of things in this sunless world, Lost Sun News, Tucker, and The Sun Vanished are all still updating, even two years after the sun's initial disappearance.

    現在,我們不可能知道答案,但如果你想了解最新的資訊在這個沒有太陽的世界裡,失落的太陽新聞、塔克和《太陽消失了》的狀態是什麼? 都還在更新,即使在太陽最初消失兩年後。

  • Maybe someday their efforts will uncover a way to destroy the ships, and eventually bring the sun back for good.


  • But for now, all we have are mysteries, darkness, and fear.


  • Now check out The SCP Foundation explained- or this other video over here!


On April 30th, 2018, people all over the world awoke to complete darkness, even though, according to all the clocks, the sun should have already risen.



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